Friday, December 11, 2009

28/4's anthem

See...our house inhabited by 4 human right now..has quite an interesting mix.

We have got one 3rd year medical student, 4th year medical student, 5th year medical student, and a PhD student.

Now, if i dont give u any other additional information, to answer a questionaire to rank these 4 people from the freest to the busiest, obviously you would infer;

3rd year > 4th year > 5th year > and the busiest PhD.

No. thats a very big misconception.

Busyness (different from "business") defined by Ang's Edinburgh English Dictionary (as opposed to the popular Oxford dictionary) - as the amount of free time you take away from yourself.

It is a massive public misconception that busyness is determined by the amount of workload you have got.


Life as a student, regardless course or field, you have got no workload until 2 weeks before exam.

So, in 28/4 Sciennes Road,

Those who are above 5th year (which means the 5th year medic dude and PhD in Electronic & Engineering dude) are the freest.

We are so free until we had voted among yourselves (just the two of the freest) the house anthem - the Girl Generation Ci Ci Ci.

Why? why them?

Is it because we are shallowly attracted to their superficial beauty?

and their cuteness?

Or is it their mediocre vocal abilities?

Or their amateur dance moves?

No. We are matured students. One final year and one PhD as u can see.

Both under JPA and Mara. One gonna be Dr Panadol and specialist in selling M.C. Another one gonna be Dr lecturer.

Anyway, the truth is: we find the content of the lyrics to be in line and consistent with our house philosophy.

With what our founding fathers had believed in since nationhood. With what we believe who and what we are, as a proud housist of the 28/4.

Nah the lyrics::

(just the excerpt:)

Oh Oh let’s go

You're so so handsome, my eyes, my eyes are blinded
i can't breath because i'm trembling

Gee Gee Gee GeeBaby baby baby
Gee Gee Gee GeeBaby baby baby

Oh i feel so embarrassed, i can't look at you
i feel shy because i've fallen in love

Gee Gee Gee GeeBaby baby baby
Gee Gee Gee GeeBaby baby baby

What should i do (what should i do)
About my trembling heart (my trembling heart)
My heart kept thumping do
i coulnd't fall asleep at night

I guess i guess I'm a fool
A fool that knows you only you
Yes as i look at you

So bright So bright my eyes are blinded
No no no no
So suprised suprised i'm shocked

oh oh oh oh oh
so tingly tingly
my body is trembling
Gee gee gee gee gee


(Can you imagine these 9 koreans chix singing this to your ear?)

Nota bena (pls google for the meaning to add comprehension to this final line)

Nota bena - The 3rd year and 4th year are obviously not relevant to this song at all, as you can see.

Ha ha ha.

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