Saturday, October 17, 2009


To some people, you might have been listening to this story a lot of times already. But because this is my blardy blog, I dictate what I blog, so ha ha ha.

So the story goes like this:

I think about 4 and a half years ago, I flew for the first time in my life, across half the planet from Penang-KL-London-Edinburgh.

I had with me a few hundred pounds in form of traveller's cheque and cash, from jpa.

And when I reached Heathrow, I was so hungry and thirsty. But I cant make myself to buy anything, or spend a single penny because I was still converting excessively: 7 ringgit to 1 pound.

I remembered drinking the tap water in the toilet and some ang moh apek told me that it is not safe to drink. So malu.

Then I took the connecting flight from Heathrow and I reached Edinburgh about 10.30pm, and this Malay dude, his name is Wafi, waited for me in the airport with another guy called PakYat, who drove to airport with him.

The first question I asked them, "Ei bros, you guys ada main bola ar?"

And it turned out that these two guys, until now, are probably high up in the top ten list of the most footie spirited people among all the people i ever knew.

And so, they said yes, and in fact they are going to play the next day, about 1 pm.

But then I didnt brought my footie shoes with me to UK at that time. Wafi said, no worries, tmr go buy.

I reached Abg Fadhil's house where I spent a night over before going to my own uni accom. He is one of the best cook i ever known, and he cooked for that house (the kampung melayu undergrads at that time) and he knew I was coming so he saved up some food for me. How nice.

So I still havent spent a single penny.

The next day, effectively about 10 hours later, Wafi brought me to buy shoe, to this place called the Sports World (now known as Sports Direct) in St James Mall.

I still vividly remember my first view of the castle when the bus travelled across the Princes St from West End. Stunning to the max.

Wafi paid the 80 pence bus fare (now 1.20pds) for me, because I dont have any change, and Lothian bus doesnt give change, until now.

In the Sports World shop, I found a pair of futsal boots, cap nike, for 20 pounds.

I took out my envelop, opened it, and took out 20 pounds, in one note, and bought the shoe.

And that was, the first Great Britain Pound Sterling I spent in my life.

On a pair of football shoe.

And today, 4 years and 3 months later, the shoe is still here.

But cant be used anymore, obviously. Holes everywhere. Even the studs are flat now. Like becoming bowling shoe already. But I still keep it, for memory.

Well maintained shoe.

In between, I also bought a lot of football shoe. Like:

It is always football shoes that I am generous with. Other shoes dont share the same love.

And by the way, just 2 days ago, I went to Sports Direct.

And after 2 years of search for a jogging shoe, I found this:

For 18 pounds. What a bargain!

No excuse not to go for a jog anymore.

This is my 3 rd sports shoe of my life. They tend to last long. Hopefully this will last.


─тїиyмοяпї ♥ ьΙоgiє— said...

*touch* but if i were you i probably already spend on FOOD!XD

Anonymous said...

another girl cheated. HA HA.