Sunday, November 15, 2009

14 Nov

Today is quite, what i termed as: self-made-busy day.

Started off the day with the football tournament called mini-World cup, which is among international students.

So now i can write in my CV - national player.

After 3 games of 8 mins each, we lost two and won one! yeay! and so knocked out.

Then, awe and me rushed to another game, this one playing for koreans, in 7 a side versus chinese.

I officially fell in love with 7 a side. Right momentum game for me.

Injured shoulder, palm and ankle.

And tomorrow, 1230pm, the last game of the year. i mean, the last game which i would organise.

after this, i wont organise already la. if no one takes over, then i rather not playing or just play on and off with the koreans.

after 4 years of organising bola, it is the day to call it off. I think i self-made busy a lot. and one of it is the weekly football.

better start revising soon.

- on the way walking home from princes st in the rain, met an auntie from Indonesia with her 9 year old mix angmohs daughter - damn chun. they asked me where's the old college, and as I walking past there anyways, i offered to walk them there.

9 years old, so by the time i become millionaire and looking for mistress, she is about 26, wow...peak age. zaman subur. good.

and the auntie seemed to be so impressed by my final year medical student tag.


next time go back malaysia, wanna wear a head-tag - I am a doctor. You got a daughter?


ihsan_huhu said...

wah gud u got clear plan for ur future

zul said...

takde jnr nak organise ar?meh la datang london every weekend main bola..