Saturday, December 19, 2009

What We Lack In Malaysia's Football?

Lets be practical guys.

Our football despite the recent win of SEA Games Football Gold medal, is far from what we would want to be proud of.

We want to be like the South Koreans. They are, to me, undoubtedly the best team in Asia. 

So where's the problem?

Is it because football is not big enough back home as compared to South Korea?

No, I dont think their football there is any bigger than us in Malaysia. We are equally as crazy as them about football as them. 

So the one million dollar question is really; Why we are not as good as them? Not even near?

Well, I have thought about this for sometime, and then, I found the answer.

First, we need to get our own M-League back to where it supposed to be.

The interest. 

Thats the most important part. Our football matches at home need to be more interesting.

We must find ways to increase the matches' attendance, and the revenue generated can then benefit the football progress.

So, we must emulate the Koreans:

Watch this. This is a very ingenious way to increase the interest among our fans to go to our stadiums to watch football.

Such a genious way to address our lack of support for our own football.

See, these people, the way they reacted, like Korea has won the World Cup. Ha ha ha.

If one day I become a millionaire, I will find this group to perform for Perak Road Koh Tai during the Hungry Ghost Month. Heheheh


ihsan_huhu said...

yeah. all we need is a good cheering chix, not a women football team.

mangchikla said...

ehem... no comment on the lost F5 engine aaa fren?