Thursday, October 01, 2009


Sure six pack man.

Cycling all the way to GP, 3.9 miles away only.

and actually it is very entertaining. Apart from the hugely icy temperature and monstrous winds, i think this morning i took less than 1.29 calories.

It is all downhill.

This morning it took me like 20 mins. Normally taking a bus there also much cost more and took much longer.

But then...

When i cycled back


I took around 40 mins. Because most of the journey was hiking with the bicycle.

And worst is, this morning in a very random chat with one of the receptionist, i said i wanna to try jog there.

and then i said, ha ha ha!

babi, during lunch, some random health visitor came to me and said, "i heard you are gonna run here from nicolson street. Thats very good!"


anyway, gp was fun, so far.

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ihsan_huhu said...

3.9miles only

wont get 6pax wan