Friday, May 29, 2009


I overestimated my ability in rushing the write-up.

Because I underestimated the work-load to produce a good report.


anyway, this is funny.

I think the boobs girl is quite chun. But the electrician is just too much la...

well if u think that was not funny, then this one wont fail u.

Peter never fails me.

I m gradually believing that he (aka the script-writer) is perhaps much more funnier than Stephen Chow.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Student Stressful Component

Stress. Stress. Stress.

So need to get this done before Thursday.

But the write up is still, very, very far from completion.

Shit man....

This is way more stressful than any examinations.

I hate write up! i HATE you SSC.

Monday, May 25, 2009

English Premier League

Last day of the year long league.

Newcastle is now officially relegated from Premier League.

Summer sale of players up the North. Come and buy ho!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Janji Putus Asa?

Saban tahun adik-adik yang menunggu bulan jatuh ke riba akan mengadu kepada MCA dan MIC, dan kini DAP perihal mereka dianaktirikan.

Mereka mendakwa bahawa JPA berat sebelah.Dirasakan sia-sia sahaja usaha mereka memerah otak apabila budak-budak bijak diketepikan tetapi rakan yang tidak sehebat pencapaian akademik dibelai JPA.

Pengajaran hidup yang pahit ini menyebabkan budak-budak menggelar JPA, 'Janji Putus Asa'.

Akan tetapi mereka harus sedar bahawa JPA bukannya satu-satu badan yang menyediakan biasiswa. Badan-badan lain ada menawarkan biasiswa juga. Contohnya Bank Negara yang menaja Azali. Malah Sufiah Yusof yang berbakat luarbiasa matematik dan bukan seorang warga Malaysia dulunya menerima tawaran melimpah-limpah!

Mantan Menteri Goh Cheng Teik mengenangkan zaman persekolahannya tatkala beliau ketua pengawas sekolah St Xavier's Institution di Pulau Pinang. Beliau telah memohon untuk mendapat biasiswa kerajaan supaya boleh melanjutkan pelajarannya ke Universiti Malaya dalam bidang perubatan tetapi ditolak.Umpama perpatah 'niat hati hendak getah bayan, tergetah burung serindit', lalu Goh menjelajah ke Universiti Harvard di Amerika Syarikat.

JPA menawarkan 2,000 biasiswa yang menjadi rebutan. Lapan ratus calon yang gagal permohonan mereka telah membuat rayuan. Walaupun perhatian media tertumpu kepada mereka ini, sebenarnya permasalahan masa kini yang mendesak ialah mutu pendidikan di Institut Pengajian Tinggi Awam (IPTA).

Beberapa hari lalu ketika saya mengunjungi warong kegemaran saya, seorang jejaka mendekati saya untuk mempromosikan mainan jigsaw. Alangkah sayangnya seorang siswazah UiTM (yang lulus dua tahun lepas) bekerja sebagai jurujual jalanan, manakala ada juga yang menganggur.

UiTM ialah universiti terbesar di Malaysia dengan sejumlah 95,000 penuntut di kampus. Universiti-universiti yang ditubuhkan lebih awal seperti UPM, UTM, UM, USM dan UKM masing-masing mempunyai di antara 25,000 dan 30,000 penuntut. Dicampurkan sekali dengan politeknik, mungkin genap sejuta penuntut IPTA kita.

Ada yang meminta kerajaan menunaikan tuntutan budak-budak yang beria-ia hendak ke luar negeri. Akan tetapi, bukankah pada masa yang sama kita harus lebih peka kepada IPTA tempatan?

Taburkan pelaboran dari segi kewangan, prasarana dan juga sumber tenaga pengajar supaya anak-anak muda yang bermati-matian mahu menuntut di Barat akan lebih tertarik untuk belajar di tanahair.

Ingat … biasiswa JPA hanya untuk 2,000 yang bertuah; IPTA menampung sejuta penuntut.

- From Helen Ang, favourite columnist of Malaysiakini.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Facebook and Exam

When we dont have facebook like 3 years ago, what we do to pass time? I am refreshing facebook every 10.5 seconds.


Tomoro exam already.


Havent read finish yet, but still, after that no more exam for a considerably long period of time!

and Malaysia.


Thursday, May 21, 2009


-ek- says:
exam bila?

Ang: (Study) says:

Ang: (Study) says:

Ang: (Study) says:
express opthalmo

Ang: (Study) says:
never read before

-ek- says:
1 day cukup d kot

Ang: (Study) says:
heheheheh dunno..hopefully la

Ang: (Study) says:
the book 70pages

Ang: (Study) says:
one day

-ek- says:
can kot

Ang: (Study) says:
after exam, lepak one night, then start writing report 4k words

Ang: (Study) says:
and then lari to london liau

Ang: (Study) says:
u ready to host me la. u got exam or not? coming days

-ek- says:

-ek- says:
end of this month?

-ek- says:
my room super small

Ang: (Study) says:

Ang: (Study) says:
macam ni

-ek- says:
enuf for 1 nia

-ek- says:
we lepak sumwhere else

-ek- says:
i still have keys

-ek- says:
to the old apartment

Ang: (Study) says:

Ang: (Study) says:

Ang: (Study) says:
nvm la

-ek- says:
duno got new tenant or not

Ang: (Study) says:
so ganas?

-ek- says:
same building wor

Ang: (Study) says:
to stay in ur old hse

Ang: (Study) says:

Ang: (Study) says:
lemma moh..

Ang: (Study) says:
ganas lo...

Ang: (Study) says:
pecah rumah

-ek- says:

Ang: (Study) says:
jiran report police then how to explain leh?

Ang: (Study) says:
act sleep walking?

-ek- says:
nola here lepak wan kot

-ek- says:
if tido also at nite

Ang: (Study) says:
no worries many place to lepak in london

Ang: (Study) says:
we lepak in floyer a

-ek- says:
yah can also

Occupational Health

I went to the Occupational Health today to ask for a new appointment because I am not here in early June for their "mass blood testing" for the whole batch of 4h year.

The nurse was quite free, so, instead of asking me to make another appointment, he, yes, is a he, he asked to come in and took the bloods straight away.

He had a look at my arm and said, "wow, u have a lot of blood taken".

"Ya, we practiced with each other a lot"

Ha ha ha.

6 wounds from Clement for the forearm study, and 3 from saquib for the fruit juice study.

My veins, very cheap.

ps: I am impressed by the efficiency of the occupational health. Thanks for that! I dont have to make another appointment aka another trip to RIE. Adios!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Take A Break

This is supposed to be the transcript of an actual radio conversation between a US naval ship and Canadian authorities off the coast of Newfoundland in October 1995. The Radio conversation was released by the Chief of Naval Operations on Oct. 10, 1995.

- Please change your direction 15 degrees to the North to avoid a collision.

- Recommend you divert YOUR course 15 degrees to South to avoid a collision.

- This is the Captain of a US Navy ship. I say again, divert YOUR course.

- No. I say again, you divert YOUR course.


- This is a lighthouse. Your call.

Family Guy

Seriously, the best.

A good treat after 10minutes of revision.

Food Diary

When I took part in the 20quid fruit juice experiment, in which I was given orange juice and tomato juice to drink on separate week-long period, many people though HAHA! Money easily earned.

True-lah, compare to so many other experiments I had taken part in.

But the hardest part in the juice experiment is the writing of the food diary.

I am sure the people handling my food diary will be thinking I am cheating, but no,


I really meant it when i write it.

So in my diary, almost everyday, my dinner is:

One pack of instant noodle, with two tesco seafood stick.

I bought 5 x 5 packets of Harmee from penang when I back here in early March.

And now, I found myself eating the third and last packet of Harmee that I stole from flower-monster.

No more Harmee...

Good old days: Didnt realised I took this picture on the 6 of April...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


It is so hard to study now.

Because someone is looking at me the whole time.

Can you concentrate with such a brilliant face staring at you blankly?


Monday, May 18, 2009


Have u ever stressed by having to make choices of the what to eat today?


Are you going to finish Strong?

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Part 2.

I received a lot of anons comments in the post of Letter for YB Lim. If u r interested, u can scroll down to the post below to read this small tiny, war of comments. hahaha

Well, thanks for reading, thats the first thing.

1. I stand to be criticized from the first day I start to blog. I mean, what is the point i talk to myself (well thats what we do in blog) and no one comments and criticizes, tak syok. Even from the opening page's description of the blog: Why am I so Handsome clearly depicted my acceptability to criticism, hahaha.

2. Jason mentioned that the perception that the anon derived and portrayed as: I am one who are not deligent and etc- was not a fair generalisation on me. Ei no, it was quite fair and justiably derived, even from way this blog operates. And from anon's knowledge about alcohol age to counter my one line statement: he obviously is better than me in med sch - if he is from one anyway.

3. I admit with all my sincerity that I have not make the full use of my time here. Having said that, I still maintained, my 100% conviction that in my point of view, and i agree to disagree, that even if u make full use of your time here, to compare with the amount of investment on one jpa scholar, with what we can do using that 1.2 million at home, i dont think we are making a sound investment. Pls, this is my personal view.

4. And, I made that comparison as of undergraduate products. Meaning to say, I made that call because: (now this is the point where I think the anon's knee jerk reaction occured): because I agree that you set to gain more from staying here after undergraduate. That you gain more advances and skills for the nation when you go back. So, if the government has a policy of sending students overseas for medicine, and ASK them to come back after undergraduate studies, then this is UNECONOMICAL. I totally agree with the far fetched anology of Nobel Lauraetes vs Freshman. And this is the whole point of my letter, from head to toe. I am saying if you sponsor students for undergraduate, u are wasting time and money.

5. The issue of maturity. Hahahaha..that one I cannot help but to laff when the anon pointed out the flaw in my logic of this sentence:

"and then, we can send them overseas, for postgraduate studies, because, they are more matured in any sense."

there is no way you going to convince me that an A levels graduate has the same level of maturity, in any sense - mental, physical, spiritual, sexual!, football skills, passing, crossing, - than a doctor who had served his 3 years compulsory service at home, and ready to go for postgraduate studies. Hehehe.


I believe everyone has their own thinking on any issues, and that logic of yours derived from your objective intellectual capacity and subjective rational from experience on upbringing. I come from a family where no one reads or speaks a single word of English, and my family transportation means comprise of 4 Ex5s. To imply that I am unsuitable for this scholarship, I m sorry, I dont think so.

I have strong view on how government should utilize money because I believe if the government make full use of our money, Malaysia can be a Norway.

We are a rich country, so it is only fair if we live like one.


Japan has 120 million population - 15 ministers

UK has 60 million population - 20 state secretaries (equivalent ministers)

Malaysia has 30 million population - we have 29 ministers.

Only one short to equal the ratio of 1 minister per million rakyat.

The reason is because, the "so called the successful recipe - Barisan Nasional" has got 14 member parties. So, u know,in some ways or other, we have to satisfy all parties, so we the rakyat are "blessed" with so many ministers to run our country.

We got ministers that in charged of other minister's performance wor...(clapxclapxclap)

But I still think Najib should take the opportunity to trim down his cabinet last month.

and pls, dun always change the portfolio like dat la.

Deputy minister of health was doing a great job and suddenly now jaga askar.

i mean, where got continuity of policies if like dat...

(exam can make you do so many stupid things, including counting the number of ministers...and ohya, each of them earning a minister's salary...and the allowances...malaysia is such a rich country)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Hot Race

5 nominated for deputy president PAS. Hot race.

Incumbent deputy president Nasaruddin Mat Isa, who has been nominated to defend his post, could be facing four challengers - Kedah Menteri Besar Azizan Abdul Razak, deputy Mursyidul Am Dr Harun Din and incumbent vice-presidents Husam Musa and Mohammad Sabu.

Husam - the sort of modern islamic leader that we want to see, as a non-muslim la. OF coz I would prefer him. He represent the future of how inter-religion tolerance can be improved to another level.

but anyway, thats not my concern.

PAS will forever be PAS, as long as the conservatives ulamak still have a huge say in central decision making.

I think religion-based and race-based party has quite bleak future in Malaysia, in very long term of course. Like....probably when I am a datuk (with cucu type)

But to be honest, among all PR parties, i like PAS the most.

I like the cleanliness.

But in the news that i read in msiakini today, finally there are some issues and allegations of money politics in PAS.

Will a politician join politics and not for money?

I guess...not so kot...haha. at least not me.

Meanwhile, 2 Labour MPs had stepped down due to the leaked expenses row in UK. The public couldn't accept that these MPs claimed their expenses to the maximum allowed.

Hahaha...ask them to see our ministers here la.

So long didnt see Nazri here. Woohoo.. his absence in the Hogmonay festival in Edinburgh last year was severely felt.

Come here to Edinburgh in the end of every December. Meet students? who will be here to meet u mate?

(I am not accusing him of misusing public funds. Probably he paid for himself. He memang quite rich anyways. But i think padang rengas need you more...than us, the students in Edinburgh.)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Letter to YB Lim

I was studying at 4am, when I saw YB Lim's facebook status:

Any feedback on the unfair PSD scholarship awards? Email me @

YB Lim;

I am a 4th yr medical student in Edinburgh under the PSD scholarship. I am going to be straight and honest with u. I think we should revise this policy of sending so many students overseas.

Specifically in Medicine, in any medical school in UK or Ireland, the total number of Msian students in any year is more than the total of all other internationals combined.

The quality of our students, and their merit for a PSD scholarship is not what I want to question. But what I want to question is this policy of sending ppl overseas for undergraduate studies. Is it economical and does it gives us a good return on investment?

Have I not been studying here for so long, I would not have a slightest doubt on the quality of these overseas universities and the fruits we set to bear from our students who studied here when they go back.

We have a lot of Msian transfer students who are doing twining programme with IMU, KL. They will do their pre-clinical years back home, and join the students here for 3rd year onwards. You would be surprised by the difference in quality of these transfer students. They are far superior in knowledge, attitude and work rate and really very outstanding even among local students. And sometimes, as a medical student who had all my medical education here since year 1, I felt I am wasting my time and your money doing the pre-clinical years here.

Quite often when we the foreign graduate go back and start our training jobs, our colleagues who graduate locally would be taken aback by our level of competency. The medical curriculum in UK does not prepare a graduate to work in such a challenging environment like Msia where freshers need to make so many life-saving decisions themselves.

Now I would like to stress that all graduates of UK unis are 100% safe and competent, or else you dont graduate, but if there is nothing so special about them, why we spend millions and millions educate them overseas?

In my humble opinion, undergraduate education in any medical schools is the same. It is the training jobs after you graduate that makes the difference. If a qualified doctor continue his education in postgraduate level in UK, he will bring back what we always long for - expertise, new knowledge and skill. But if we are expecting those goods, I think, sponsoring undergraduate medicine in UK is not economically viable for a developing nation of ours.

I am sure if each of us the PSD medical scholars is worth 1 million ringgit as the people usually say, just my uni itself, we already have around 40million ringgit to be channeled to what I would believe is more economically viable and better long term sustainability - more universities, more medical schools and better teaching in our own country.

I am looking forward to start my training job in one of the hospital in Malaysia after my graduation.

That is all I wanted to say. Sorry if I am not making any sense here.

Selamat Berjuang YB.

This is what a PSD scholar Medicine 4th Year Uni of Edinburgh does most of his days.

Football @ Malaysia

If you asked me 5 years ago, which team do I support?

My answer is an instantaneous, spontaneous and doubtless - Manchester Utd.

But now, after 4 years away from my own country, watching English Premier League every week, visited Old Trafford twices and Manchester countless of times, I can now tell you that;

I dont really support Manchester Utd. I have been only been watching since 1999.

So probably that is why I felt I am a hypocrite to say that I support Man Utd.

Because I cannot find a reason to. Like pure, true, reason to support.

To shout with all my heart all soul, for a club that I have no affiliation with, hell NO!

U know here, people will ask you, why do you support this team?

I mean, what to say?

I am not even from Manchester.

Probably will say style, history, character, players, and etc.

But I think we can follow and prefer a team, but I think if we call ourselves hard-core supporters - thats a bit unjustiable.

Manchester Utd, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea have nothing to do with us.

Like the sad story of the Kenyan guy who killed himself after Arsenal lost to Man Utd, isnt that a bit of an over-reaction?

What I term as hard core, excessive supporter are:

if your team lose you scold you girlfriend. if your team lose you lost appetite. you spend 280 ringgit to buy an original jersey. you think of wanna fight with the other guy who supports the other team.

Support the team that you have affiliation with.

I'll be in Stadium Bandaraya supporting my Penang team in the season 2010/2011.

Whether or not they play like shit or not, i think they will be definitely better than me.

And if I can find joy in watching those 5 a side malaysian games here, why not M League?

And will be wearing a Malaysia jersey here. People might mistaken that for the Hull jersey.

And this is the future of Malaysia football.

Provided he doesnt come back before he up his level.

No Babi

During my second day in banting, eric and I were damn bored (and subsequent 2 years in banting was still quite bored anyway)

But we made this song, making fun of everything in banting that we knew after that two days.

I still remembered when we sang this, one of the girls went: "I am not part of this...x2", with very worried look as if she will get ISA for being part of this.

Why suddenly so melancholic? Oh, because the song had a few words of Babi in it, and my previous notes just reminded me of that.

Ohya, would like to apologize to anyone who are offended by the very hard hitting note previously.

I was a bit emo.

But anyway; here you go, the Banting Song of Eric and Ang


(adapted from Larger than Life, Backstreet Boys)

Yeaaahhhhhhh... (Pls on the song and listen to the begining)

People run and hide, when you screaming the name,..... Ali!!!
Bangun pagi pergi dewan tak mau punctual mau....Early!!
Pumping...berkali kali kali yeah! (pls observe there are only 3 kalis)

All u ppl can u see can u see
Encik Azmi tak tau bawak lori

Everytime he drives
Dia langgar babi
and BABI...


No Babi!...

Yes IB!...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Perak Perak

Saya rasa terpanggil untuk menulis nota ini dalam bahasa melayu.

Perkembangan di Perak adalah peristiwa yang paling mangaibkan, menyedihkan dan merugikan bangsa dan negara. Amat amat menyedihkan. Siapa yang rugi, rakyat. Siapa yang untung, tiada.

Kerajaan pimpinan "pembangkang" dijatuhkan oleh kerajaan "kerajaan" dengan lompatan tiga ekor babi.

Saya tidak suka memanggil sebarang pihak nama nama yang mengaibkan mereka semata-mata kerana ketidakserasihan pandangan politik, tetapi apa yang berlaku di Perak pada hari ini sebahagian besarnya perlu ditanggung oleh 3 orang babi terhormat tersebut - secara terus terang saya akan baling tahi pada mereka sekiranya ada peluang.

Tidak patut kita salahkan BN kerana mengambil kesempatan ini untuk merampas kuasa. Tidak perlu kita tunding jari ke arah pakatan kerana tidak memastikan kesetiaan calonnya. Jikalau 3 babi ini mengutamakan kepentingan rakyat, mereka sepatutnya tahu kesan lompatan mereka awal awal lagi -akan runtuhnya negeri Perak.

Pada hemat saya, pilihanraya semula negeri Perak tidak dapat dielakkan.

Kuasa perlu dikembalikan kepada rakyat.

Sama ada mereka memilih Pakatan seperti yang dirisaukan oleh BN atau tidak, itu BN tidak boleh, tidak mampu dan tidak patut fikirkan atau bimbang. Itu pilihan, kuasa dan hak rakyat negeri Perak.

Saya ingin mengajak pembaca cuba meletakkan husnu zon (bersangka baik) dalam memahami pendirian kedua-dua pihak.

Apabila saya cuba melihat keseluruhan peristiwa ini dari sudut BN, atau Datuk Zambry atau yang kini memanggil dirinya Gandhi dan Mandela, saya tak faham. Apa yang mendorong beliau beria-ia berebut kuasa dengan Nizar dengan sokongan 3 ekor babi tersebut?

Apakah beliau berpendapat, sekiranya beliau mengalah dan membenarkan Pakatan memansuhkan DUN dan Pakatan memenangi pilihan raya, beliau bimbang negeri Perak akan menjadi semakin mundur, tergadai, rakyat menderita sangat, sehingga tidak dapat diselamatkan apabila rakyat Perak sedar dari kesilapan mereka mengundi Pakatan? Adakah beliau rasa rakyat kini tertipu dengan tipu helah dan bohong pihak Pakatan dan akan merugikan mereka sendiri?

Selain dari sebab-sebab diatas, saya tidak dapat mencari alasan baik yang lain utk BN berpaut kepada kuasa pemerintahan Perak. Ohya, alasan alasan yang dilemparkan oleh penyokong2 Pakatan-duit,kontrak dan ..duit duit duit duit.

Ohya, juga alasan alasan remeh, amat remeh, tidak ada yang lebih remeh daripada itu lagi: Kuasa Majoriti BN di Dewan Undangan Negeri Perak. Majoriti berapa? 3. Mana datang? kandang Babi.

Daripada pandangan Pakatan, keseluruhan peristiwa ini adalah perampasan kuasa BN yang gila, tamak dan rakus, yang tidak mengendahkan keputusan rakyat yang memberikan mandat kepada Pakatan untuk memerintah.

Pada Pakatan, sekiranya mereka yang mengalah, ini bermakna mereka tidak menghormati pilihan rakyat, tidak menghormati semangat demokrasi, tidak ada keadilan lagi - semua alasan ini walaupun agak remeh, tapi jika dibandingkan dengan alasan yang dipegang BN iaitu rakyat tidak tahu memilih apa yang terbaik untuk merek dan 3 ekor babi yang sebenarnya paling pandai memilih utk kepentingan negeri Perak, alasan Pakatan jauh lebih menyakinkan.

Kesimpulannya, tidak perlu kita banyak berdebat tentang siapa yang mempunyai majoriti dalam DUN, kerana ketika ini, sahnya ada 28-28 ADUN dan 3 ekor babi dalam dewan. Tidak perlu kita tunggu keputusan mahkamah untuk memutuskan nasib Perak utk 3 tahun yang akan datang, kerana mahkamah tidak mungkin dapat memuaskan semua pihak - 28 kerusi berbanding 28 kerusi + 3 babi. Tidak perlu kita keluarkan buku buku undang2 tubuh perak dan perlembagaan persekutuan, dan mencari artikel artikel berkaitan kerana;

28 Vs 28, Babi tidak dibenarkan mengundi dalam DUN.

ps: penulis merasakan tindakan YB Jelapang Hee Yit Foong, YB Behrang Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi and YB Changkat Jering Mohd Osman Mohd Jailun adalah ahli politik yang paling gagal di dunia, dan tidak keterlaluan jika penulis memanggil mereka, babi. Babi.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Special One

I hope he will come back to EPL and manage, say....Manchester City?


Monday, May 11, 2009

Good Customer Service

I like him. Next time I take over Wal-Mart, I'll have him ask my HQ PR Department Director.

Imagine that YYB (Short form for YumYumBabi) answered your call for that pizza thing?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Review: THE Worst Chinese Restaurant In Edinburgh...EVER

If you are looking for a Chinese place to eat in Edinburgh, please stay away, far far away from this horrible, terrible, fuckable place called YUM YUM HK DINER.

The food is actually okay, but the service, is like the worst I have ever seen in my entire life.

I am not a subscriber to the philosophy of CAR - Customer Always Right.

But I do think that if someone walks into your eatery, he or she, is paying you, for a service, not just the food. And by service I dont mean you kissing the customers' ass or lick their feet, no, but just RESPECTING the customers.

What I mean by RESPECT?

If you are born with unsmileable face, fair enough, just maintain that look. But do you need to show your irritation towards your customers?

And worst still, when the customers did NOTHING.


Probably I can still take your irritated look, but do u need to SCOLD YOUR CUSTOMERS?


I am there to eat, pay and go away. I am not there to ask you to give me anything. It is barter trading.

Why scold us for smiling among our friends?

When customers read out their order according to your menu, you are pissed because you think it is wasting your time...

How many seconds you wasted for listening to STEAMED RICE WITH SEASONAL VEGETABLES AND MONK FISH?

So now the customers think, hmm...probably this time I shall read the number of that particular order on your menu straight away, hoping that it would make u happier and save your time.

But what was the response? YOU FUCKING SHOUTING ASKING ME SO RUDELY, with the look that as if i just rape your cockcroach -


WHAT THE FARK?Cant u just say without any facial expression: "whats that?"

Why put up a pissed off look?

I gave u the order in number was not to piss you off! Is to save ur time farker! I tot u shud know the number by then farker.

Even when u did all that, we didnt walk out, didnt even say a word, just smile,

What we get from that nice gesture?




we didnt even finish ordering yet fucker.

Mark my word, if this shop of yours is in Penang, I am the first one to throw a chair into your glass door.

So you think you are the fiercest ppl in the world ya?

Try open one in Penang.


A good result for everyone except chelsea's fan.

If Chelsea went through, and Man Utd beat them, then Man Utd will be crowned champions of europe, but can u really call urself champions of europe without beating Barcelona?

(If chelsea went tru and win UCL, then they befitting the title la, coz to their credit, they beat Liverpool, Barcelona and Man Utd to lift the trophy. What a journey! But, didnt happened)

Football has never been a fair or just game all the while.

Players dive here and there, cheat for free kicks, rush to claim corners, throw-ins, pretend to be injured to waste time, ask the ball boy to throw in another balls just to make ref stops the game etc etc...

So, dont say you are victim of the unfairness of ref. Sometimes the decisions are on your side, sometimes not.

Come-on chelsea, referees are human too. To err is human mah....

I cant agree more that the Norwegian ref had a very bad night making a lot of bad decisions and wrong calls.

It could go either way. Just last night was a bad one for Chelsea.

But to blame the referee for your own inability to wrap up the game? Come-on.

Winning a football game, is not just out-score your opponent, u need to outplay your opponent.

Beat them together with the ref as well. Kill off the game beyond anything that the ref can do.

and that means 2-0, or 3-0.

My favourite striker actually. Perfect centre forward. Strong, big, good finisher, decent actor. just sometimes too much of a diver. What else you want from a centre forward?

Despite all these comments, I still have my utmost deepheartfelt sympathies for Chelsea.

Unlucky mate.

But still, don't blame the ref. You can blame your luck.

But not ref.

The hero that saved my ass, literary.
(I put on facebook that I'll run naked along Princes St, run naked along Perak Road, run naked from Cork city centre to Cork Uni, if Chelsea got through, before they even started the first leg. My pants was already half way down there...until Bro Iniesta pong sebiji in.)

Drogba at his best.

Bad red card. But barca play better with 10men, less time wasted on passing to the 11th guy. Haha.

Ivory Coast most handsome dude.

Reminds me of the great Colina.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

The Woman of The Year

i think she is the most annoying woman in the news today.

"Hati mereka ada Hantu"

Thursday, May 07, 2009


So handsome.

Girls, dont let ur mom see this or she will definitely force u to marry the guy above.

Kuaci shape face.

Big eyes.

Perfection to the max.

Monday, May 04, 2009


Infrared SLR with fish eye lense....


Pictures taken during the Scottish Friendlies in Aberdeen last month. Read the entry here.

Team Edinburgh

Picture of the year.

The wonders of photography.

an art that I would never master.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Perak MB: Decision to limit newsmen to ensure comfort


The decision to limit the number of reporters covering the State Assembly on Thursday is to ensure the comfort of pressmen covering the event.

Posting on his new blog here on Sunday, Perak Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abd Kadir said the number of people expected to attend this sitting would be overwhelming.

”But in the name of media freedom, I have asked the Information Department to allow all mainstream media including vernacular presses to cover the assembly,” he said in the posting, which was posted at 5.42pm.

Dr Zambry added that the approval for coverage would also be given to representatives from some new media as well as bloggers.

”I believe in freedom of the press and it is unfair to stop any mainstream media including Harian Metro and Kosmo! to report on the sitting,” he added.

He stressed that the directive to limit the number of reporters covering the sitting did not come from his office.

While press freedom should not be misconstrued as a power to write false news, Dr Zambry added that the Perak Barisan Nasional had been receiving unfair reporting since February.



I am really interested and wonder how is it like to be a government powered by 3 independent frogs.

ps: i found this image by searching, Independent Frogs in google image. what a coincidence.

Bio question

Why Gorillas have big nostrils?

because they have big fingers.


can u imagine gorilla digging nose?