Saturday, December 19, 2009

What We Lack In Malaysia's Football?

Lets be practical guys.

Our football despite the recent win of SEA Games Football Gold medal, is far from what we would want to be proud of.

We want to be like the South Koreans. They are, to me, undoubtedly the best team in Asia. 

So where's the problem?

Is it because football is not big enough back home as compared to South Korea?

No, I dont think their football there is any bigger than us in Malaysia. We are equally as crazy as them about football as them. 

So the one million dollar question is really; Why we are not as good as them? Not even near?

Well, I have thought about this for sometime, and then, I found the answer.

First, we need to get our own M-League back to where it supposed to be.

The interest. 

Thats the most important part. Our football matches at home need to be more interesting.

We must find ways to increase the matches' attendance, and the revenue generated can then benefit the football progress.

So, we must emulate the Koreans:

Watch this. This is a very ingenious way to increase the interest among our fans to go to our stadiums to watch football.

Such a genious way to address our lack of support for our own football.

See, these people, the way they reacted, like Korea has won the World Cup. Ha ha ha.

If one day I become a millionaire, I will find this group to perform for Perak Road Koh Tai during the Hungry Ghost Month. Heheheh

Friday, December 18, 2009


Christmas means nothing to me in the past 23 years or so.

Other than cartoons on tv.

What's the difference between Christmas, Raya and Chinese New Year?

Well, i think;

I would tend to believe that Chinese New Year is the one that started the whole thing of financial redistribution policy among friends and family.

Those who earn money will distribute angpows to those who are not earning - which is a general rule of thumb.

Some will say its the married distributing angpows to those who are not, but still, some of the singles give angpows to their brothers and sis and parents as well. So i think it is more like the strongs ( financially have's - regardless of amount) helping the weaks (financially have not's - or older ppl la..)

See how about friends? The 15 days of the CNY are the only 15 days that my mum would allow me to gamble. With no restrictions. I can even bring friends home and start the sarang. She would even jaga line for us, in case police, because my area is quite dodgy with police, wanted their ang pow as well by busting these sarangs. I never done that yet. My bro has done that year in year out.

Raya Aidilfitri has got their own duit raya - packet hijau policy but is that a copy thingy or their own policy. But it doesnt matter at all. Still the same concept. Redistribute. and also gives ppl a reason to celebrate. Things get more meaningful when money got involved. Hehe.

And of coz, raya you wouldnt have gambling i guess.

So, christmas. Christmas is a bit different. They dont give cash.

See westerners are so economically oriented in everything they do. Instead of giving cash to someone, which then the money might stuck in the bank for a few years which is not doing its stimulating effect on the micro economy.

Instead, they started the whole culture thingy of giving presents. To the extend of the creation of the obviously-fake-imaginary pressies giving uncle.

Also, recently I was exposed for the first time- the Secret Santa.

Whereby, u specify what you want exactly.

This is - annual economy restimulating package.

Well done Santa.

Ps: Najib- take note. we dont need the third stimulating package. Just give us monthly xmas.


Wednesday, December 16, 2009


The Star: Employers - Let workers off early to watch the final

KUALA LUMPUR: Employers were urged to allow their workers to go home earlier to enable them to watch the live telecast of the Malaysia-Vietnam football final at the 25th SEA Games in Vientiane, Laos.

Youth and Sports Deputy Minister Datuk Razali Ibrahim said the match would be carried live by RTM at 6pm on Thursday.

“Perhaps the employers can allow their workers to go home earlier or provide television sets at the offices to enable them to watch the match,” he said in reply to a supplementary question from Senator Fatimah Hamat in the Dewan Negara on Wednesday.

--------------------------------bacalah kat thestar---------------------

Tomorrow, I am going to phone in sick. Sorry JPA.


If tom Malaysia menang - I buy jersey ori hitam belang kuning tu kat ebay. 40pds bai.


(Utk pengetahuan umum, penggunaan istilah di atas memang disengajakan)

Today, I received a review for my work.

By an academicia from John Hopkins

Ha ha ha.

Supposingly this is my final work to be sent for journal publication.

And he is supposed to give me review.

But then...

Hahahah..he ended up be my english teacher.

and practically rewrite my whole article.

He disagrees with so many of my arguements.



Tuesday, December 15, 2009


A picture to depict the state of mind of the people I know across Edinburgh.

We are always available!

The weather here nowadays is so ungoinoutable. Meaning to say, dont feel like going out at all.

I am considering ordering groceries online.

and my takeaway business?

Off for xmas already. ha ha ha. 

Monday, December 14, 2009

Malaysiakini: State rep's wife loses 6 LV bags in robbery

Six luxury Louis Vuitton (LV) handbags belonging to the wife of Teruntum assemblyperson Chang Hong Seong were among the valuable items burgled from their house in Lorong Seri Kuantan yesterday.

Chang said the burglary took place when he and his family were in Kuala Lumpur to send off his eldest son to Italy under a student exchange programme.

"The family went to Kuala Lumpur on Thursday afternoon and we came back here yesterday at about 6pm.

"When I opened the front door, I was shocked to find my house ransacked," he told reporters at his house today.

Chang said that after he had inspected all the rooms, he found that his wife's LV bags were missing, along with three laptops, jewellery including his wedding ring, a collection of branded watches, and cash, all amounting to RM60,000.

He said police investigation revealed that the suspects had entered through the back door by breaking the padlock and cutting the iron grille in the kitchen.

Kuantan CID chief DSP Kamaruzzaman Jaafar confirmed a police report had been made on the burglary.


The funny bit of the story: wait hold your horses, I am not saying anything yet. Not accusing him of corruption, or anything like that.

Now I dont even know which side is he coming from, is it BN or PR?

Is it true that he must be BN's? Because his wife can afford 6LV's? 

Come-on... (He is BN btw)

The funny bit is when I read his blog's profile:

Welcome to my blog. I was borne in Sungai Lembing 44 years ago. Growing up in a poor family, I deeply understand the need to work hard to earn your living. I also strongly believe in doing good karma as taught by our Great Buddha. Hope to help those needy people out there and bring them happiness and joy of living ! As the newly elected State Assemblyman for Teruntum, I welcome all constructive comments and feedbacks on all problems in Kuantan.


Sunday, December 13, 2009


My recent interest is listening and watching clips from this website:

Particularly like this one:

Absolutely love the part: 

C - Criticism

R - Rejection

A - Assholes

P - Pressure

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Malaysia 2-1 Thailand

Macam ni la Malaysia!!!! Come On!

Tak sia-sia Najib pegi Thailand lawat lawat.

If got Malaysia's jersey... Ori 40pds...babi....lorong kulit jual 30 ringgit!

Friday, December 11, 2009

28/4's anthem

See...our house inhabited by 4 human right now..has quite an interesting mix.

We have got one 3rd year medical student, 4th year medical student, 5th year medical student, and a PhD student.

Now, if i dont give u any other additional information, to answer a questionaire to rank these 4 people from the freest to the busiest, obviously you would infer;

3rd year > 4th year > 5th year > and the busiest PhD.

No. thats a very big misconception.

Busyness (different from "business") defined by Ang's Edinburgh English Dictionary (as opposed to the popular Oxford dictionary) - as the amount of free time you take away from yourself.

It is a massive public misconception that busyness is determined by the amount of workload you have got.


Life as a student, regardless course or field, you have got no workload until 2 weeks before exam.

So, in 28/4 Sciennes Road,

Those who are above 5th year (which means the 5th year medic dude and PhD in Electronic & Engineering dude) are the freest.

We are so free until we had voted among yourselves (just the two of the freest) the house anthem - the Girl Generation Ci Ci Ci.

Why? why them?

Is it because we are shallowly attracted to their superficial beauty?

and their cuteness?

Or is it their mediocre vocal abilities?

Or their amateur dance moves?

No. We are matured students. One final year and one PhD as u can see.

Both under JPA and Mara. One gonna be Dr Panadol and specialist in selling M.C. Another one gonna be Dr lecturer.

Anyway, the truth is: we find the content of the lyrics to be in line and consistent with our house philosophy.

With what our founding fathers had believed in since nationhood. With what we believe who and what we are, as a proud housist of the 28/4.

Nah the lyrics::

(just the excerpt:)

Oh Oh let’s go

You're so so handsome, my eyes, my eyes are blinded
i can't breath because i'm trembling

Gee Gee Gee GeeBaby baby baby
Gee Gee Gee GeeBaby baby baby

Oh i feel so embarrassed, i can't look at you
i feel shy because i've fallen in love

Gee Gee Gee GeeBaby baby baby
Gee Gee Gee GeeBaby baby baby

What should i do (what should i do)
About my trembling heart (my trembling heart)
My heart kept thumping do
i coulnd't fall asleep at night

I guess i guess I'm a fool
A fool that knows you only you
Yes as i look at you

So bright So bright my eyes are blinded
No no no no
So suprised suprised i'm shocked

oh oh oh oh oh
so tingly tingly
my body is trembling
Gee gee gee gee gee


(Can you imagine these 9 koreans chix singing this to your ear?)

Nota bena (pls google for the meaning to add comprehension to this final line)

Nota bena - The 3rd year and 4th year are obviously not relevant to this song at all, as you can see.

Ha ha ha.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Korean Craze...

As you might already know, and correctly pointed out by Zul, it is the time of the year when this creature called Ang ovulating. 

Someone said: ah ang, u like girl generation, omg...u like kids ar? paedophile!!

Come-on, u look at the girl generation video in the previous entry, after my meticulous research, the nine member group contains all 20 years old girl and one 19 and one 18 years old.

They all subur liau. Hahaha...

Anyway, thanks to so many suggestions and feedbacks, here I present to you, the other koreans groupie sensations:

The Wondergirl

Choon kah? Choon memang choon la. But then the dance...i prefer this:

Robot rulez...

Or this group:


The punggung best. Hahahaha. 

Study la youtube...

Wednesday, December 09, 2009


Choon tahap Gaban!


Choon max!!

I didnt even hear any one line the lyrics...

just got some nonononno....geegeegeee strings?

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

True Love


And you've been punked by the title!

No way I am gonna share it here la...

HA HA HA. Such a hansome face.

ps: For those who do not get the joke, this is a silly post just to make sure I have got at least one entry a day.


Dr M

Former Malaysian Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed has poured scorn on the oratory skills of Singapore’s former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew in a documentary – “Mahathir” shown on the Starhub History Channel last Sunday at 8pm.

The two-part documentary relates the tumultuous political career of Dr Mahathir who lost his parliamentary seat in the 1969 election and was sacked from his party UMNO before making a stunning comeback as Education Minister in 1974.

Dr Mahathir was to become Malaysia’s fourth Prime Minister in 1981. He is credited with modernizing Malaysia which was largely an agricultural country back then.

The elder statesman was no fan of Lee and had several heated arguments with him in the Dewan Rakyat when Singapore was part of Malaysia in the period 1963 – 65.

In the documentary, Dr Mahathir criticized Lee for his propensity to give long speeches. He claimed that Lee became flustered after he interjected his speech repeatedly with sharp questions which he could not answer.

Both parties almost come to blows with each other in a heated exchange on 25 September 1964 when Dr Mahathir (then MP for Alor Star) made the following stinging remark towards Lee in the Dewan Rakyat:

“They (Singaporean Chinese) have never known Malay rule and cannot bear the idea that the people they have so long kept under their heels should now be in a position to rule them.”

Lee Kuan Yew shot back:

“Of course there are Chinese millionaires in big cars and big houses. Is it the answer to make a few Malay millionaires with big cars and big houses? … If we delude people into believing that they are poor because there are no Malay rights or because opposition members oppose Malay rights, where are we going to end up?”

Relationships between Singapore and Malaysia were prickly during Mahathir’s reign as Prime Minister and were frequently strained over unresolved bilateral issues like the sale of water to Singapore from the southern state of Johor.

Lee did not visit Dr Mahathir during his recent visit to Malaysia in June which drew a sarcastic remark from the latter than he was not a important figure.

True to his combative nature, Dr Mahathir wrote an acerbic article on his blog chedet lampooning Lee as a “little emperor”:

“During Lee Kuan Yew’s triumphant visit to Malaysia he made it known to the Malaysian supplicants that Singapore regards the lands within 6000 miles radius of Singapore as its hinterland. This includes Beijing and Tokyo and of course Malaysia……..All those who met the great man from the little country were lectured on how Malaysia should be run. We should not have anymore problems now. We have been told the direction to take……I have a lot more to say about this little Emperor but I will reserve it for later.”

Surprisingly, the litigious Lee has never sued Dr Mahathir for defamation in court despite the latter’s obvious contempt for him.

In fact, Lee was forced to issue a rather humiliating public apology to the Malaysian government led by Dr Mahathir in 1997 when he made disparaging remarks about Johor being an unsafe place “notorious for shootings, robberies and car-jacking” in an affidavit filed against WP candidate Tang Liang Hong for defamation.

The second part of the documentary will be shown this Sunday at 8pm on History Channel (Starhub Channel 9)

Monday, December 07, 2009

Transformer's Joke

Let me share with u some stupid jokes.

Someone asked me two silly questions:

Who is transformer's sister?

and the answer is transistor.

Who are transformer's mum and dad?


I posted both on facebook msg.

And then come pouring in the other ideas of trans- thingy.


What is transformer's gender?


What is transformer's chef?


Where do transformers moor their ships?


Which transformer wears tights?


Saturday, December 05, 2009

New Moon.

Seriously. Refund my 5quid.

And the 2 hours of my life back.

It was a total max waste of my time.

Macam princes diary. Dear alice dear alice! What the?!

Boddoooh la. Cerita korea pun lagi laju dari new moon.

I can summarise the whole 2 hrs into 3 lines:

1. Mr Vampire in love with the girl too much, got emo, and then ciao.

2. Mr Wolf became wo-wo, also quite in love with the girl, got emo and then ciao.

3. Mr Vampire back and Mr wolf emo. The end.

If you want a more longwinded story...then it would be:

1. Mr Vampire ciao, girl got bored, bought 2 bikes

2. Mr Wolf took a few weeks to reconstruct the two bikes

3. The girl rempit for 10 secs and oh wait:

And when someone is bleeding, you dont blardy take off your shirt to wipe it right? hyperbola max. Logic la if u can give a plaster.

Next time if it is raining, I think i wanna take off my shirt and make it an umbrella. U think everyone also like mr wolf so like to show off ar? u tot u alone got muscle? i also got. size dif a bit only k.

4. Back to the story line, Mr wolf become a chubby hairy wowo, got emo and chau...

5. After a day or two, wowo not emo anymore, he then brought the girl to see some wowo-dog fight.

6. Mr Vampire called the girl, heard a guy voice, and because of then, thinking to commit suicide.

7. Girl saved Mr Vampire.

8. Mr vampire emo no more. Back with Girl.

9. Mr wolf pasrah and emo.

10. Mr vampire ask the girl to marry him.

Ps: No significant character die, NONE. So nothing changes. Who dies in this new moon? Only the black vampire with funny hair, the chinese guy ?forest guard, and a group of tourist in italy.

Lemma, a group of tourist brought to a castle by their tour guide and for the vampires to eat them all. Ha ha ha. Lawak macam max.

Next year, comes Newer Moon

I think this time our wolf friend killed by a hunter, our mr vampire emo again and fly to italy, and new boy in school, again, the girl in love with him, but later found out that he is..

Keluang man.

Friday, December 04, 2009


This is the coolest thing I've ever seen!

Here's the link.

A swedish dude called Hans Rosling's work on data of the world's poverty, child expectancy and etc.

I searched for malaysia's data and by default it sets as the data of income vs health:

and if you click on Play, then you will see how Malaysia progressed since 1800, in terms of money income per person and child expectancy.

and the coolest thing is that you can change the axis to other things, a variety of choices, from everything to everything!

Maybe I sounded a bit too excited but seriously:

This is DAMN ganas!

Win-Ter 2.0

Why I hate winter?

1. The temperature obviously. Waking up in the morning, and getting out of the duvet feels like a baby coming out from the amniotic bag, the difference is dat we dont cry, we swear.

2. We all like sunlight. Sunlight signifies happiness. Daylight, as the word suggests, means day: means time to do things outdoor. During winter, like now, 4.30pm feels like 8pm. So we cook our dinner earlier, eat earlier, get hungry earlier, and eat supper and get fat and etc etc.

3. The scam of chixness. During winter, everyone wears thick jacket. So there is no way we can accurately rate the chixness level. So many times we tot the girl is chix and thin, only to be disappointed when she opens the....jacket.

4. Also, on the similar note, winter means no more short skirts, no more lepas 0.5 bola. Ha ha ha.

5. More importantly, footie games will be more and more rare and far in between.

6. Winter also signifies the end of a year, which in another way, tells us, we are getting closer and closer to graduation...working....marrying....parenting....dying....etc etc...

7. And i dont celebrate xmas, dont know how to enjoy it. Not without the many many cartoons shown on tv when I was a little kid.

8.Winter means flu, means cannot call home or else my mum would be giving me 30 mins lecture on how to keep warmth. Among her annual advices are: my favourite- drink milo, stating the obvious- bath with warm water, dont go out in the rain and wear more clothing.

9. Last but not least, winter means higher need for heating, means higher heating bill, means more money out, means.... less money to spend.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

The Return of the King

This dude is back!

The dude that fetched me from the airport 4.5 years ago.

and guess wat...

this time,

i fetched him at the airport.


and going to bring him to Sportsworld in St James to buy a football shoe. He left his in Malaysia.

and guess what...

4.5 years ago, this dude fetched me from airport, and brought me to Sportsworld in St James Mall to buy my first shoe.


(gay siot ang....)

best right, when you get to do the exact same favor to repay someone's favor.

and ohya, he said he will buy me chocolate when I graduate next year.

coz last year, i bought him a box of tesco chocolate.

He he he he

Wednesday, December 02, 2009


This is the most depressing part of the year.

Yesterday we celebrated the arrival of December 2009 with almost zero degree celcius.

And the most babi part is that:

It was freaking sunny!

With this kind of weather, it is almost like extreme prank. You wake up with a smile on your face thinking that woh! a sunny day!

and then with a simple t-shirt and a jacket, as you step out of the door, you immediately realise that you;ve been punked!

This time of the year, you dont even need a fridge, just put your milk, meat, etc etc outside of the window. The temperature is almost that of a fridge.

Shitly depressing man....arrgghhh!

Now dont feel even like going anywhere or do anything. Including classes.

Dont blame me, blame the weather!

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Happy Bday(s)

This time of the year, a lot of human that crossed path with me (Chewah!! deep lo ang!)..ehem..

yes, a lot of people that i know were born around the past few weeks.

Happy Birthday Ms Pei the Monster (watak kodi di kiri dan kanan)

Happy birthday Ms ZigZagAh

I am very fair one...

This year no one would get any pressie from me for their bday.

Due to the economic climate kan....

ha ha ha.