Wednesday, March 25, 2009

En-Route Cardiff G

One each.

My treat.

Make sure you put up a captivating performance, Captain Boon.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Journey to the South

This might be the most extreme of road trip I have ever involved in.

From Glasgow, Khai and another new team-mate is going to drive to Edinburgh, to pick me up.

Then we are going to Durham to pick up Izham, which would take us around three hours of driving and spend an hour or so, touring the famous cathedral or whatever is that.

Before dark we will then set off to Leeds, about 2 hours away to pick up Captain Boon, and then, embark on a tough 4 hours journey to the capital of Wales, Cardiff.

Five of us will then meet up with another 3 teammates who will be heading Cardiff from London.

Our driving journey would be in total, about 10 hours.


Thats what I call, road-trip.

Cardiff Games marked the end of the author's serious, outside Edinburgh, football competition career.

Hopefully he will win his first silverware.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Favourite Youtube Video

I missed his old movies man.

Chuan Hor DAP

Nice one.

I went back Penang last month, nothing changed much except KOMTAR is now cleaner.

Bumped into CM Lim in the airport the day I left. He actually looks quite friendly and down to earth. Thinking back, Dr Koh looks equally friendly as well, but a bit mickey.

To be honest, I like DAP ruling Penang.

Because everytime I ride bike through Free School Road, and saw the house belonged to the UMNO guy, just pissed me off that he still berani shouts out loud:

Melayu di Penang makan pun tadak. Semua Cina cina pendatang tu tipu semua.

Habis tu yang lu kereta besar besar 3 biji tu, curi punya?

Btw, I just realised the a committee member DAP of my division is a....bookie nombor ekor...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bring it ON!

I berikrar not to attend any of the Malaysian Games, citing financial reasons.

But the temptation of playing together again, with the "Edinburgh" in Dublin Games proved too much for the weakling me.

After few phonecalls, following by the exchanging of a series of sms,

I replied:

Bring it on!

Cardiff Games Mari!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


My recently reignited interest for football and badminton call for improved fitness.

On top of that, my lifelong ambition of six pex also amplified the call.

Those two spurred me for a daily 30 minutes jog to Arthur Seat and back.

One might ask why Arthur Seat and not meadows?

My recent survey found out that most chix in meadows are few and far between, while jogging around arthur seat bumped me into a lot of tourist, and as the ever-handsome Ang, it is almost certain that i'll be asked permission to take picture with.

Very highly recommended. Fresh air and good view guaranteed.

Follow me.


Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Day to Forget

Losing 1-4 at home, to Liverpool. A day to forget for Man Yoo.

Pick yourselves up boys.

You are still, the Champions of Europe and England, for the time being.

Liverpool, keep up the good job, dont lose to some Hull FC and potong stim.

I enjoy seeing some competition in the competition.

ps: Vidic, yesterday was a Meadow's style performance.

Friday, March 13, 2009


This might be quite an outdated issue for some, but due to lack of idea to blog, plus some very interesting exchanges in limkitsiang's link in facebook [Here]

Nowadays, the word Perak, sums up the whole sad story about politics in our country.

The reason why I didn't comment much about this earlier is because the crisis took place around the same time when my good friend passed away.

I just got no mood to add anymore to what hundreds had already said. But now damn sien, mari la.


When Obama took over, of all the nice, posh phrases he used, the 8 words that stuck in my head and rewinded again and again when the Perak issue broke out are:

"You are on the wrong side of history."

I would not try to bore you with the time-line of what actually happened in Perak in the built-up of the crisis, to that day, February the fourth.

"You are on the wrong side of history". These 8 words will haunt the 3 famous frogs of Perak, and Najib, in his capacity as the BN Perak Chief plus in-coming BN chief, forever.

There is absolutely no argument against a fresh re-election in the case of Perak today.

Read my lips: Loud and clear: NONE.

The BN die-hard might point to Anwar as the one setting the precedent to the whole senario now, but had he really changed the government on 16 September, PM Abdullah will go for a snap election as well, and Anwar should accept it as well.

Should. and if he refused to, then this post would be having Anwars name and PKR instead of BN.

What is wrong is wrong, and pointing finger to others doesnt make it more right.

Anyway, I hate frogs, really.

We must not tolerate frogs in politics. Forget and forgive MUST not be practiced in this case. I perceive frogs in the same class as rapist.

That is the worst thing you can do to your name.

Harimau mati meninggalkan belang, manusia mati meninggalkan nama. And katak-katak, namamu busuk macam tahi. Begitu juga dengan si orang yang menjadikan YB sebagai katak.

I guess they said mati katak, mati katak, probably to show how we cheap are the Frogs.

The people in the constituent vote for party, not candidate. You might want to say, dude they might be voting for candidate instead, you never know.

Yes, but since we never know, resign and run again. Show us, and show the history, that it was the candidate that they vote for.

The DAP Hee's family were severely abused in her hometown, Jelapang.

Apparently her brother lost his job and her mother was boycotted in the market, no one wants to sell anything to her, because Chinese perceived Frog, very much like a traitor, and public anger was obvious and understable. The chinese hate traitor so much that they have so many names for them: Yee-Mm-Chai, Kam Sau Chi, Hon Kan, Chau Kau, etc etc.

The three frogs are now "over" in politics, but no one thinks that they need to be involved in politics anymore. For what.

I dont think a normal assemblyman, could jump his/her normal party, and changed the government of the day, for nothing, for nothing abnormal, like abnormal monetary reward or abnormally-attained post.

I am not accusing, pls dont drag me to court for national security, but I am saying normal YB dont do abnormal things, for normal reasons.

My great-grandson, will read in history, that there was once, in 2009, that the biggest coalition in the country, with biggest resource, loudest voice that they are the government that brought Malaysia up in the world map, seized power by defections of 3 YBs, who then went missing.

That biggest coalition then refused to agree on a re-election, and hiding behind the giant shield of DYMM Sultan.

And the head of the coalition, is paradoxically called Mr Clean.

And the biggest component party in that coalition, is the one with the loudest voice, who always shouts: Pembangkang Pengecut, with a keris in their logo.

My arse.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Malaysia Boleh!

We need something that we cheer for together, as Malaysians.

That is what I learned in Birmingham All England Badminton Championship 2009 last weekend.

No words could put it as adequately as they should, the overwhelming sense of the nationalism and pride when you heard the continuous cheer of Malaysia...Boleh!

We certainly out-cheered the Indons in the semifinals, and matched that of China's in final, despite the fact that they outnumbered us by miles.

And when a unfamiliar faces of fellow Malaysians around you giving you a thumbs up as you walking home with the national flag hanging on your shoulder, you felt you actually, belonged.

Well Done Malaysia!

I will definitely be there for All England next year!

Money for badminton development is much better than money for Angkasawan programme.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

GH in Malaysia

The outpatient clinic in Penang GH is extreme la.

One doctor has to do at least 100 consultations a day.

My mum complained of knee stiffness and a bit of shoulder stiffness.

After much coaxing, pujuking, and pelbagai tipu helah, at last my mum allowed me to follow her to her favourite Ward 001, Klinik Pesakit Luar, Hospital Besar Pulau Pinang.

(very hard to explain to normal ppl, how my mother never allow me to go hospital, since 14 july 1985, and how paradox that I am going to work in hospital for the rest of my life)

After taking your number with registration (waiting time 30 mins), you then proceed on to a huge waiting room, with around 8 consultation rooms.

Some with 2 doctors in a room, so got 2 separate consultations, in a small room going on.

No private space for examination at all. No need chaperon, haha.

Waiting time for the brief consultation: One hour forty five minutes.

The doctor that attend to my mum, i think her name is Dr Yew, quite best, quite chun also.

I asked for an X ray, when she said most probably is OA, and again, waiting time for X ray, 1 hour.

Waiting for the X ray to go back to the clinic, One hour.

The fun part is that, after one hour, you are supposed to just barge into her consultation room, spy spy show face, indicating that you are there waiting for her to tell you what the X ray showed.

And the doctor is still attending to a patient, but she blink blink asking me to wait a while, then she stood up, and show me the x ray, and she told us::: classic OA.

She prescribed diclofenac as painkiller, and physiotherapy.

My mum asked me no wonder her leg so stiff, got space in between her bones. Haha.

I went to see my friends' dad, a GP, for glycosamine. Agak expensive leh. Nvm la, i belanja.

The day I felt I am, a good medical student, and good son.

Ha ha ha.

election spent hundreds of millions, promoting kraftangan in harrods a few millions,

yet normal ppl when they sick, spent whole day in hospital just to get to be seen by a doctor.

come-on la gov.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Back to Edin.

Back to the life of facebook, malaysiakini and thestar.