Thursday, October 29, 2009

Malaysia sure lose big time

Ha ha ha. Respect three fingers up tabik diraja to the one who came up with this idea.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Q & A of the year

Today, after three thousand questions thrown to me and no answers replied, this consultant fired home one of my all time favourite QnA :

Consultant: Choon, if i give u someone with a history of CKD and complained of a backpain. Would you be surprised if I tell u the back x ray result shown "rugby jersey pattern of vertabra"

Choon: (Straight face) No.

Consultant:Ok... Why?

Choon: (Super straight face) Coz you asked, kind of must be related then.

Consultant: Ok, genius, go home and find out. (Smiling face, with a bit of pasrah sigh)


(renal osteodystrophy: hear also never hear before la...)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Roti Best

My recent favourite food: roti kahwin.

Do kaya myself k.

Cut into nine, good for digestion. and looks better than the normal size bread.

By the way: I want to start studying already.

Saturday, October 24, 2009


I got a lot of shirt.

Come find me la.

If the same video u ask another fat girl do...

sure zero views already.

The power of unfatness and long hair (coz cant really see her face clearly, but quite chun la...ha ha ha...)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

How Would You Know a JPA scholar is Going Home Immediately after Grad?

Advertisement unrelated to the post.

Hey Edinburghers!! Are you one of those who are too busy with portfolios or thesis?

Or are you one of those poor souls who always come home from hospital or GPs around 6pm and cant be bothered to queue up in the Tesco?

OR you cant even cook?

Worry You Shall Not!!

Now, let us sort you out!

Ah Sit and Ah Ang's 2 pounds Takeaway.

Premium Quality of Good Food with On time Delivery. Rain or Shine, we deliver to your Door! Text us! 07894992989!

Menu Updated Daily!


I observed a few qualities that i deemed universal among people that are going back malaysia to do fy1:

1. They know the name of the home minister.

2. The ratio of the number of malaysians studying in UK that they know to the number of angmohs they know is approximately 1000.

3. Their hobby: to waste time doing nothing together with a group of people who also like to just sit down and do nothing. Studying is teratogenically contraindicated up until 2 weeks before exams.

4. They do not speak English with an accent when they meet another fellow countryman. And they do not say Cheers Mate! Hey Ya! or those of similar category.

5. They are either superbly keen, or superbly slack. The in-betweens are usually the ones who will be staying here.

6. Their parents do not know that they would be sued if they stay here.

7. They claimed the peripheral allowances to the maximum.

8. They do not buy jackets or coats in their final year. Or anything that they cant get them home.

9. They got a gf at home or sort of.

10. They tend to blog. Actively blog. And probably subscribes to Malaysiakini.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

2 become 1

as in.,.two weeks holiday become just 1 week:

A confirmation email from the admin:
Dear Choon

As you will be aware, Dr AC has agreed for you to
be attached to Ward 203 during the vacation period of 26th to
30th October.

Would you, therefore, report to Ward 203 (on the 2nd Floor
of the hospital)at 8.50am to meet Dr Coull in advance of his
ward round at 9.00am.

I hope you will have an enjoyable week!

Best wishes

Bosan or not u say...

supposed to have holiday 2 weeks already...

But now have to redo the one week in geri...


but apparently, that guy that agreeed to host me, is one strict guy.

Hopefully I can learn a thing or two about medicine there.

And hopefully, can pass this rota.

btw, my business is thriving...

the logo:

Managed to do 3 days of takeaway, and when this main chef is away, my company managed to get in a locum to replace him for the Malaysian food fair. Just hover over to the locum's blog for details: Flowermonster

att: the content of this post has been edited just in case the mentioned two ang mohs self google their names and come to this great blog.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Junior bola

This new guy.

First year edinburgh uni, biotech.

Can pass, can shoot can hold the ball.

probably better than me. i think he is better than me.


nice! At last...

and i got a decent keeper as well.


Seriously never felt so looking forward for a malaysian games under edinburgh.

Come-on team, lets go!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Saturday, October 17, 2009


To some people, you might have been listening to this story a lot of times already. But because this is my blardy blog, I dictate what I blog, so ha ha ha.

So the story goes like this:

I think about 4 and a half years ago, I flew for the first time in my life, across half the planet from Penang-KL-London-Edinburgh.

I had with me a few hundred pounds in form of traveller's cheque and cash, from jpa.

And when I reached Heathrow, I was so hungry and thirsty. But I cant make myself to buy anything, or spend a single penny because I was still converting excessively: 7 ringgit to 1 pound.

I remembered drinking the tap water in the toilet and some ang moh apek told me that it is not safe to drink. So malu.

Then I took the connecting flight from Heathrow and I reached Edinburgh about 10.30pm, and this Malay dude, his name is Wafi, waited for me in the airport with another guy called PakYat, who drove to airport with him.

The first question I asked them, "Ei bros, you guys ada main bola ar?"

And it turned out that these two guys, until now, are probably high up in the top ten list of the most footie spirited people among all the people i ever knew.

And so, they said yes, and in fact they are going to play the next day, about 1 pm.

But then I didnt brought my footie shoes with me to UK at that time. Wafi said, no worries, tmr go buy.

I reached Abg Fadhil's house where I spent a night over before going to my own uni accom. He is one of the best cook i ever known, and he cooked for that house (the kampung melayu undergrads at that time) and he knew I was coming so he saved up some food for me. How nice.

So I still havent spent a single penny.

The next day, effectively about 10 hours later, Wafi brought me to buy shoe, to this place called the Sports World (now known as Sports Direct) in St James Mall.

I still vividly remember my first view of the castle when the bus travelled across the Princes St from West End. Stunning to the max.

Wafi paid the 80 pence bus fare (now 1.20pds) for me, because I dont have any change, and Lothian bus doesnt give change, until now.

In the Sports World shop, I found a pair of futsal boots, cap nike, for 20 pounds.

I took out my envelop, opened it, and took out 20 pounds, in one note, and bought the shoe.

And that was, the first Great Britain Pound Sterling I spent in my life.

On a pair of football shoe.

And today, 4 years and 3 months later, the shoe is still here.

But cant be used anymore, obviously. Holes everywhere. Even the studs are flat now. Like becoming bowling shoe already. But I still keep it, for memory.

Well maintained shoe.

In between, I also bought a lot of football shoe. Like:

It is always football shoes that I am generous with. Other shoes dont share the same love.

And by the way, just 2 days ago, I went to Sports Direct.

And after 2 years of search for a jogging shoe, I found this:

For 18 pounds. What a bargain!

No excuse not to go for a jog anymore.

This is my 3 rd sports shoe of my life. They tend to last long. Hopefully this will last.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Msia Boley

Got this msg today:

I am informed by the Foundation Unit that you have not yet enrolled on the UKFPO website to enable you to complete your application. Please enrol asap.

Please remember deadline for applications is MIDDAY on FRIDAY, 23 OCTOBER and no late applications will be accepted.


Which is kind of bodo because I emailed her earlier saying I am not applying already... But yes anyway, the first box of MTAS form should ask:

1. Do you have a partner?

If yes to Q1:

Is it here in UK with you or is it in Malaysia? If in Malaysia: Are you confirm you guys are still ON?

If no to Q1 pls answer the following:

Q2. Do you think you can survive without a partner for another foreseeable future?

If yes to Q2:

Q3. Are you very ugly?

If no to Q1 and Q2 and Q3, pls consider going home.

Like me. Ha ha ha....

From: CS Ang []
Sent: 15 October 2009 13:15
Subject: Not enrolling onto UKFPO

Dear Carole;

My name is Choon Ang (s0568853) and I would like to inform
you that I am not intending to apply for a foundation
job here.

Thank you.

Kind regards;


Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Ha ha ha ha

This redefine orang bodoh selalu rugi.

Pity the parents.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Congrats Ebby

An entry to congratulate Mr Abdullah the Yellow Head Goalie

Happy Ending Bachelorship.

Wish you a speedy coming Happy Fathers Day.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Half Naked Run

Saw this awesome certificate of my GP...

Degree of Bachelor Of Medicine and Bachelor Of Surgery

by the Authority of the Senate Academicia

The day that I got the above certificate with my name: CHOON SEONG ANG (or any other other as the medical school likes it...)

I will do a ten km run;

Half Naked!!!

Bottom half!!!!

In your dreams...

It will be Top Off la of course..

From: McEwan Hall to Royal Infirmary to Carlton Hill to Princes Garden and then back to McEwan Hall.


Will this drives the tourists number to edinburgh down?

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Gely gila babi.

I wish to hereby declare that

I am officially not the most geli person in this planet.


Please see this MTV by the hero of "man", kind-of.


And my personal favourite: LEMMA.

Makes me wonder, whose son is this. What went wrong in the parenting process?

If he is my son, I would rather go to jail for mercy killing after do the world a favour.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Both Out.

Mr Ong and Mr Chua...

Classic example of what politicians are all about:


It is all about themselves

and what the delegates do leh when you so obvious show that kind of self above party's ambition?

They Kick You Out.

Results of the voting on the three resolutions:

Resolution 1: That the members of the general assembly have no confidence in the leadership of president Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat.

Adopt: 1155
Reject: 1141
Margin: 14

Resolution 2: That the presidential council's decision on Aug 26 in accepting the recommendation of the disciplinary board and the subsequent decision of the central committee (if any) to expel or suspend Dr Chua is annulled.

Adopt: 1204
Reject: 1095
Margin: 109

Resolution 3: That Dr Chua be rightfully restored as MCA deputy president.

Adopt: 1110
Reject: 1184
Margin: 74

Durian RUNTUH for Mr Liow!!


ten ten.

The day MCA could possibly revamp itself.

Quite interesting.

6km SPP

7am woke up.

15 mins on the bed, meditating with my eyes closed. (snoozing...)


Eat one piece of bread.


a glass of water.


Pong.... (need get to GP within 45 mins, by jogging)

A distance of 6km, roughly.

Conquering the arthur seat's lake in between. (wrong choice of route. The normal royal mile route proved to be a better one)
30 minutes ago, this dude still in his bed. now at arthur seat.

When I reached there, had a quick shower and curi a bit of the food. Done breakfast. I love GP.

SPP on the right track!

But then, when I got home...

Housemate and housemate, why...why...6km gone to drain. Ha ha ha.

The above is nasi ayam tomyam will be in the Ang's Takeaway in due course. Price: GBP2pds including delivery within 3 miles radius.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Setbacks of SPP

Nasi Goreng Something

How to SPP when you have these food awaiting you at home.


btw: I am setting up a malaysian food delivery business very soon. Look out for flyers!!

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Tuesday, October 06, 2009


If you found one of these kind, please notify the WWF - world wild life fund.

I am pretty certain that this type is near extinct now.

Extremely chix


Cheap ( to maintain, dun get me wrong). Ha ha ha.

I like.

This one more like reality. Macam i.

"Buy laterla."

This one never happen one la.

Give u one rain, break up straight away.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Dublin Games OFF

At last come to the decision not to pursue my gold medal Malaysian Games' ambition.

Love my money too much...

- 60pds flights to and fro Dublin
- 60 pds train to and fro London to renew passports
- at least 40 euros expenses in Dublin for the weekends.

Sorry dudes of Team X. Go ahead and get a medal for me. Ha ha ha.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Friday, October 02, 2009


Jay Chou + Leehom also cannot fight.

like not even near.


Cycling to GP is extreme la.

Sorryla bicycle, I cant do it more than two days.

Not to say extremely tiring, but due to the height of the seat, and also the consistency of the seat, I cant bear the pain anymore. (bike belongs to someone very tall...)

The site of the pain is....(pls contact me for further info. censored. so, u should know where already rite? ha ha...)

Today I so steam, I used another different route based on the direction of the sun. I remember my house is on the west of the Meadowbank, so I decided to use that road.

Which i calculated to be shorter.

Yes, it is shorter.

But then...

this route involved...

wait...let u see some pics first.

shit man, have to cycle pretty much 60 degree uphill...for 20 mins...wah lau wei.

but worth it.

See the romantic ugly couple there? (chiew...say ppl ugly...u damn handsome ar?)

yes...i am hansome.

See the helmet gantunged on the bike?

can u imagine it on my head? post show u all.

I need to sleep early, tmr running there. around 6km. Will allocate 1 hour. all my shirts, stetescope, shoe, shower eq, towel all i have in the GP already...can shower there...


has been thinking to run to work place/ school since form 3 penang free school. dream come true.

Thursday, October 01, 2009


Sure six pack man.

Cycling all the way to GP, 3.9 miles away only.

and actually it is very entertaining. Apart from the hugely icy temperature and monstrous winds, i think this morning i took less than 1.29 calories.

It is all downhill.

This morning it took me like 20 mins. Normally taking a bus there also much cost more and took much longer.

But then...

When i cycled back


I took around 40 mins. Because most of the journey was hiking with the bicycle.

And worst is, this morning in a very random chat with one of the receptionist, i said i wanna to try jog there.

and then i said, ha ha ha!

babi, during lunch, some random health visitor came to me and said, "i heard you are gonna run here from nicolson street. Thats very good!"


anyway, gp was fun, so far.