Friday, December 18, 2009


Christmas means nothing to me in the past 23 years or so.

Other than cartoons on tv.

What's the difference between Christmas, Raya and Chinese New Year?

Well, i think;

I would tend to believe that Chinese New Year is the one that started the whole thing of financial redistribution policy among friends and family.

Those who earn money will distribute angpows to those who are not earning - which is a general rule of thumb.

Some will say its the married distributing angpows to those who are not, but still, some of the singles give angpows to their brothers and sis and parents as well. So i think it is more like the strongs ( financially have's - regardless of amount) helping the weaks (financially have not's - or older ppl la..)

See how about friends? The 15 days of the CNY are the only 15 days that my mum would allow me to gamble. With no restrictions. I can even bring friends home and start the sarang. She would even jaga line for us, in case police, because my area is quite dodgy with police, wanted their ang pow as well by busting these sarangs. I never done that yet. My bro has done that year in year out.

Raya Aidilfitri has got their own duit raya - packet hijau policy but is that a copy thingy or their own policy. But it doesnt matter at all. Still the same concept. Redistribute. and also gives ppl a reason to celebrate. Things get more meaningful when money got involved. Hehe.

And of coz, raya you wouldnt have gambling i guess.

So, christmas. Christmas is a bit different. They dont give cash.

See westerners are so economically oriented in everything they do. Instead of giving cash to someone, which then the money might stuck in the bank for a few years which is not doing its stimulating effect on the micro economy.

Instead, they started the whole culture thingy of giving presents. To the extend of the creation of the obviously-fake-imaginary pressies giving uncle.

Also, recently I was exposed for the first time- the Secret Santa.

Whereby, u specify what you want exactly.

This is - annual economy restimulating package.

Well done Santa.

Ps: Najib- take note. we dont need the third stimulating package. Just give us monthly xmas.


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ihsan_huhu said...

najib. u add beard n put on the red uniform looks like santa already