Saturday, December 05, 2009

New Moon.

Seriously. Refund my 5quid.

And the 2 hours of my life back.

It was a total max waste of my time.

Macam princes diary. Dear alice dear alice! What the?!

Boddoooh la. Cerita korea pun lagi laju dari new moon.

I can summarise the whole 2 hrs into 3 lines:

1. Mr Vampire in love with the girl too much, got emo, and then ciao.

2. Mr Wolf became wo-wo, also quite in love with the girl, got emo and then ciao.

3. Mr Vampire back and Mr wolf emo. The end.

If you want a more longwinded story...then it would be:

1. Mr Vampire ciao, girl got bored, bought 2 bikes

2. Mr Wolf took a few weeks to reconstruct the two bikes

3. The girl rempit for 10 secs and oh wait:

And when someone is bleeding, you dont blardy take off your shirt to wipe it right? hyperbola max. Logic la if u can give a plaster.

Next time if it is raining, I think i wanna take off my shirt and make it an umbrella. U think everyone also like mr wolf so like to show off ar? u tot u alone got muscle? i also got. size dif a bit only k.

4. Back to the story line, Mr wolf become a chubby hairy wowo, got emo and chau...

5. After a day or two, wowo not emo anymore, he then brought the girl to see some wowo-dog fight.

6. Mr Vampire called the girl, heard a guy voice, and because of then, thinking to commit suicide.

7. Girl saved Mr Vampire.

8. Mr vampire emo no more. Back with Girl.

9. Mr wolf pasrah and emo.

10. Mr vampire ask the girl to marry him.

Ps: No significant character die, NONE. So nothing changes. Who dies in this new moon? Only the black vampire with funny hair, the chinese guy ?forest guard, and a group of tourist in italy.

Lemma, a group of tourist brought to a castle by their tour guide and for the vampires to eat them all. Ha ha ha. Lawak macam max.

Next year, comes Newer Moon

I think this time our wolf friend killed by a hunter, our mr vampire emo again and fly to italy, and new boy in school, again, the girl in love with him, but later found out that he is..

Keluang man.


ihsan_huhu said...

so i made a correct decision when i put the opening tix i got on ebay the other day.

only girls + gays watch the muvi, which 1 r u?

angchoonseong said...

err... curious straight guy?

Eve said...

team jacob!!!

vanguard said...

haha..u brought this onto urself :)

u, all of ppl???

seriously, why were u there ar?? another category comes to my mind, couples...hehe

angchoonseong said...

We waited for another group of friends to finish their dinner, by playing pool for almost 2 hours. When they done, we decided to watch whatever movies on screen. Here, in this land of boredom, it is not like GSC, every movie once every 30mins...ha ha ha.

sweeheng said...

Damn good entry.

Would like to add comment - if a girl is bleeding on her head, you don't take off your shirt and the camera HAPPENS to zoom in on you.

Cepat-cepat graduate and balik sini. I need MC.

afton allison said...

umm..... seriously?!?! i have nothing good to say about this post or the movie

§pinzer said...