Thursday, April 30, 2009

Man United

probably one of the best game in recent years.

the intensity and pace matched that of Roma's demolition last year, but the lack of finishing and brilliant performance by Aluminium both saved Arsenal's Arse.

Arse was lucky to escape with 1-0 man...definitely.

Man Utd Vs Arsenal


Men United Against Arse.

Ha ha ha.

Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Sometimes when u least expecting it,

baru it will come.

in memory of the one who said:

U are born to do Public Health, Ang.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

SPP ON again!

The identity of the owner of the two pregnancies is highly confidential.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

JET of Man Utd

Didnt know those three are so good friends.

At United we've got Patrice Evra, Carlos Tevez and Ji-Sung Park and you couldn't ask for three people to be closer.

"They are like triplets. They do everything together. Even shower together!

"I'm joking, but the rest of the players are always looking at them and wondering how they get on so well.

"Carlos is Argentinean and doesn't speak English. Ji-Sung is South Korean and barely understands English. And Patrice is French and can only speak broken English.

- Rio Ferdinand

JET stands for Ji Sung, Evra and Tevez


Jpa just reimbursed my peripheral claim today.


But after so long eating grass, kind of like to eat grass already.

And I already enrolled myself into another two studies. One for 20 quid and the other one more challenging, but better pay.

20 quid for drinking juice from 3 weeks and have your bloods taken 3 times. To test the anti-platelet effect of tomato juice and orange juice. Easy.

40quid is back to my most experience experiment, the forearm studies. That is a bit more challenging.

60quid by the end of next month. Hooraaayyy!

Back to ssc.

Influenza virus, my love.

Monday, April 20, 2009



Been sitting here since 11am.

Bought a half-priced Choc Chips Cookies Maryland for 50p, and half-priced Diet Coke 1.25 litre for 74p, for lunch.

Hungry but too poor to afford proper lunch (a bit of exaggeration), and self-procrastination causing the overload of so much SSC work to settle within less than 24 hours,

Both combined with the superb weather outside, but I am trapped in the basement of Hugh Robson Building Computer Lab.

Just felt like, punching ppl who look YS.

Very bored and pissed.


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Medical Career's Talk

I would like to make an entry here to thank the effort of the UKEC for organising a medical talk from London, in Edinburgh.

Quite interesting and informative i must say.

Especially the last talk, from Prof Patrick Tan, who gave the talk from KL, via teleconference (actually just skype..hehe). It was an inspiring story by Prof Tan indeed.

I asked 2 questions during the Q n A with Prof Tan, via skype ( first one was rather pushed to ask as it was a total silence from the floor but the second one came from my own)

1. What do you think about Malaysian doctors who don't go back Malaysia?
- Of course, I should reframe my question as "government sponsored" who don;t/delayed they departure from UK.
- Now, Prof Tan gave his own opinion about this issue, he is saying that if it is a private students, it is entirely up to them. BUt it is government scholars, they have their obligation to come back. He didnt say much actually.

My view is that, if you are a gov scholars, u SHOULD go home, as stipulated in the contract. We'll discuss this in next post when I am free-er la.

2. I cant remember my exact question but it was damn long. Anyway, the point i wanted to ask is that why we send so many students here to study medicine? Our number in any medical school is more than the combined number of the international students? Why not we save our money and build another university?

I think Prof Tan's answer was quite ok. He told us about the capacity of local universities could produce 1000 doctors a year. And again, bcoz I didnt specify what students, he went on to say about the UK Brand in producing good doctors, and added if about government policies, then it would be less economical.

I will make my comment in next post next time. I have a very strong objection towards this policy of sending students overseas, which I tot was quite unscrupulous policy.

Friday, April 17, 2009


That's the basic structure of my whole project.

Low cost, cross protective, common protein vaccine for seasonal influenza.

Progress of my work to date: 10%.


6th by-election since GE.

Some might feel like, what the heck, why so chaotic and keep on coming one...

But think again, out of the past 5 by-elections, 3 is inevitable. Ppl die mah...2008/09 is not a good year kot.

While the other 2 by elections...perhaps a bit debatable in terms of necessity.

one is for anwar's return to parliament.'s good to have him back, seriously.

the other one is, until now i still dun understand... he said he received death threat, and then ran away to india... ??? now he is back...???? so?

Ehem, back to this Penanti State Seat.

Winner gets DCM1 post, also means a lot of money and become the most powerful Malay of the state.

Pls, to be honest, I am okay with any Malay to be the DCM, but those ppl of umno penang. Sorry, just too hate these guys. if u r a chinese from penang then u can understand la.

champions of malays, shout so loud malays in penang got bullied, but they r driving mercedes. puih. last time koh tsu khoon let these ppl stepped on like carpet, also dare not to make any noise, coz they are the champions of malays mah...

Absent from DUN or councillor's work, busy championing mah... about these ppl i also emo already...


I dun hate every single umno members/leaders.

at the same time, I dun demi-god kan all the PR leaders. Fairus Penanti case is making LGE like a joke, and making Anwar no difference from BN. CAT puih. Tiger park got la.

We need to be more bi-partisan ppl. Who do shit things we throw shit at him/her.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Jalan Jalan Edinburgh

It was quite some time ago when I last be a tour guide. So kind of forgot all the lies and jokes that I used to throw around when I tourguiding ppl around edinburgh.

This time, we are proud to have two members of a rare species called Tala facebookile from Kalsom 13, and another organisms of the rare species of Talataumacamanaguna camera from Penang, in Edinburgh.

Also, this is the first time of at least 3 years since anak kapten ishak was spotted in Arthur seat.

Middle Meadow Walk

Mayat dijumpai di perkarangan istana Edinburgh. Kita boleh memaksa raja edinburgh menerima Residen Malaysia la...macam dalam sejarah

Old College

The Crags

Foothill of Arthur Seat

First major Pit stop

Second major pit stop

Third Major Pit Stop

A bit more to go

Failed attempt to look pondan.


Puncak 2

Handsome! But Why?

Why kicked him down?

Why? Why am I so handsome? Why?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Another round of politician vs unfriendly media

I felt terribly sorry for the ordinary 75% of Malaysians regardless of race, for the yet another round of politician versus unfriendly media, over a clearly racist in nature statement.

Argument for TPM: Twisted? Misquoted? Taken out of context? etc etc

Argument against: Why say something like that in the first place? Translate word by word and see, etc etc

I felt sorry for TPM as well as the chinese media which reported the whole thing. but as i said in the first line, i felt terribly sorry for our entire country.

TPM is a politician and being a politician, strictly speaking he will time and again, politicise things, and at the same time, he stands in a place to be politicised, for whatever he says or does.

Not long ago, we had one ahmad said condemned for saying chinese as pendatang, and if i remembered correctly khairy for saying malays need to be united if not other races will take advantage, and hishamudin, najib, kissed keris, mandi darah etc etc etc.

Politicians need to say something to look good, to garner support..etc etc...i m getting lazy to be mr obvious

In the early stages of my life, I adore them, respect them, then there is a stage I idolized them, trying to emulate them, and from that stage, I am now getting disgusted, annoyed, irritated by them. By some politicians, errr, nope, by most politicians.

These are the people who have never been to government hospitals and yet are deciding how much hospital is getting from a fund, which belongs to people who is going to government hospitals...

They are a bunch of the people who never pay for petroleum and yet are in power to decide how much is the petroleum for the people who paid for their salary.

They are the group of people who are deciding how much money for what and where, and to help who.

They are a bunch of people whose salary are not affected by economy, be it worldwide recessions, or domestic lack of cash flows. No problem.

These are the people who earn 5 to 6 digits monthly salary, with power in hand to decide the fate of millions of people earning 3 digits monthly salary, or some zero income fellas. Their salary are even non-taxable, meaning to say, they dont even pay a single cent to the fund that they are spending on and yet, those who paid the tax has no say to as who and how to spend them.

And when they say/do something, if it is wrong, then someone will be scapegoat, everyone is at fault except themselves. I am not making things up, when is the last time a politician apologize for anything? Almost never. If i am wrong, does that mean that they never commit a mistake?

When is the last time a minister was sacked in office in Malaysia? Does that mean no minister ever commit a mistake be in policy making or day to day decision?

Now I am not aiming these comments or fury to the BN government, but the fact is, undoubtedly and straight in the face, there is something very wrong with our country, government.

Can the alternative government be something different?

I dont know.

Is the current government beyond self-reformation?

Yes and no.

So before u comment on so wahai mr mulia and highly intelligent brilliant pundit, what u think we can do?

or are you just another bugger who continuously barks non stop from 6500 miles about what is wrong with this and that, and doing nothing at all?

Not really the author is going home immediately after graduation. to serve.

The difference between patriotism and nationalism is that, as simply as i could put it;

u do your part, or what you think you should for the country, without sceptical, or suspicious about others not doing the thing that you are doing. that's the difference.

ps: the author's english sux, because a friend of his who shared his views and enthusiasm, and used to check his language for his writings is not here anymore and he clearly misses him, a lot.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Scottish Cup Friendlies 2009

Still my favourite event of the year.

3 teams which comprised of around 45 players, together with a few female supporters and cameraman/woman, football enthusiasts around Scotland come together to a venue - this year, Aberdeen.

Played 11 A Side game with "main petang petang" attitude. Very rarely u will see a sliding tackle or high foot.

In the end, trophies are just souvenirs for those who traveled.

A truly friendly game.

Congrats Aberdeen for organising it, Glasgow for winning it, and fellow Edinburgh players for playing it.

Ps: Do Not Take Bus To Aberdeen If You Are Capable Of Driving.

It was a mountainous journey from Edinburgh Bus Station - Aberdeen Bus Station via megabus.

Left home 7am, walked to bus station 15 mins, took the bus to Perth, changed, reached Aberdeen city centre, walked around finding some food, failed, took a taxi to the pitch, 3.50 pds each, played football, waited 20 mins for bus to go back to city centre, failed, decided to walk, walked for 25 mins, bought a burger, walked to bus, reached perth, changed, reached edin, cant be bothered to walk home, took a bus instead 1.20pds, and reach home at 11pm.

The people that drove there, left home at 9.30am, reached home at 7pm.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Man Utd held by Porto at home. Porto bagged 2 away goals home.

Again, Man Utd's overall game play was shambolic, lawak and bodo.

PAS Nizar bagged home around another ?RM10K worth of allowances monthly, and more than enough fuel allowance for him to ignore the price of petrol, by winning the Parliamentary seat of Bukit Gantang.

YB Nizar

PKR's Manikumar (who?) kept the status quo of Kedah Assembly Hall, bagged home around ?RM20K worth of salary and allowances as the Bukit Selambau ADUN and as state executive councillor.

YB Manikumar

Batang Ai stayed as BN's seat, another convincing early warning from CM Taib to Anwar that Sarawak is still his.

Sarawak, kubu kuat BN

ps: Yang Berhormat sekalian, tolongla stay sihat walafiat, attend regular checkup, because we are kind of, tired of by-elections.

ps2: Tmr chelsea vs liverpool, and more interestingly, Najib going to announce his cabinet line-up. Will we see YB Khairy as a Minister? Will we see the end of Hamid Albar and Rais Yatim? and, byebye Azalina.

ps3: Overview Essay due on thursday. SHITO.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Credit Crunchy

I dont know why I put up this entry.

Just hope that JPA-London will happen to hop from blog to blog. Ha ha.

I am still waiting for 3oo pounds from them, for my peripheral claim after 3 weeks in Bathgate.

Dahla i spent around 110quid on fuel for the transportation to and fro for that three weeks.

Shit man.

Left GBP22.40. Have to wait till jpa next allowance, 27 April.

21 days, 22.40 pounds, practically 1 pound a day.

Today I desperately illegally tapau some food from buffett makanan Indian Kubu Merah (Kenot put real name, later kantoi). Perkara hina yang perlu dilakukan untuk kemandirian species Ang.

Gonna start selling my stuffs to live the next 21 days.

Start with, my maruah.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Perfect Response

Came back from 1-2, with 10 mins to play.

And shame on 90% Man Utd fan (including me, a part-timer who only supports man utd when they win :P) because,

they dont fucking know who is Macheda.

Conclusion today:

1. Ronaldo doesnt have to play 90 mins. Coz he did nothing the whole entire game. Just come in as he wishes la next time and try to score lo...

2. Adios Tevez. Sell. Sell. Sell. Period.

3. Gary needs a pair of fresh legs. Go do replacement surgery la. If not, bye bye captain.

4. Hail Flecther and Giggs.

Looking forward weekdays Champions League.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Sixth PM

What is the most significant event after the swearing-in of our Sixth PM?

Is it the release of 13 ISA detainees?

Is it the removal of the ban on the two opp parties' organ?


For me,

it is the ...

Jeng Jeng Jeng

The Malaysia Airlines Travel Fair.

Balik Malaysia, Heathrow-Penang: 400 quid return.

Logic or not if dont want to go home?

Tarikan Utama

Tarikan As well

We no longer care who is the PM, just make sure jobs are kept, doctors number enough and things are cheap.

Pls no more angkasawan stunt.


I recently discovered that actually, pictures with flags are much nicer.

Must bring Malaysian Flags to every trip liau.

Patriotic leh....haha

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Well done lads

I left Edinburgh at 12pm, with Khai and Afizi, in Khai's new "old car".

Heading University of Durham in Stock-on-Tees (which is f'cking far away from Durham, what a misnomer), to fetch Izham.

Bump into him on the street, ha ha ha. Luckily coz we dont know his exact location, as his home postcode is not registered on TomTom.

Then we went on to Leeds, to fetch Captain Boon, in his office.

Grontmij, Boon's employer

Our team-mates from Nottingham were very nice (??self-invited). They invited us for dinner, before embarking on our 3.5hours journey to Cardiff.

At 1.30am, we reached Cardiff.

Team "Glasgow"

I mentioned this in previous entry:

"Cardiff Games marked the end of the author's serious, outside Edinburgh, football competition career. Hopefully he will win his first silverware."

And...the author lost in final, and went home with a "silver"ware

I like this picture

We went Leeds for dinner enroute home, on Sunday.

More pictures of Cardiff when I got the pictures from Khai, the super keeper + cameraman.

Although his reflex is superb, his speed of uploading pictures, tortoise on siput babi.

Well done lads.

We had Bronze from Dublin Games, and Silver from Cardiff Games, I think ethically we need to go for one more game, this time for GOLD...ha ha ha.