Saturday, October 10, 2009

6km SPP

7am woke up.

15 mins on the bed, meditating with my eyes closed. (snoozing...)


Eat one piece of bread.


a glass of water.


Pong.... (need get to GP within 45 mins, by jogging)

A distance of 6km, roughly.

Conquering the arthur seat's lake in between. (wrong choice of route. The normal royal mile route proved to be a better one)
30 minutes ago, this dude still in his bed. now at arthur seat.

When I reached there, had a quick shower and curi a bit of the food. Done breakfast. I love GP.

SPP on the right track!

But then, when I got home...

Housemate and housemate, why...why...6km gone to drain. Ha ha ha.

The above is nasi ayam tomyam will be in the Ang's Takeaway in due course. Price: GBP2pds including delivery within 3 miles radius.

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