Wednesday, December 02, 2009


This is the most depressing part of the year.

Yesterday we celebrated the arrival of December 2009 with almost zero degree celcius.

And the most babi part is that:

It was freaking sunny!

With this kind of weather, it is almost like extreme prank. You wake up with a smile on your face thinking that woh! a sunny day!

and then with a simple t-shirt and a jacket, as you step out of the door, you immediately realise that you;ve been punked!

This time of the year, you dont even need a fridge, just put your milk, meat, etc etc outside of the window. The temperature is almost that of a fridge.

Shitly depressing man....arrgghhh!

Now dont feel even like going anywhere or do anything. Including classes.

Dont blame me, blame the weather!


h3l3n said...

emo siut..

ihsan_huhu said...

hahaha.. good one la helen.

how come kena sound dgn drama queen wan? hahaha