Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Polygamy Club

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RAWANG: When she was practicing law, Kartini Maarof once went beyond the call of duty for her divorce client.

She arranged for Rohaya Mohamad, a mother of seven, to be married again - to Kartini's own husband.

The spouse they have shared for a decade is 43-year-old Ikramullah Ashaari, who has four wives and 17 children. (POWERR!! Hero!)

His 72-year-old father has 38 offspring from five marriages, without ever having flouted Islam's prescribed limit of four wives at a time. (38? family car is a bus must be!!)

Polygamy is legal for Muslims in Malaysia, though not widespread.

The Ashaari clan believes it should be.

Last month it launched a "Polygamy Club" that claims the noble aim of helping single mothers, reformed prostitutes and women who feel they are past the marrying age.

"We want to change the way people perceive polygamy, so that it will be seen as something beautiful instead of something disgusting," said Hatijah Aam, the founder of the club. She is the fourth wife of Ikramullah's father, Ashaari Muhammad.

For the one-third of the population that isn't Muslim, polygamy is unlawful. (Aiyoyo..why la!)


Ang Family and Career Planning Advisor.

Here's a masterplan for my dear muslim friends who are on JPA and wish to extend their training here in UK after graduation.

Upon reaching final year, you must be pro-active and look around your university or even go outside your own universities looking for first year malaysian medical JPA scholar girl.

Applying all the communication skills and breaking sweet news etc etc you learnt so far, try to court her, and then try to marry her.

Do inform the JPA. Have a solid reason for this "urgent" marriage. I can easily suggest one: pregnancy. This is because I remembered JPA said scholars are not allowed to get married without informing them or solid reasoning etc etc.

But then, due to the morality and religious values set by our society and religion, you have to marry the girl, and you have the right to do so, when you ter-make her pregnant.

So, due to JPA's policy of not separating family, you have no choice but to stay here until your wife complete her studies.

Thats five years extension.

Then, when your wife is final year, your son is already on BMX, while you are already driving a BMW.

You should then again, try to look for another first year medical student on JPA. Again, applying your vast clinical experiences, extremely effective communication skills and your newly bought BMW, you should be able to court her, and then make her pregnant.

And then you have to marry her. If your wife (soon to be First Wife) disagree with your decision, then you should use your free texts to send her 3 talak sms.

So in the end, you will be able to marry your second wife (provided your first wife agrees) or she became your first wife (if your then-first wife had then became your ex-wife)

Then, you invoke the JPA not to separate family policy, to stay another 5 years.


And as you can have up to 4 wives, (provided you can keep all of them without talaking any of them) you have got yourself a 20 years extension.

and you distribute that opportunity to your wives as well (20 years for first wife, 15 years for second wife, 10 years for third wife, and 5 years for the forth one)

After 20 years extension, you should be able to pay off JPA, anyway and continue practicing medicine here, or opt to go back and serve the country.

Ha ha ha. Adios.

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