Friday, November 27, 2009


Selangor banned their civil servants and students of the state-owned institutions from attending the BTN courses.

I think it is a foolish move.

It just showed that PR is of no different from BN. Why stopping people from attending BTN? You can just do another BTN yourself and put forward your version for us to hear.

Why need to treat us the rakyat the way BN have been treating us for the past 52 years? That we need help in understanding who are we, and how we should think. That if it is left to us interprete things ourselves, we will be lost somewhere and go sesat. Exactly the same frustration I had with the ban of the word Allah for the Christians.

Confuse or not, good for us or not, facts are there for us to interpret, not for you to decide on our interpretation.

Yes, some say, in fact, many say that BTN preaches some degree of racism. Some degree yes. As in the interpretation of the historical facts into the BN's/UMNO's way:

ie we need to accept that the Malays are the natives, and they gave the non-malays a place in this country.

I had been to the camp and one of the guys did put it through that way, but, with much more care and subtle wordings. But to be honest, I acknowledged his interpretation as his and actually it was a fair interpretation.

But, he didnt blatantly ask me to go back China or what not. He put it to me that there should be some form of understanding and acknowledgement of the Malay's willingness to accept other races, and so we need some form of tolak ansur to move forward together.

Now thats quite true, in some ways.

But accepting Malay's privilledges does not equal accepting the rich and well off' Malays should get privilledges because they are malays. Classic example: AP scheme. Malays in kampung doesnt get AP. Not even 1 sen.

and the biggest pain in the ass is when hearing some people who are driving mercedes and having all the contracts in the world crying help and injustice that Malays being deprived. Pls show me how much you had helped your people before telling me that they needed help.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


I think rite, to me, this is the part of medicine I need to master.

Because if i cannot do A&E, i have to run very fast if there is anything happened near me. Like some fat woman knocked down and landed on a skinny man.

Regardless of what specialty (if there is ever any), A&E would be the one that I will try my best to master.

Today did some suturing. Lemma, I kesian that auntie already.

Surely the wound will leave a big ugly scar, but it was on top of her head anyway.

My advice to all auntie above 80 years old, with high risk of falling...

If you think your grandma will one day fall down and hit the head and require A&E stitches,

Pls cut her hair botak.

Reduce risk of infection, and easier for us to see.


Enjoying A&E very much because...

jeng jeng jeng...

if i wake up at 9.30am, i'll go in at 10am. If i wake up after ten, I'll go in at 2pm. If I lazy, I can just say I am going for the night shift.

Ah...this type of timetable suits me.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


KUALA LUMPUR - MALAYSIA'S deputy education minister has said that speaking English in the workplace is 'weird' and harmful to the nation's culture and identity, a report said on Wednesday.

Mr Mohd Puad Zarkashi said employees in the private sector used English 99 per cent of the time and should switch to Bahasa Malaysia in order to show pride in the national language, the New Straits Times reported.

'This also occurs in government-linked companies where we have this weird culture of people speaking to each other in English instead of the national language,' he said at the launch of a linguistics seminar. 'We are polluting our own culture and identity as a nation,' he said.
'It would be difficult to strengthen the position of Bahasa Malaysia if this culture continued,' he added, urging Malaysians to emulate the French, Japanese and Koreans, who stuck to their own language.

The New Straits Times said Mr Mohd Puad also criticised young people for using a mix of English and Bahasa Malaysia in SMS text messages and on the Internet.

He called on the nation's leaders to use Bahasa Malaysia for all meetings and events and said that when he receives letters in English he returns them and asks for them to be written in the national language. -- AFP


deputy education minister.

exactly why malaysia can produce people like me.

I officially call this Mr Puad - Semi Retard.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

So are we lucky enough?

So, you think you are a lucky star?

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Footballers on facebook.

Footballers life on facebook

Rio Ferdinand: going to hit the Amsterdam cafes before the game, who's in?
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Bobby Zamora rejected Phil Brown's friend request
Fraizer Campbell rejected Phil Brown's friend request
Marc-Antoine Fortune rejected Phil Brown's friend request
Michael Owen rejected Phil Brown's friend request

Arsene Wenger is not worried about his lack of transfers this summer as he has internal solutions 1 hour ago

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Joleon Lescott has to go to work tomorrow : ( 13 minutes ago

Craig Bellamy has joined the group Money is ruining football

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Alberto Aquilani: Oh no! I've just had my new house robbed!!!
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Sat'day random drinks n' antics LOLZ

Ledley King has been tagged

Ashley C can't find his fone, can some1 give it a buzz for us?

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Roque Santa Cruz is looking forward to starting on Saturday

Craig Bellamy is looking forward to starting on Saturday

Carlos Tevez is looking forward to starting on Saturday

Emmanuel Adebayor is looking forward to starting on Saturday

Robinho is looking forward to starting on Saturday

Benjani is looking forward to starting on Saturday

Steven Gerrard hopes his 'groin' injury clears in time for Sunday z
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Ben Foster Ditto z

Joleon Lescott became a fan of money.

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Marcus Bent is hoping to start at Old Trafford - 1 hour ago
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Andy Goram became friends with Andy Goram

Jamie Redknapp is literally on facebook

Frank Lampard is LOLing at Stevie G - 3 hours ago 3 comments

-Steven Gerrard ****** off Lamps

-Rio Ferdinand oi oi epic banter lads

-Steven Gerrard did he dedicate the banter to his Mum

Mike Ashley My evil plan is almost complete.
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Glen Johnson is looking at new toilet seats in B&Q

Tomas Rosisky is fit and loving life! can't wait for the new season 1 week ago

Tomas Rosisky is depressed
3 days ago

Samir Nasri is watching Top Gear on Dave. Cheers Abou

David Moyes is skint

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Didier Drogba poked Jens Lehmann 3 years ago

Jens Lehmann went down holding his face

Rio Ferdinand feels like a prick after his mistake tonight 10 mins ago
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mark hughes sent jolean lescott invitation to join the group 'Mancity'

invite was rejected

Steven Gerrard has created a group, "Court, it's fcuk easy!"

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14 Nov

Today is quite, what i termed as: self-made-busy day.

Started off the day with the football tournament called mini-World cup, which is among international students.

So now i can write in my CV - national player.

After 3 games of 8 mins each, we lost two and won one! yeay! and so knocked out.

Then, awe and me rushed to another game, this one playing for koreans, in 7 a side versus chinese.

I officially fell in love with 7 a side. Right momentum game for me.

Injured shoulder, palm and ankle.

And tomorrow, 1230pm, the last game of the year. i mean, the last game which i would organise.

after this, i wont organise already la. if no one takes over, then i rather not playing or just play on and off with the koreans.

after 4 years of organising bola, it is the day to call it off. I think i self-made busy a lot. and one of it is the weekly football.

better start revising soon.

- on the way walking home from princes st in the rain, met an auntie from Indonesia with her 9 year old mix angmohs daughter - damn chun. they asked me where's the old college, and as I walking past there anyways, i offered to walk them there.

9 years old, so by the time i become millionaire and looking for mistress, she is about 26, wow...peak age. zaman subur. good.

and the auntie seemed to be so impressed by my final year medical student tag.


next time go back malaysia, wanna wear a head-tag - I am a doctor. You got a daughter?

Friday, November 13, 2009


Rota 2 Geri and GP - Pasta!


Although the Pass is really....just pass, and nothing more than that,

I am so glad because!!

guess what!

GUESS WHAT|! guess la babi!

Means now I have gotten another step nearer

to achieving the


to sit

for the

Finals... 197 days.... even one day 10 pages of davidsons also cannot finish...

Praying methods, (from the right) Agama sesat makhuk gemuk, christianity, buddhism, and meditasi yoga yang telahpun kena ban oleh Majlis Fatwa tapi suz orang pesta ganas KL girl, tak kisah pun ban macamana...


Anaesthetist X - When is your finals?

Me - About another 201 days...

Anaesthetist X - Wow, you counted them?

Me - Ya. I think that is goin to be my real finals.

Anaesthetist X - Ha ha ha, you have fake finals huh?

Me - Well, did you do any exams after you graduated?

Anaesthetist X - Errr, ya...

Me - Then the finals you had was a fake one.

(NB - Not word by word of course..)

FINALS is probably the most babi scam known to mankind.

Finals is actually the opposite of what it seems to mean: It is not finals, it is the opposite. It is the beginning of your shitty exams life.

So many CEXes, non-ending attempts for MRCP (or equivalent)... etc etc...


Really, if i can pass this real finals of mine,

go back to Malaysia,

head to Borneo,

under the title Dr,

act kind, be nice,

Find one timber king,

rape his daughter,

become his son-in law,

report and hand in his corruption evidences to MACC if any, and if there is not, talk him into doing something which will legally jail him for a few years,

take over his company,

find 14 mistresses across the 14 states of our great Federation of Malaysia, to ensure greater national integration amongst member states of the federation;

redistribute the wealth to these poor young attractive mistresses so that the poor will become richer and directly contributes to the process of correcting the social imbalances across the dimensions of our divided community of various races, diversed culture backgrounds and different religious adherence.

to fulfill the aspiration of our founding fathers.



Saturday, November 07, 2009


Just got these pictures.

Budapest, Hungary

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Nottingham Games 09

Just a note to show that I am getting thinner.

As per above pictures.

SPP works!