Monday, September 28, 2009



I dont think this is true. I mean, if u seriously think you are pretty, thats fine to me.

I think I am handsome.

Ha ha ha.

But I didnt said I am more handsome than wanglihom (we are probably of the same level... HAHAH)

But anyway,

if she with that look, thinks that she is hotter than deborah:

then either you have severe delusion - which is a psychiatric problem.

Or this video must be a prank.

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─тїиyмοяпї ♥ ьΙоgiє— said...

damn gila babi wei.she can win ur gilaness d.i watch that video during work time n i was like HAHAHAHAHAH!my colleague was like wats wrong with u.and i showed her that video as well.LMAO!XD well done Ang!=P