Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Q & A of the year

Today, after three thousand questions thrown to me and no answers replied, this consultant fired home one of my all time favourite QnA :

Consultant: Choon, if i give u someone with a history of CKD and complained of a backpain. Would you be surprised if I tell u the back x ray result shown "rugby jersey pattern of vertabra"

Choon: (Straight face) No.

Consultant:Ok... Why?

Choon: (Super straight face) Coz you asked, kind of must be related then.

Consultant: Ok, genius, go home and find out. (Smiling face, with a bit of pasrah sigh)


(renal osteodystrophy: hear also never hear before la...)

1 comment:

ihsan_huhu said...

wahahahah.. mmg genius gila r