Thursday, November 26, 2009


I think rite, to me, this is the part of medicine I need to master.

Because if i cannot do A&E, i have to run very fast if there is anything happened near me. Like some fat woman knocked down and landed on a skinny man.

Regardless of what specialty (if there is ever any), A&E would be the one that I will try my best to master.

Today did some suturing. Lemma, I kesian that auntie already.

Surely the wound will leave a big ugly scar, but it was on top of her head anyway.

My advice to all auntie above 80 years old, with high risk of falling...

If you think your grandma will one day fall down and hit the head and require A&E stitches,

Pls cut her hair botak.

Reduce risk of infection, and easier for us to see.


Enjoying A&E very much because...

jeng jeng jeng...

if i wake up at 9.30am, i'll go in at 10am. If i wake up after ten, I'll go in at 2pm. If I lazy, I can just say I am going for the night shift.

Ah...this type of timetable suits me.

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ihsan_huhu said...

wah so flexible