Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Polygamy Club

Read more from thestar.

RAWANG: When she was practicing law, Kartini Maarof once went beyond the call of duty for her divorce client.

She arranged for Rohaya Mohamad, a mother of seven, to be married again - to Kartini's own husband.

The spouse they have shared for a decade is 43-year-old Ikramullah Ashaari, who has four wives and 17 children. (POWERR!! Hero!)

His 72-year-old father has 38 offspring from five marriages, without ever having flouted Islam's prescribed limit of four wives at a time. (38? family car is a bus must be!!)

Polygamy is legal for Muslims in Malaysia, though not widespread.

The Ashaari clan believes it should be.

Last month it launched a "Polygamy Club" that claims the noble aim of helping single mothers, reformed prostitutes and women who feel they are past the marrying age.

"We want to change the way people perceive polygamy, so that it will be seen as something beautiful instead of something disgusting," said Hatijah Aam, the founder of the club. She is the fourth wife of Ikramullah's father, Ashaari Muhammad.

For the one-third of the population that isn't Muslim, polygamy is unlawful. (Aiyoyo..why la!)


Ang Family and Career Planning Advisor.

Here's a masterplan for my dear muslim friends who are on JPA and wish to extend their training here in UK after graduation.

Upon reaching final year, you must be pro-active and look around your university or even go outside your own universities looking for first year malaysian medical JPA scholar girl.

Applying all the communication skills and breaking sweet news etc etc you learnt so far, try to court her, and then try to marry her.

Do inform the JPA. Have a solid reason for this "urgent" marriage. I can easily suggest one: pregnancy. This is because I remembered JPA said scholars are not allowed to get married without informing them or solid reasoning etc etc.

But then, due to the morality and religious values set by our society and religion, you have to marry the girl, and you have the right to do so, when you ter-make her pregnant.

So, due to JPA's policy of not separating family, you have no choice but to stay here until your wife complete her studies.

Thats five years extension.

Then, when your wife is final year, your son is already on BMX, while you are already driving a BMW.

You should then again, try to look for another first year medical student on JPA. Again, applying your vast clinical experiences, extremely effective communication skills and your newly bought BMW, you should be able to court her, and then make her pregnant.

And then you have to marry her. If your wife (soon to be First Wife) disagree with your decision, then you should use your free texts to send her 3 talak sms.

So in the end, you will be able to marry your second wife (provided your first wife agrees) or she became your first wife (if your then-first wife had then became your ex-wife)

Then, you invoke the JPA not to separate family policy, to stay another 5 years.


And as you can have up to 4 wives, (provided you can keep all of them without talaking any of them) you have got yourself a 20 years extension.

and you distribute that opportunity to your wives as well (20 years for first wife, 15 years for second wife, 10 years for third wife, and 5 years for the forth one)

After 20 years extension, you should be able to pay off JPA, anyway and continue practicing medicine here, or opt to go back and serve the country.

Ha ha ha. Adios.

Monday, September 28, 2009



I dont think this is true. I mean, if u seriously think you are pretty, thats fine to me.

I think I am handsome.

Ha ha ha.

But I didnt said I am more handsome than wanglihom (we are probably of the same level... HAHAH)

But anyway,

if she with that look, thinks that she is hotter than deborah:

then either you have severe delusion - which is a psychiatric problem.

Or this video must be a prank.


Great story line.

I like tiger (i mean Thai Girl).

Long straight hair. Half the battle won.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Train Tics

So, I am going to give you some insights about this funny system/policy adopted by the great KTM of Great Britain.

When you purchase a train ticket in advance, u better make sure u dun lose it. misplace it. or anything like dat.

Because, say u bought a ticket to travel 3 months later, and you lose in tmr, your money gone to the drain already. Because, they practice non-reissue policy.

I cant seem to make myself understand such non-customer friendly policy.

Unless its like you are travelling tomorrow, and today you lose it, probably it is not easy for them to handle this reissueing.

Or maybe thinking on their behalf, this is to curb some people trying to use this way to claim lost ticket and then reissue and can travel both.

But that's an issue with your ticketing system. And we, as customer should not be allowed to shoulder this with you.

If we need to, then stop announcing that your policy is customer first. No.


Dear Sir/Madam;

I am writing to enquire about possibility of my ticket to be reissued. I misplaced the tickets and I m travelling on this coming Sunday. Is it possible to do that in one of the stations in London? I have got the card I used to book the ticket and I attached the confirmation email that I received.

Pls advise further

Thank you.


--------------------and i got this reply 2 weeks after that:

Dear Choon
Thank you for your email and my apologies for the delay in responding to you.
I am sorry that you had lost your tickets, unfortunately once tickets have been issued they cannot be re-issued as we do hold a non refundable/re-issue of tickets for lost or stolen tickets I am afraid.
Customer Relations




So i read forums and stuffs online regarding the matter of losing train tickets etc.

And i found out that if u lose it, thats you done.

So, i called up the KTM office, and said I didnt received the tickets since last month. Have been waiting since so long. why is that!! (angry voice)

and the guy over the phone take my details, and after like 10 mins, settle all the procedure to reissue another ticket for me.

matter solved.

thank KTM UK. I like ur customer service. FIrst class. People first. Performance Now.

(Kenot write the name of the company...later they knew...hahahaha)

Thursday, September 24, 2009



I have to admit that I am a News Addict.

I follow our nation's news and politics very closely. Reading almost every single prominent politician's blog almost everyday.

And that is because I try to distract myself from reading medical related things.

Anyway, with the current lack-of-spice political climate in Malaysia, things get normalized. Once a while, yes, we still have the stunning revelation here and there, but thats nothing near like for example the Perak's change of government or Anwar's 916.

Now there are a few things which caught my attention nowadays, perhaps deserved a mention in my blog.

1. The CSL vs OTK's EGM of MCA.

It's gonna be so best if OTK loses his bid to retain his presidency to CSL. And that CSL is going to be a minister for the second time. It is interesting, at least to me bcause someone who got caught in a sex scandal can resign-and-then-comeback in such a dramatic fashion. 10 Oct is the decisive day, for all chinese as a whole.

2. Sarawak's Dams ambition.

Looks like CMS trying to make their last big bucks before the next state election (in which their chances of retaining the state is still as high as our blue sky) and the next GE, which some said might see the end of BN. I doubt so. highly.

3. PKFZ's ongoing dispute.

Forget about Tiong's 10mil loan to OTK. Not as boiling as this: now someone in last cabinet secretly released some documents which clearly pointed out that cabinet knew all along the PKFZ's bomb.

But no one in the government is answering the allegation of cabinet misconduct as rightly shown by the these cabinet papers. All the hoo-has was about this is OSA and abt these papers cannot be released, sampai incurred the wrath of PM. Amboi! But what about the content? PM said that is another issue all together. Err? Sorry say that again?

4. Bagan Pinang's by election.

This should be the first victory of BN in Peninsular after GE12. So it is not that interesting as a by-election. But what interest me is the UMNO's candidate limited choice- Isa, ex VP umno and MB NS for 20 over years.

Ppl always said in politics, once you are down, you are gone 4eva. But this dude still maintain the support of his division, like 100% support. Is he really that super good, apart from his money politics conviction, or his division is hoping that his comeback will then facilitate him back to the corridors of power and their division can reap the benefits then? Dunno.

5. MIC. Is MIC irrelevant after GE12?

I think the issue here is; the president. The party election has just concluded not long ago, and mr vellu stayed as president, world record. As indians represent 10% of population and almost all of them concentrated in Peninsular, BN's hope to come back for 2/3 is heavily influenced by the performance of MIC. Will lack of hot issues cause Hindraf to lose its influences and the "new MIC as said by mr vellu" make an incredible come back?


As I read the news day after day after day, I found one common thing;

The old news/scandals/etc were either under investigation, after so long, or just remain unresolved, just the issues got lessser public attention and dies off or a gag order issued for some public security reasons - u know which one.

I mean;

for example the biggies:

1. VK Lingam, anything done?
2. Khir Toyo? what happened?
3. Perak 2 frogs corruption case? Ongoing?
4. The issue which we are not supposed to talk about - yes.
5. Kugan's, Teoh's mystery death and police integrity?
6. My personal favourite - Anwar's sodomy take 2?
7. MACC's?

the list goes on and on and on and on...

but anyway, my concern is:

in the next 10 years, will things stay the same?

as in any big issues regarding big fishes will gradually get smaller and smaller and forgotten...

or some one will run a reform and take every single action to resolve any single injustice or misconduct happened?

THat is 1future we hope for.

Reform. We can only hope.

UK's Debenhams launches underpants for left handed men

LONDON, Sept 23 — A British store is launching a range of underpants for left-handed men, an innovation it says will save them both time and embarrassment in front of the porcelain.

The new range, by UK-based Hom, will have a horizontal opening instead of a vertical slit accessed from the right-hand side, breaking a tradition that has lasted for 75 years.

“In our view, this is a vital step toward equality for left-handed men,” said Rob Faucherand of Debenhams store.

Almost 10 per cent of British men are believed to be left-handed but men’s Y-fronted underpants have traditionally had a right-handed opening from the time they were invented in 1935.

- left handed's burung tend to go left side? therefore underpants got to have more space on the left?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


1. Medicine Rota Pasta.


2. Geri PPD Pasta.

But with some serious comments. Fuuuhhh

(author akan bertaubacs and do some serious work soon...how soon? duno...but soon la..)

Macam kantoi...

Just done the SCEE thingy.

Neuro exam on upper limbs: Wth!

Its the cecond neuro exam in had ever done my life. Haiyo! Why so gb go do power testing do only on elbow nia, the other joints must do also!!!!

gbgbgbgbgbgbgbgbgbgbbgbgbgbgbgbgbbgbgbgbbgb (gb=gong bin)

And them respi exam for heart failure: Shits! Its easy but dunno how I managed to kantoi the whole thing.

Kuku panjang macam babi how to percuss oh ang ah ang...

and then breaking bad news - fck.

i think later they have to break bad news to me pulak.

Wah angchoonseong, your sce skill is like shit man..

feedback in 10 mins time. Now my super smart colleague gonna go do the scee pulak.

She definitely gonna show the consultants the super difference between her and myself. SHITS!

if i failed, I will not update this blardy blog for a month!

jeng jeng jeng...macam akan fail leh...

ang...seriously, go do some work la. (from the angel ang)

Computer Ass Learning

So many cases still...
Why got 50cases one..sien nia la!!!


Really Really Really BORED.
Tell me jokes. Pls. Email me at s0568853@sms.ed.ac.uk, because I cant check hotmail, cant check facebook, cant do much with the internet here.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tora Datang lagi

Exam mode.


Tmr SCE (which I am like Shit)

Friday MCQ kot...

Ahhhhhhh....datang lagi.
Comforting factor is that: No one ever failed Geri. Well, I nearly became first to fail it last week by PPD, but will I survive the exam?
Study study study.

Dubrovnik (Finale)

Last post about the trip. I promise.

Just to upload all the remaining pics taken there.

Not gonna say much. Ha ha...realised that I might be super bosan for you guys, my loyal readers to see the same same shit over and over again.

But since you are reading this blog, chances are quite obviously you dont have anything better to do anyway...

Right, all the random photos taken.

At the entrance of the old town

The old town centre.

Old town's walkway. Apparently if you walk on the drains, not good for your marriage prognosis

One of the angle from the city wall

Another angle..

Same. There's a good eating place just there, near the jetty (or harbour if you want a posh word)

My only guy groupmate also apparently have the same why am i so handsome mood. But obviously, i am second to none.

Saw the tables and the roof of a bar? So called the best bar in dubrovnik. Actually quite a nice place to watch the sunset. But the drinks damn ex.

Another angle...

Tip no1: Always ask someone with a big lense camera to take picture for you. Good quality.

Dubrovnik has got a lot of these small alleys. Very nice.

Someone terkantoi and then terkahwin.

Genius (in blue) + 4 musketeers

Oldest pharmacy in europe. Apparently.

Favourite pic:

Monday, September 21, 2009

Dubrovnik (Part 3)


Dubrovnik next.

In this post, I am going to show you some pics I took from the hotel, Dubrovnik Palace that I stayed.

I used to wonder why people will pay so much of a difference for 5 star hotel.

And after stayed for 7 days,

I am still wondering (haha...gotcha!)

Crazy ah pay so much for accom.

But anyway, so this is the room i stayed:

I dont understand why we were given a room of this size each. Probably we are supposed to stimulate the economy of pelacuran and order a few ayams to room each night.

And this is the view from my rooom.

Amat ganas sekali. I saw an auntie swiming in the middle of that sea. Unfortunately, due to her ke-UnHot-tan, I didnt took the pic. Damn lawak if u see one auntie swim in the middle of blue sea, and thats what I termed as pollution.

The place we spent most of our time. Sun bathing. To them (ang mohs) thats the best thing in life. To me, I was like...no thanks. I dunwan to confuse the malaysian passport ppl later.

Long story cut short; I just wanna show you my breakfast: (other meals didnt take pics...due to kemaluan...as everyone else is eating and u are like a tarzan taking fotos...)

Actually, i just wanna show u the fruits part of the breakfast buffet.

Because I think that week is the week I took the most fibre in my entire life. My sai very happy, and also the toilet in my room so big, my sai kang also very happy to produce sai.

Huge variety. Was trying to look for durian but tarak. Shud have ask.

But in the end i ate alot of this, wa ter mei ren.

And drink a lot of tea. One flavour each time. They got twelve.

And the grand finale...











GUESS LA!!!!!!!!!!

Ang in bathrobe.

Macam taukeh yang pegi prostitute massage shop.

A rare sight. I must say.

Sekian. Vanakam.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


When you feel like shitting, you shit.

Thats very true and wise.

But after you shit, you have to handle them.

Wipe to clean.

No paper?

Use water. hand.

No water? No hand?

Still have to wipe them.

Itu u have to solve it. (my scout friend used daun before)

Next time, find a better place to shit.

But if already shit, u have to handle them.

Then, flush them away. Or no water, put some sand over them.

You need to settle them.


One must accept that in life, shits will happen.

Some shits come early in one's life.

Some shits come later.

But sometime in ur life, shits WILL happen.

Unable to handle shits, is not an excuse to not handling them.

Dunno how to handle, is not an excuse to not facing them.

Not ready to handle them, then sorry seems to be.

"Tau tak tau, itu ur prob" - a pfs philosophy.

It is after u handle shits, and u might realise the way u handle them got u into deeper shit, then u will learn to handle that shit differently, when it happens again next time.

But better still if you could avoid that shits from happen again.

But not avoid when the shits already happened.

There is no right way to handle shit. There is no wrong way to handle shit.

But it is a BIG NONO, to Not to head on and take on them.

This is life. The moment your mom and dad terbuat you, your shit cycle officially starts.

and no way to reverse the cycle.

- ang choon seong:
theory tahi 2009 - eureka ketika beliau tengah beremo sorang diri dalam train balik falkirk.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Dubrovnik (Part 2)

Hie again. This is gonna be a boring entry. Pls go pangsai first.

In this post, I am going to answer your curiosity on what the heck I am doing in Dubrovnik in the middle of academic term.


Long story made longer and steamer, I chose a SSC (student project which is compulsory, obviously) which only requires internet and er, yes, only internet.

No need to go to wherever lab, etc etc to take data

No need basic knowledge of whatever diseases which i obviously have none

No statistical methodology or data processing

No...er...er...actually come to think about it, not even need to be a medical student

This ssc involved writing a review.

Like, writing a review on how good is a movie, restaurant, etc.

And it is not even the super complicated comprehensive systematic review which requires you to read thousands over papers in the literature.

This is writing a non-systematic review aka like an essay titled: Saya Sebatang Jagung.

Except the title of this work of mine is Emerging Intervention of Common Protein Vaccine for Seasonal Influenza.

Yes, you have no idea what is that.

actually me too.

my tutor too.

I was pretty much so laid back until out of like 5, was given the left over which no one knows what is that.

But the plus point is that, then I can crap watever I like.

Which is pretty much my expertise and strength in my entire life.

ie, Talking about something that I dont really know much as if i know a lot.

Then, jeng jeng jeng

suddenly... Gates Foundation, after ten years of simply throwing money around the globe trying to solve every single problem in mankind, decided to focus their work on future, emerging intervention.

They knew this guy: The botakhead on my left - A dude from croatia.

This dude (aka Profesor) developed a model, called the CHNRI model.

Basically what this model does is that it will first, collect a group of experts, to list out like all the emerging interventions ideas in the world today specifically to tackle childhood pneumonia

Then finalised to a short list of say 20 interventions

Then he got some money from Bill, to organise a meeting...in a five star hotel...

Inviting top experts from relevant fields

So in the end, he managed to gathered about 25 people or so, from background of scientist, vaccine researchers in drugs companies, funders mentioned above, public health figures especially those from developing countries, and etc.

and because this is Gates foundation, the implication of this meeting is pretty huge, in terms of investment to a certain interventions under developed. So, the vaccines companies sent some of their top ppl there.

and these people will come to this meeting, and then using this CHNRI model, will get each and everyone to score, sort of vote, on each interventions, against set criteria.


So, this is not like 100 ppl listening to my great talk as you might suspect...and wonder...and very hard to believe also la...

But it would be unimaginably expensive for him to get more than 30 ppl to come for this meeting....

But, then, still what am I doing there then?

Am I one of the experts?


Buaya king to decide childhood pneumonia?

Hehehe...he needs presenters to set the current scene: like: Ok, now this is what we can get from Google.

and because things from google obviously at least 3mths back date. Then we can stimulate discussion. Like someone from IFPMA (drugs companies association) said the flu vaccine gonna take at least 20 years la...etc etc...

So, thats my job, on part of flu vaccines.

My job is only a mere 5mins presentation every day. Usually less than that.

The rest of 23hours 55mins - depending on my own interest whether to sit in the meeting to learn things (hell no!), or to go out jalan jalan.

Or like them, hit the pool.

But since my six pack still in the making...and coming soon...

I just sit there wash my cornea...

And everything in that hotel will be billed by bill.

So, I cant remember how many cocktails i ordered...

For the betterment of mankind. CHeers!! (thats our usual line)

Dubrovnik (Part 1)


As you might suspect from the title, I am going to blog about that week, that place, that meeting that I was sort of invited to (an over-statement...), in stages.

Why, you might ask.

Well, I am based in the heartland of Falkirk, where there's nothing much gonna happen for me to blog about (even when I am in Edinburgh, I have got nothing happening...so...)

So pls bear with me. If you cant, pls go over to this blog for the latest see i am so cute pictures, or this blog, for latest secret plot against malaysia. or even this blog, for emotional input, or this blog for historical recount of author's visits to places which might span months before.

I thought I wont be able to blog/brag about this for another few weeks. Falkirk=wirelessless.

Internetless. Cant blog. Cant transfer pics to the NHS comps to blog either.

However, tonight, there was this bastard who forced me to satay his/her pendrive. How can he/she leave his/her pendrive here in the comp lab for more than 3 days? See me no up ar...

So, yes, that's a new addition to my karma.

Anyway, in this introduction of the biggest week in my life (probably bigger than my wedding), I give you...

The long awaited, and heavily missed by the public - "WHY AM I SO HANDSOME"'s pose

A picture which pretty much sums it all: The beauty of Dubrovnik

Rare occasion of me captured into saying: Thats the place I am gonna cheat my future timber king's daughter.

Limo service awaiting us at the airport.

My usual snack. The bill is billed to bill.

At my usual table with my usual mates. All of our bills are billed to bill.

My working place. With a cup of cappucino. Billed to bill of course.

Dinner. Usually 3 courses. always seafood. with a bottle house-wine. again, billed to bill.
To be continue....

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dont work so hard mate.


The difference between quartiles are 2pts each. If u score A all the way, you are only above ppl like me by 4 pts. I mean, over 100 pts.

Fair system? MTAS had been under fire, criticisms from all corners since establishment 2 years ago.

I spent quite some time reading through the rationale behind this controversial system. Its a classic example of how you could never satisfy everyone at the same time.

But the system of having academic quartiles to separate the best from the worst by 6/100 pts is quite an under-recognition of the effort these brightees put in their studies.

Can I sell my limited MTAS points on ebay?

Good News

Whatablog is going to be updated very very frequently due to the boredomity of Falkirk District Hospital and Geriatrics Medicine.

Also, the main reason is that; my portfolio is due on Friday midday. So, as you know, boredom + got academic things to do = updating blog.

I'll try to get some pics up here especially the pics taken during my best time in life so far - Dubrovnik.

Anyway, today the author went out for a jog.

Jogging, hiking etc is a good way of spending time with yourself. No one to talk to. No one talks to you. Another way you can do that is by travelling on a bus/train.

So, oh ya, today the author went out for a jog. For 2.5 hours. about.

Wah, is the author getting emo and therefore ran for so long to spend such a long time with himself to think of some emo-love-financial issues occured in his life? Is it the political problems strangulating his country?

Guess what? GUESS LA!!!!


I lost my blardy way.

I must have jog at least half of Falkirk.

Today I went to shadow some physiotherapist.

Saw a few patients with amputations and just installed brand new prosthetic legs.

They must be the most determined people I ever seen.

One of the old lady had all this trouble, complicated by years of rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes.

now thats worrying. :(

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Happy Malaysia Day

Since young, we have been told that 31 August is our the National Day.

Remember the scene of Tunku's his right hand (i think so) and some orang putihs with very ugly hat sat behind him? I put it in one of the post.

I will never forget that image, not because I was there at that time, quite obviously.

That picture is the front cover of one of the first book I read.

My bro satayed home a book when I was standard 3 or 4. I cant remember exactly the title of that book.

Anyway, Malaysia Day.

I think whichever date we chose to celebrate National Day is not important, let's dont be too pedantic about date.

However, I think we are not doing justice for our fellow people in across the sea. My brief visit 3 years ago to KK and Kuching enlightened me on that, and I cant accept that those politicians who travelled so often to officiate divisional meetings etc in that part of the world cant see the injustice there.

When I saw so many kids playing by street full of dust, on their school uniform, and when we got near them, they came over asking for money, and I can see some of them were having the oral hygiene of my standard

( ha ha, seriously, the author's oral hygiene is extremely high risked of endocarditis if he got a valve problem, really need to break my record to see dentist for first time after those days of dentists visits to schools).

I cant help but to ask are we coming from same country?

16 September is the date we celebrate the day North Borneo and Brooke's Sarawak joined us and formed the great nation of Malaysia.

Lets be mindful about the obvious existence of a third world country just at the back of the tallest building in South East Asia. and ohya, and just beside the 1malaysia F1 team.

(The author is most probably going to work in Sabah or Sarawak, with intention to get a timber tycoon's one and only daughter. and then, initiate economy pie redistribution by redistribute his money to his mistresses across the country.)

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

I think this is the moment I will remember for life.

As in, FOR LIFE!!

Sitting beside some profs or executives of some top companies, having dinner in the five star hotel everyday, by the seaside with live croatian ahpeks singing, cracking some lawak theory 13 jokes with the people who decides who gets the next 10 millions for clinical trials...

Waking up in the morning and going for breakfast with the most unbelievable view, with the best scrambled egg in my life, ordering lunch to the room just because I missed one, getting my laundry done and ironning as well, and all just sign my name with the room number.

and JayZ and Beyonce checked out just the week before I checked in...

This is easily, the best time in my life.

But probably the best thing is that, dont have to go in for GERI yet. Ha ha ha ha.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Jokes from random Googling

I like this the most;

The actual and expected seldom meet each other nicely.

Usually for example, your dream girl would be the other side of the coin.

Your dream job is usually quite different from what you want it to be.

This simple diagram sums up life.

oh, i like this as well:

Saturday, September 05, 2009


Dear Choon,

It is good that the flights have been changed back.

The PPD implications arising from your failed
attempt to take five
days off from your attachment when only three
had been agreed at
university level are significant and will be
a matter of record.