Saturday, July 18, 2009

My plan for life

My plan is to execute the planned plan.

They said there is no short cut to success.

I just found two. Two viable and achievable shortcuts.

1. Short cut one. Re: Get a rich wife.

So easy to get meh, some may say. But ya, it is possible.

Status: I found out that Ong t keat has got 3 daughters. and no batangs.

Money collect collect also has to pass to them la.

Obstacles: All face like him (obviously, there u go, paternalistic confirmed) I m so hansome, very hard to reach that activation energy leh...despite this been quite a short, cut, to success...

Conclusion: Search continued.

2. Short cut two. Re: Buy 4D.

Some may say buy lottery la bodo, u lah bodo. You know anyone who won lottery more than 10k?

Another few may say, buy 4D how much nia, buy TOTO la...jackpot a few millions mah. You la bodo. TOTO - tipu orang tarak otak.

4D so far is the most viable way according to my research to get rich.

Just play small small, buy 1 ringgit on Big on a number of 4 digits. Just get that budget from expenditure from condoms la. No condoms cannot die one la.

If kena tahi kuda, 60 ringgit. Hoho. That 60 ringgit is not mine also. The next day buy 30 big 30 small, kalau kena first prize...hohoho. Let me count first.

big kena 2.5 x 30 = 75k

small kena 3.5 x 30 = 122500 ish...i think..tarak calculator

so total dapat 200 something, plus 100 ringgit give the counter tips, belanja some friends makan roti canai...

tereng!!! dapatlah sebiji toyota camry 180ish? plus petrol money for a few years (how far u work la it depends).

So who says, no shortcut to success?

- the writer started to buy magnum since a few years ago, on and off, only when he is in malaysia, but never kena yet. But as his teachers always teaches him, Never Give Up!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

It has been a while

Today I did a few things that I have not done for a long time.

I bought some books.

Wahlau, as a proud owner of Khutub Khanah Ang of PFS (Khutub Khanah is another name of Perpustakaan), buying books is a huge thing for me.

Cant believe that I got through 4 years of medicine, with only Davidson's in my arsenal. And until today I cant figure out how, when and why I bought it, for about 40quid.

And today, I spent 30 quid to buy a Davidson's Surgery and another 10 quid to buy Macleod's Clinical Exam. and another 8 quid for Crash Course Medicine. Dont think i'll use it buy but haiya, nvm la...clear stock for senior.

The second thing that I havent done for quite some time;

Blog more than 4 paragraphs. Ha ha ha.

Okla..go study. Bye.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


The biggest headache in life is

to think, where to eat dinner now. and wat to eat.

Sunday, July 05, 2009


Yo edinburgh.

Hie my name is Choon and I am a final year medical student.