Wednesday, October 21, 2009

How Would You Know a JPA scholar is Going Home Immediately after Grad?

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I observed a few qualities that i deemed universal among people that are going back malaysia to do fy1:

1. They know the name of the home minister.

2. The ratio of the number of malaysians studying in UK that they know to the number of angmohs they know is approximately 1000.

3. Their hobby: to waste time doing nothing together with a group of people who also like to just sit down and do nothing. Studying is teratogenically contraindicated up until 2 weeks before exams.

4. They do not speak English with an accent when they meet another fellow countryman. And they do not say Cheers Mate! Hey Ya! or those of similar category.

5. They are either superbly keen, or superbly slack. The in-betweens are usually the ones who will be staying here.

6. Their parents do not know that they would be sued if they stay here.

7. They claimed the peripheral allowances to the maximum.

8. They do not buy jackets or coats in their final year. Or anything that they cant get them home.

9. They got a gf at home or sort of.

10. They tend to blog. Actively blog. And probably subscribes to Malaysiakini.


pp said...

who else wana balik la? I dono wad home minister lei..

ihsan_huhu said...

oi balik2

h3l3n said...

cis.. no.10 for me ka..