Friday, February 06, 2009

Markus Ng

Markus Ng (1985-2009)

The news came as a complete shock.

I finally experienced what I learned in the psychiatry, acute stress reaction; "dazed", palpitation, chest heaviness, tremor and a bit confused, all these reactions to traumatic stress; which i never felt before.

I would not say that I knew you so well till like we are best of buddies, but certainly our short 2 years friendship was more than enough for me to know you and now, to miss you.

We first met in UKEC, as acquaintance. After that, Kalsom 13 as rakan seperjuangan, and kaki bola.

Its an honour working with you, and knowing you.

I will miss the way you work.

I have nothing short of sheer admiration for your articulation and your confidence in steering your opinions of how certain things should be done in certain ways.

I like your pragmatic approaches, your very thoughtful decisions and your overflowing energy in your plans and how you will somehow turn them into actions.

After we are done with everything, I am so impressed with your micro-detail analysis, your concrete suggestions for the future and your generosity in compliments to the deserving

Above all, you are very ambitious in your future, your beliefs and your ideas.

I thought you will be someone, someone important and someone that make a difference.


I told you in a lot of occasions, but you always said the same same sentence:

"Nolar Ang, I lack of so many qualities to make it there"

And me saying

"Come-on, you have more than enough to make you there. We cant be perfect."


You always said to me that I am more than what I think of myself.


I just want to say; You too.

But I guessed, there are always somethings that just cant happened for some reasons.

Very rarely, I meet someone of our age, who have this kind and level of love and responsibility to our country.

Even more rarely, I meet someone I could share my ideas, not embarrass and hold back.

I regretted when I didn't answer your question about certain things you asked about myself.

I should have told you.

Markus, I think what brought us closer, is the similarities we had in certain things, especially Football.

My days in KL with you apart from ukec, kalsom, were always football.

Your white little kancil, and sometimes your dad's old mercedes, served us well, in so many games we played in KL, remember the asputra in sunway, the umno friends in pj and ur kdu friends in du.

and I will still smilling at one of my many comments in Kalsom; 5 of adik2's team ran past all of us the faci team, and I shouted,

"No worries, we got Markus."

and you alone with your one man defensive ability, they cant score. Remember how the adik2 insisted on having abang markus in their team, in the last day, when we all facis woke up like 10am.

Our last few conversations were emails. Didnt get to speak to you a lot.

Thanks for your many emails, many stories about many things. Really enjoyed it.

Thanks for the birthday present. You said it reminded you of me. Hehe.

Thanks for everything you done for me, and for everyone around you. A lot indeed.

I should stop writing now. I think.

A lot of people will miss you.

I will miss you.

and I shall end with one of the many comments you said:

"so true. also its because malaysians like us allow this to happen. the leaders almost always reflect the attitudes of the people. malaysians still make decisions colour first. best example is choice of school.

and just recently, i was a bit upset with a pastor who outwardly asked the church to pray for "more chinese representation in the parliament". i asked him why can't we pray for more good leaders in parliament, irregardless of race? can't someone defend the rights and interests of others who are not of their race/religion? why must be chinese.. and he was a doctor by training summo. supposedly colour blind..

pastor doctor. what more the average person"


Good bye my friend.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009


i dunno what to say, what i should say.

May u rest in peace, Markus.

Heated Arguement

A FEMALE singer caused a commotion at a police station when she demanded to know why her boyfriend was issued with two traffic summonses instead of one, reported Harian Metro.

The singer, in her 20s, was with her boyfriend in a car when they got into an accident with another car after the friend made a U-turn in front of a hospital.

As both drivers were lodging reports at the same police station, the woman was unhappy that her boyfriend was slapped with the summonses, one for making an illegal turn and another for not having a driving licence.

She claimed that the boyfriend made the turn after a heated argument with her.


What the heck?

Shin Chan kah?

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Personality Test

Got this from noreen's blog

Apparently noreen's father sent to her...

*Hello Good Morning all….. Keep smiling always….*

* *

*Check this out.... It Really Worked with me.... Will work with u too...

Here you have a great chance to know about yourself like your character
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Here it is......

Imagine you walked into a small hut by the river in the jungle. You pushed
open the door, in front of you were 7 small beds to the right of the hut,
and another 7 small chairs surrounding a small round table.. In the middle
of the table was a round food tray with 5 kinds of fruit in it.
There are:

a. **Apple **
b. **Banana **
c. **Strawberry **
d. **Peach **
e. **Orange **

Which **fruit ** will u choose? ** **
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Here are the results.
------------ --------- ------ *

a. if you chosen **apple **: that means you are a person who loves to eat Apple * *
b. if you chosen **banana **: that means you are a person who loves to eat Banana * *
c. if you chosen ** strawberry : that means you are a person who loves to eat Strawberry * *
d. if you chosen **peach **: that means you are a person who loves to eat Peach
e. if you chosen **orange **: that means you are person who loves to eat Orange **

Note: If u r hunting to punch** **me ......Well... .I am busy hunting for the person who sent me !!!!!*

Monday, February 02, 2009

What the Frog?

Malaysia's politics is damn dramatic wei...

Politicians run for office, to serve, and to get money and fame, we all know that.

We voted in Election is for wakil rakyat

Not wakil katak.

Below is the synopsis of a new series called: Froggy Politic's of Malaysia, scheduled to be released this coming summer:

The story took the scene of Perak State Assembly with Pakatan holding majority of 2 seats.

First, the UMNO Bota assemblyman, defects to PKR because not happy with the UMNO leadership.

So instead of two, now Pakatan got 3 seats more than Barisan Nasional/UMNO.

Then, got two PKR assemblymen, Jamaluddin and Osman, became not happy with the PKR leadership and widely speculated to defect to UMNO camp.

But, UMNO need 3 fellas to cross over to challenge the Pakatan's state government.

So nvm worries.

Suddenly we were told that one DAP women of Jelapang seat, Hee who is also deputy speaker of Perak Assembly, have got problem with DAP leadership, and thought to be joining MCA.

Now thats dramatic liau, coz with additional 3 seats in state assembly, BN can overcome the slim majority of Pakatan.

But as usual, at first Pakatan said mou so lah..where got defections. We are as united as manchester united.

SUDDENLY, these 3 people, Jamaludding, Osman and Hee together gether go missing. No one seemed to be able to contact them (altho later found out that DAP Hee was at home, off phone and watching WahLaiToi)

Pakatan went panicked la. Shit.

Not long after the news of these three went missing, first the Perak MB Nizar filed missing person's police report. What the heck!

Then the Speaker, DAP guy, produced two resignation letters from the two missing PKR men, Jamaluddin and Osman, which means that the state seats held by these two musketeers are now vacant, and their defection to BN, if ever happened, will not be counted.

We will have another 2 by-elections

Hoho, within hours, these two guys, not missing anymore, from no where, and issued statement to the press saying Mou so lah...we are not resigning

and the letter of resignation is a undated letter signed after the March 08 elections. (for if they are crossing over to BN, they will quit)

They are supposed to hold separate press conferences today to explain the matter of where they go missing, are they defecting or not, what happened, and wat not, but in the end both didnt turn up.

And both give same reason, the same same reasons we give when ponteng work or class, the ever-reliable: health reasons

One is unwell - backache, said the assistant, who then read our his statement.

One more the assistant said he is an ex military man, and in his 50s so he normal to be unwell - OH PLEASE, if i am your teacher i tell headmaster lo.

And in both statement, they are not quiting becoz the rakyat like them so much that they was elected by them. (OH PLEASE u try to go in election on ur party buku, or party cacing... most msian vote party not candidate la)

and they warned the Pakatan leaders not to defame them anymore...and again said they are unhappy...hahahha


1. The two musketeers will challenge the legality of the letters of resignation that they signed before.

2. They have no choice but to quit PKR and become independent. And they will join UMNO, of course because they believe in the party's struggle and philosophy.

3. Ohya, the DAP woman, she is not quiting. She is watching wahlaitoi. I think for her to quite DAP to join MCA, she WILL lose in next election, because I cant see how MCA turn the table around to get chinese punya support.

Background knowledge:

We must understand that If UMNO man goes to PKR, it is like changing football club from Manchester United to Penang, must be because:

Anything But Money. UMNO has more money than PKR can ever imagine. They can talk about philosophy, party struggle, ambitions and so on.

But when someone from PKR joins UMNO, if it doesnt change anything, that maybe, its party 's philosophy.

However, if SOMEONE from Pakatan joins Barisan Nasional, and there is a huge change in government because of that, dont tell me the shits of philosophy.

Oh please!

Malaysia Boleh. Politicians lagi boleh!

New York Times: Exhilarating (five stars)

London Times: Most Exciting Film of the Year (5 stars)

Ang Choon Seong:

At Last

They said good things come to those who wait.


Exam Tomorrow

Shits. Not that one that I am waiting.

But after exam....hoooorrayyyyyy

Nope...not the fact that I am going home, coz that is just short term happiness.

Will be put in good use

My 4 long years of painful wait for a Malaysian that can play goal keeper came true.

No, not in my dreams.

He is a new Masters student, Rahmat; who is going to be with us for a year only.

but at least, 1 year is enough to see the end of my edinburgh football career.

Discovered him when I was playing with the ISOC ppl last Saturday. Hooray!!

Edinburgh Team