Monday, August 31, 2009


2009: 10 years since I learnt the word: Bertaubacs (Bertaubat)

Bertaubat from kegiatan kegiatan yang kurang baik dan bermanfaat. haha.

I still dont understand why I was associated with the above creature. He he.

Probably because I can swim with both my arms side by side.

He he...

Today, I am being a bit emo, thinking...

Ang of 1999 , is really uniquely significantly different from Ang of 2009.

Happy Merdeka Malaysian.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Mission for Sept-Nov

To spend less than 300quid.

Come on ang...

U live on 100quid for 2 months during your zaman kemelesetan ekonomi.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Lawak Joe wei.

Good antidote for exam boredom.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Come again

Yes. It is the exam time again.

Sometime on thursday (not sure what time), the blogger is going to sit for the first exam in his Fifth Year, fondly known as the SIPS exam.

It stands for - safety in practice s....... aiyah.. not sure whats the last one tho.

Haih. Sien nia.

Wahai Tuhan Medicine, kurniakan me a pass pls

ANyway, Study blog blog.

The thing is that, i cannot concentrate. I see jokes in everything i read.

Like, when I was reading the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine (btw, this is THE book. Should have started reading this great little book since first year..):

1. PseudoPseudo

page 206, Endocrinology:

primary hypoparathyroidism - gland failure, therefore PTH secretion down, Ca then down.

seconday hypoparathyroidism - radiation, surgical etc which makes the PTH down.

and then just when you thought that there is no more parathyroidism, or if there is, it should be logically be called the tertiary hypoparathyroidism, no...they give u:

pseudo parathyroidism - condition where the target cells fail to respond to PTH, then Ca down..

and then just when you thought thats all about hypoparathyroidism: no...they give u:

pseudopseudoparathyroidism - COMEON!

(this condition simply is the same thing with pseudoparathyroidism, but with normal PTH, Ca etc etc.)

Why wahai tuhan medicine, why seksa us like this...

if u cannot find a name for the condition, i can offer my name: u can call the pseudopseudoparathyroidism as Angchoonseong's parathyroidism

2. Pituitary Gland

The second thing i laff at, was the diagram of the pituitary gland in that small little book, page211.

Macam mini testes.

dont blieve? flip to that page. OHCM 7th edition.



study la...see testes...

Monday, August 17, 2009


Portfolio is part of our routine assessment, whereby students are supposed to clerk a patient, understand patient's admission, diagnosis, management, and etc.

and then write a 8 pages long of report, which divided into 4 pages of above mentioned things, and 4 pages of discussion around certain topics of choice from a selection of social-medicine headlines such as public health, communication skills etc...

and usually it is due 2 weeks before exam in any particular rotation.

But why la ang, why...

now 9am already and you are still doing portfolio, and still have to rush, to hand it in before 5pm today...

after so many years of medicine,

after such a wealth of experience in doing portfolio,

after nearly failed so many portfolio due to midnite-to-morning-same-day-rushing,

after so many times of desperation, desperater-than-desperate housewife, and extreme pressure, more pressure than pressure cooker, to finish them in time to hand in,

after after so many times of you creating details, symptoms and new diseases for the patient,

creating bullshit 1, and need bullshit 2 to cover, and then bullshit 3 to cover bullshit 2 but must not contradict bullshit 1, and bullshit 4 for bullshit 3, but harmonious with bullshit 2 and get along well with bullshit 1,...




why am I still doing the same thing? over and over again...

do pf earlier and hand it elegantly a few days before due date cannot ar...?

and why the fark are u still blogging...go finish up ur pf la...noob!

Sunday, August 16, 2009


This post is specially for Jean. who complained of severe boredom.


There is a story of this mother of four who consulted a gynae in a clinic

complained of her vagina being too lax ie: too-big vagina's diameter

so she told the doctor,

"doctor, my vagina is too big"

then the doc said,

"hmm....let me see..."

so she undressed herself behind the curtain and got onto the examination bed, and the let the doctor examined her vagina

the doctor bend down and have a look,

and said

"wah, your vagina very big"

"wah, your vagina very big"

"wah, your vagina very big"

The woman became very distress and quickly got down and dressed up, and said

"fuck la...i know la my vagina very big! why u have to say it three times!!!"

The doctor said:

No no no...i said it just once only...

ps: the last thing i'll do in my life is to be a gynae. I bet the last thing that all my friends want to see is me, Ang Choon Seong, being a gynae.


Saturday, August 15, 2009


I cant find any thing interesting in dunfermline to take pics apart from:

Medical gases? That's good wat..

Run out to stand pee or squat and pee...

Thursday, August 13, 2009


I would not suggest doing medicine for anyone I know.


Having skived and pontenged extensively for the past 4 years of medicine, I had my first taste of full force serious work for the past 6 weeks in medicine attachment and also understand the whole medical system in NHS here.

Paisehla, I must say, I learnt more medicine in these 6 weeks than my past 4 years.

Anyway; i find Fy1's job very funny. It is like passing the problem around, until the problem reaches someone who has got balls, or has no other options, but to deal with the it.

I am not saying they are bad docs, but surely, a lot of them relatively ballless.


The reason why one took up medicine and wanted to be a doctor is to do good. Surely.

Most of people who can afford to do medicine are from well-off family anyway.

So money is not the main aim here. Maybe one wanted to be someone higher up in social hierachy, but still, need to help other ppl, in a way. that is why we do medicine.

But, paradoxically, and I cant understand really, having seen the intensity of the desperate faces and ABG of the patients in the ward waiting for docs to see them,

having seen how some doctors skip lunch and urination time, to finish up whatever job they are on,

having seen how some patient could actually have a better ECG if the docs were a bit faster or having a clearer mind when making those decisions,

having seen all these things in the medical settings here in the all mighty place called United Kingdom,

I wonder how can one who originated from a country with a doctor:patient ratio 3 times lesser than this country, interesting map

also with per capita healthcare spending double that of one's own country where his/her family lives,

also with super crowded general hospital where his/her mother/father waiting for an

How, then he/she

can decide to pursue get their training experience in this country.

so as to be a fully qualified, better trained specialist?

may be.

must be.

Friday, August 07, 2009

Ni Hau

Interpreters for Chinese patients in NHS are paid 20quid an hour.


should have si pu si more last time... can apply for that job as part time.

Saturday, August 01, 2009


1. Another 4 weeks to go in Dunfermline. This time, must study properly.

2. Another MP died. This time Permatang Pasir, PAS. 6th straigh win? Hmmmm

3. Another new book bought. This time Davidson's Essentials. 23 quid.

4. Another blog about Amalina. This time, it says she failed 2nd year Edin. Come on...ppl fail or not need to put on blog or not?

5. Another protest in KL. This time 20k ppl it was said. To protest against ISA.

6. Another jersey. This time, Man UTd Startrek jersey for bday. Thanks!

7. Another week before I'll update this rubbish blog. That time, with picture. Haha.