Friday, October 02, 2009


Cycling to GP is extreme la.

Sorryla bicycle, I cant do it more than two days.

Not to say extremely tiring, but due to the height of the seat, and also the consistency of the seat, I cant bear the pain anymore. (bike belongs to someone very tall...)

The site of the pain is....(pls contact me for further info. censored. so, u should know where already rite? ha ha...)

Today I so steam, I used another different route based on the direction of the sun. I remember my house is on the west of the Meadowbank, so I decided to use that road.

Which i calculated to be shorter.

Yes, it is shorter.

But then...

this route involved...

wait...let u see some pics first.

shit man, have to cycle pretty much 60 degree uphill...for 20 mins...wah lau wei.

but worth it.

See the romantic ugly couple there? (chiew...say ppl ugly...u damn handsome ar?)

yes...i am hansome.

See the helmet gantunged on the bike?

can u imagine it on my head? post show u all.

I need to sleep early, tmr running there. around 6km. Will allocate 1 hour. all my shirts, stetescope, shoe, shower eq, towel all i have in the GP already...can shower there...


has been thinking to run to work place/ school since form 3 penang free school. dream come true.

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ihsan_huhu said...

wan the legendary ang pelari marathon in KMB is back!