Friday, December 04, 2009

Win-Ter 2.0

Why I hate winter?

1. The temperature obviously. Waking up in the morning, and getting out of the duvet feels like a baby coming out from the amniotic bag, the difference is dat we dont cry, we swear.

2. We all like sunlight. Sunlight signifies happiness. Daylight, as the word suggests, means day: means time to do things outdoor. During winter, like now, 4.30pm feels like 8pm. So we cook our dinner earlier, eat earlier, get hungry earlier, and eat supper and get fat and etc etc.

3. The scam of chixness. During winter, everyone wears thick jacket. So there is no way we can accurately rate the chixness level. So many times we tot the girl is chix and thin, only to be disappointed when she opens the....jacket.

4. Also, on the similar note, winter means no more short skirts, no more lepas 0.5 bola. Ha ha ha.

5. More importantly, footie games will be more and more rare and far in between.

6. Winter also signifies the end of a year, which in another way, tells us, we are getting closer and closer to graduation...working....marrying....parenting....dying....etc etc...

7. And i dont celebrate xmas, dont know how to enjoy it. Not without the many many cartoons shown on tv when I was a little kid.

8.Winter means flu, means cannot call home or else my mum would be giving me 30 mins lecture on how to keep warmth. Among her annual advices are: my favourite- drink milo, stating the obvious- bath with warm water, dont go out in the rain and wear more clothing.

9. Last but not least, winter means higher need for heating, means higher heating bill, means more money out, means.... less money to spend.

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h3l3n said...

exact opposite of me..