Thursday, December 10, 2009

Korean Craze...

As you might already know, and correctly pointed out by Zul, it is the time of the year when this creature called Ang ovulating. 

Someone said: ah ang, u like girl generation, omg...u like kids ar? paedophile!!

Come-on, u look at the girl generation video in the previous entry, after my meticulous research, the nine member group contains all 20 years old girl and one 19 and one 18 years old.

They all subur liau. Hahaha...

Anyway, thanks to so many suggestions and feedbacks, here I present to you, the other koreans groupie sensations:

The Wondergirl

Choon kah? Choon memang choon la. But then the dance...i prefer this:

Robot rulez...

Or this group:


The punggung best. Hahahaha. 

Study la youtube...

1 comment:

sakuraBloom said...

aigooo!subur and the butt dance?I'm speechless!