Monday, December 14, 2009

Malaysiakini: State rep's wife loses 6 LV bags in robbery

Six luxury Louis Vuitton (LV) handbags belonging to the wife of Teruntum assemblyperson Chang Hong Seong were among the valuable items burgled from their house in Lorong Seri Kuantan yesterday.

Chang said the burglary took place when he and his family were in Kuala Lumpur to send off his eldest son to Italy under a student exchange programme.

"The family went to Kuala Lumpur on Thursday afternoon and we came back here yesterday at about 6pm.

"When I opened the front door, I was shocked to find my house ransacked," he told reporters at his house today.

Chang said that after he had inspected all the rooms, he found that his wife's LV bags were missing, along with three laptops, jewellery including his wedding ring, a collection of branded watches, and cash, all amounting to RM60,000.

He said police investigation revealed that the suspects had entered through the back door by breaking the padlock and cutting the iron grille in the kitchen.

Kuantan CID chief DSP Kamaruzzaman Jaafar confirmed a police report had been made on the burglary.


The funny bit of the story: wait hold your horses, I am not saying anything yet. Not accusing him of corruption, or anything like that.

Now I dont even know which side is he coming from, is it BN or PR?

Is it true that he must be BN's? Because his wife can afford 6LV's? 

Come-on... (He is BN btw)

The funny bit is when I read his blog's profile:

Welcome to my blog. I was borne in Sungai Lembing 44 years ago. Growing up in a poor family, I deeply understand the need to work hard to earn your living. I also strongly believe in doing good karma as taught by our Great Buddha. Hope to help those needy people out there and bring them happiness and joy of living ! As the newly elected State Assemblyman for Teruntum, I welcome all constructive comments and feedbacks on all problems in Kuantan.



ihsan_huhu said...

total loss shud mount up to $120K, another $60k will b spent by the wife to buy more LV bags

too bad

angchoonseong said...

well spoted! ha ha ha

mangchikla said...

meaning to say he deserves purchasing all those expensie louis vutton handbags due to his hardwork as an ADUN? Wowww, is son going to Italy. 'Avere un bellimbusto di viaggio piacevole! ' And 'dude'= 'piacevole'? hehehehehehehe Btw, Sg Lembing is such a lovely place , been there about 2 mths ago..