Friday, January 29, 2010


Pardon my bad math.

I am trying to compute in terms of duration percentage, of how much medicine I had done.

5 years = 100%

1 year = 20%

4 years done = 80% done.

Fifth year = 5 rotations.

so 4% for each rotation completed.

I had so far done 3 rotas. Now doing the 4th one.

So, should be 12%.

Total medicine completed thus far: 92%



Is like all blank blank blank pages in my head.

At 0%, I was so excited to go UK!

Now I cant wait to leave UK.

Why? Dunno.

What I have been doing since I got here?





From the first day I reach Edinburgh, till now, I am still so looking forward to football. So looking forward to weekends. Not because I am having tough weekdays, but because weekends = footie. (seldom had tough weekdays. They are minorities in my week, strictly speaking only Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are weekdays)


This post is to signify that I understand psychological aspects already. Just finished a 4.5 pages of totally cheezy things.

There's Sheffield Games coming up end of February. and Warwick Games mid March. Cant do warwick because am going home that time.

Argh, I hate myself to even think of going. Such a waste of money.

and i know some people out there will say: See, ang is always like dat one la..

It's OK to be inconsistent, fail, stop competing, be mad, be sad, or be glad, switch off, day dream, relax, cry, show my feelings, need people, please myself, do what I want, be me.

- Advice in new stress management manual for Treasury staf UK

PS: I was told that my evolution is to become a buaya.

Which doesnt make any biological sense, and totally doesnt respect the theory of evolution as proposed by Darwin.

Because Buaya survived together with bro dianosaurs.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Second Hand Car?

A fresh graduate,

come back from uk and driving a BMW 3 Series?

Ha ha ha.

ppl in perak road will think that I sell drugs tho.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

High Performance School

Penang Free School is not in the top 20 best school in Malaysia.

Ha ha ha.

And St Gorg is one of them. Aiyoyo.

Wasted man. Mr Principal (whoever are you...), I feel for you man.

You could have get yourself 1million budget if you were the principal 20 years ago.

Abidas la

What's the point of having our own syok sendiri high performances schools..

When I have to scroll down and down and down on the list to catch a rare glimpse of our UM, in the 2010 top universities ranking.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Just to repost this facebook note which I thought might be funny.

Tmr is going to be LEGENDARY!

For the first time, edinburgh's weekly stupid lazy passionless kick about gonna undergo a facelift!

Change! Yes We Can!

So, tmr! We are going to play serious football!

3.45pm - Arrivals of players and supporters

3.50pm - Arrival of his royal tallness, powerness and handsomeness, YAB TYT Sir Datuk Seri Ang Choon Seong, Yang Dipermuda President EMFA - Edinburgh malaysian football association

3.51pm - Keynote address by the above awesome guy

3.51:03pm - of course, Tepukan Gemuruh Gila Babi

3.52pm - Pakai boots, shields, kevlars, helmet, condom, diaphragm, gloves

3.53pm : Warm up

3.55pm - Participants marching in to the middle of the field with prekidnaped children from Ethiopia and Lithuania

3.57pm - Photography Session and Exchange of memorabilia

3.58pm - One minute silent in memory of those that couldnt play today

4pm Kick Off!!

4pm - 420pm: Rumah Hijau Lawan Rumah Merah
420 - 440: Rumah Hijau Lawan Rumah Biru
420- Rumah Biru lawan Rumah Banglo (ok lawak saja)

440 - 500: Rumah Biru Lawan Rumah Merah
500 - 520: Rumah Hijau Lawan Rumah Merah
520 - 540: Rumah Hijau Lawan Rumah Pangsa (sorry lawak sekali lagi)
520 - 540: Rumah Hijau Lawan Rumah Biru
540 - 600: Rumah Biru Lawan Rumah Merah

(Each team play the other team twice, Home and Away. We will use the Away Goals rule which doesnt make any difference coz we playing league anyway, 3 pts if win, 1pts if draw, negative 10 if lose. Basically in this special league, you lose one game you wont win the league)

600 - Closing ceremony, prize giving, and closing speech by the guy from the counter, or the next group who booked the next hour, whichever comes first.

Team List (As registered with EMFA 2010)

Rumah Merah: Ang, Muja, Moon, Star, James, Radzi
Rumah Hijau: Faisal, Wafi, Awe, Francis, Tas, Mahat
Rumah Biru: Kenlee, Keat, Stephen, Ben, Cheeyang, Simon


1. Pls wear the correct colour.

If you in any event fail to do that, pls provide medical document to prove that you have Color Blindness, and our EMFA's opthalmologist will do a series of test to confirm that.

Failure to provide any medical excuse will result in playing semi naked.

2. Pls be on time.

If you are late, pls provide a legitimate written affidavit from the Police Chief of the region and also a letter of good conduct from relevant authorities.

Failure to do that will result in fine 1 pound. it will go to Save Ang's Fund.

3. Pls play seriously.

If you play like dont want to play, due to our recent happiness in playing 12 people, you might be dropped from the weekly kickabt.

I am dead serious.

This week supposed to be 12 ppl, but i given the recent weather, and the fact that most of us dying for some footie, I have got a lot of last mins text to ask whether can play or not. So i make it into 18 instead. I am really gonna make it 12 just to get better time keeping and better game.

For the good of the game.
Half time performers

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Johor's Sultan Mangkat

Nothing much to blog these days.

Johoreans are on one day holiday.

Sultan Iskandar - probably one of the most famous and controversial sultans in Msia.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


I thought I should elaborate more on the 0.5.

If you ask me to name one most important thing I learnt over the four and half or so years of medical school, it would be the term - Pseudo.

Pseudo is simply the most important diction in our human life.

Pseudo defines us. and who are we.

My great great grand father's neighbours dog's ex bitch's great grand auntie's distant cousin's cat's vet's gold fish ex owner, with the name Descartes once said "Cogito ergo sum" .

We think, therefore we are, what we think we are.

We are pseudoing who we that we think we are.

Pseudo is defined by my Kamus Kantin as macam. Or in english; Something like.


Side story 1:
(Hahaha, imagining myself giving this explanation to a group of keen students of School of Ang's Philosophy (you! yes you all! the loser readers of my notes..hahaha) )

In a 86000 seaters fully-packed stadium turn into a lecture hall...

Ang: Now, what is pseudo?

Students: We dont know, wise one. Pls tell us. Enlighten us.

Ang: Well, pseudo means something like...

Students: What?

Ang: Something like.

Students: Err..something like wat, wise one pls?

anyway, enough of this vaginal atrophy joke. its a bit dry i know but i cant help nor emphatise ya..


So, what's this Pseudo and 0.5?

Well, if you are attached as clearly n proudly depicted on facebook as "In a relationship" - then both party, you and your attached, by definition scored 1.0 each.

If you are "Complicated", "Single", or didnt put up your status, then chances are, you have at least 0.5. Or a pseudogirlfriend, or boyfriend.

Means you only do the 0.5 work or shoulder the 0.5 burden.

Probably sharing good news, sharing goods, and seldom (preferably, hopefully) sharing sad news. But still, it is not 1.0 work. Careful, beware, look out - because if you step over the border to do the 1.0, then you scored 1.0. No turning back you see. After that would be 0.0

Note well that I choose the words - "shoulder the burden".

You might stil get the 1.0 remuneration. Actually, this inequality should be appreciated as one of the probably most ununderstandable equation ever - 0.5 to go out, 1.0 to come back.

Ya, something like our politicians-linked companies' business model.


Side story 2:

I coined the term pseudo-girlfriend when I was doing acute medicine rotation. One of the patients in the ward had no bowel sound on auscultation, even after 30s wait, and the consultant asked me:

Cons: What do u think Choon?

Ang: Err..obstruction?

Cons: Nope. Obstruction classically gives u tinkling bowel sound. what is something like obstruction?

Ang: Err... (muka BS (low+low) = blow and slow) something like obstruction?

Cons: Ya thats rite. Pseudo. Well done.

Pseudo. Eureka! Ya.

Pseudo eureka. Soemthing like eureka.

Is this side dish dryer than fried bak kua?


Anyway, what does 0.5 ,or pseudo got to do with 1.5?

Contrary to what one of my reader who suggested transvertite as 0.5, now that's a very big misconception of the values of the integers used here.

Essentially, transvertite boyfriend is still a 1.0.

And ohya, to another reader, 0.75 doesnt exist yet, at least under the current Theory 1.5.

A 0.5 would be a girl who is a pseudo gf.

So, if you got a gf, u win yourself a score of 1.0, is not an optimum score to keep you alive, as happily as if you got 1.5.

As my fellow learnt friends and machas can deduce, if there are only 0.5 or 1.0 scores to choose from, the it could be a few permutations to get 1.5?- no, actually just 2.

If you have 1.0 + 0.5 = that would be perfecto.

If you have 0.5 + 0.5 + 0.5 = that would be less than perfect but still able to do it. The science behind this 3 pseudos would be it is practically impossible for you to have 3 pseudos in the same ring of friends, meaning when one of your pseudo has got something on, and cant attend to you, there's another two 0.5s from hell know where across towns, that can fill in the vacuum. How wonderful.

Warnings i must give. 2.0 would be too much of a trouble.

It is eventually an ethical and moral issue to have so many 0.5s. As our Law Minister put it, although it might not be morally sound, but nevertheless, legally acceptable.

As much as many guys that you think who are not usually 1.0 with his 1.0, trust me there will be as many as that in the opposite sex.

Even a 1.0 girl can afford to be a 0.5 to another guy, because the limit of that number is not 1.0.

More importantly;
Please do not give me serious comment because I am really joking here. And none of above is true. Descartes never had a gold fish.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Theory 1.5

Scenario 1:

I was eating my favourite IndoMee when I have got this, errm...enlightenment.

I had this dilemma since I first tasted IndoMee about 15ish years ago.

When you cook 1 packet...

It is always not enough.

Like not even feeling that I had eaten any thing. Feels like nothing but the smell of incredibly nice foodstuffs.

1 packet actually makes you more hungrier.

So, how about 2 packets?

I had also tried eating 2 packets.

But then, still, something is not right. Not Nice. Too much.

The best is always:

1.5 packet.

Yes. Definitely.

1.5 the magic number.


Scenario 2:

The other day, when was I playing football in heriot watt, we cant get the usual 2 hours.

So we played 1 hour anyway, but only asked 12 people to come, 6 a side.

And guess what! Not enough. Didnt even sweat.

Then we tried 2 hours with 12 people. End result, too long! Cant play that long!


The best:

1.5 hour. (We still book for 2 hours anyway, because 30 mins is allocated for all the usual Malaysian setbacks - come late, wear shoes slowly, adjust contact lenses, call gf for informed consent....and etc.)

And then one of my philosophical footie mate brilliantly pointed out that international football games are all played 90 mins.

OH YES! 60 mins is too short. 120 mins is too long.

90 mins, just nice.

This example just shown that Theory 1.5's greatness is so greatly and deeply embedded in human football culture even since the beginning of time.

1.5 is the magic number.


Scenario 3

As we all know, behind every able man, there's a woman.


Theory 1.5 postulates that behind every able man, there's 1.5 woman.

Theory 1.5 infers that 0.5 woman is a constant, an important unknown constant, to solve the very complexity of the man-1.0 woman cursed relationship equation.

Theory 1.5 suggests that the 0.5 can fit the emotional and spiritual as well as physical vacuum as needed.

As we all know, the advantage of having a gf/wife is that she is there. The disadvantage of having a gf/wife is that she is there.

The longer version would be (first sentence above), when we need her. (second sentence), when we dont need her.

1.5, is the magic number.


Friday, January 15, 2010


The type of result you will get when no one in the team can score.

Kantin Mat Rempit in London?

Highly competent SCE skill? Ha ha ha.

I have decided that I would marry of the GGGs

Gambaran artis

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Boh Sun.

Hie people.

Long time no see.








Knowledge level?


By the way, do you know that you can now take part in the voting of the Times Magazine Asian of the Year 2009 Award?

Who among these personalities is the most influential Asian of the year?

From left upper: Eric Koay founder of Moh Tech, Ang Choon Seong, leader of human species, and yang lain all not relevant at all. Perhaps, the dark horse of the race, Mr Candersartan?

Why? Why la need to study! Should have just stay lying down there in Sahara the other day...

Pasrah kena study. Bodo la hidup medical student.

Friday, January 08, 2010

Markus and Projek Kalsom

(I was asked to write this for a book that the family of Markus is trying to piece together for his first memorial service)

Projek Kalsom is a motivational camp held yearly for Form 4 students in Malaysia who have excelled in their studies but come from less fortunate backgrounds. It is run by Malaysian students enrolled in universities in the UK and Ireland. I had the honor working with my dear friend Markus in the committee back in 2007. Even years passed quicker than it seems, I can still remember the time when I first encountered this wonderful person.

“Where should I start?” I asked Fahmi, who was the director of Kalsom 12th in Kelantan. It was on 17 February 2007. I was then newly entrusted to organize the coming Kalsom 13th.

“Get this guy to help you. He went to my Kalsom as facilitator, but ended up be a suggestion-jukebox. If you get him into your team, half of the job is done.” Fahmi said to me.

“What’s his name?” I asked, wondering who this guy could be.

“Markus, with a K, not C”. Blatantly honest, this was I first heard of the name Markus spelled with a K.

I contacted him via email straight away, and since Fahmi the director of the previous Kalsom had spoken so highly of him, I offered him the directorship of the project, and my assistance. To my surprise, he refused. He reasoned that since Fahmi has agreed for me to be incharged, it should remain that way. Furthermore he added that Kalsom will benefit from new ideas and styles from a newbie director like myself, rather than having the same old way every year. I was taken a back, for a while. I would never expect this coming from a 23 year old student studying Politics, Philosophy and Economy who refused a position which will boast his CV significantly. Such was his sincerity in serving Kalsom.

I could never forget my first meeting with him. In my mind, given his towering reputation and convincing writing, Markus Ng should be someone who speaks very well, you know, the type which immediately recognizable as an articulate, confident young leader. Funnily enough, I was wrong. He looked ordinary, a bit on the soft spoken side. He is thin, with a nerdy hairstyle and he always starts every sentence with a classic Markus’s “Errrrrr”. However, if you let him speaks, you will soon mesmerized by his train of thoughts which full of brilliant ideas yet, still realistic. Only when he’s gone, I came to realize that one needs not to be ardent or brilliant to be great, but with many sincere and pure imperfections, one will be able to inspire others, be fondly remembered even when he is not living with us. By that, I call a great person.

Markus, on that day, came up to me with 2 pages of A4, entitled: “Game Plan Kalsom 13”. He listed out every single thing that needed to be done and the date of completion, and some troubles to look out for. That document then became our blueprint, and it has to be entirely credited to Markus. I recalled commenting that he should be quite good in studies then, given the level of organizational skills he possessed, to which he smiled and said: “I hope my drive for studies is 10% of what I had for these things”.

It took us almost 2 months in Malaysia to piece everything together prior to the 5 days camp in Perlis. In more than one occasion, I can’t help but to be completely overwhelmed with the way he thinks. I am not too sure how to describe it, but his ability to think outside the box, on a very frequent basis indeed, probably is the nearest. He is able to think right into the details. One good example I can recall is when we were planning the Career’s Day, in which we had to have booths with every single career pathways one can think of, to give the participants as much information as possible about any of their career choice. So, we listed out every single career pathway we could ever think of, and Markus then brilliantly suggested a “Not Sure” booth. How on earth he thought of having a “Not Sure” career pathway booth, is beyond me.

I have always believed that we human are gifted with differences that we have. Clashes of ideas bound to happen when people work together in a team. But I guarantee you that will never happen when you work with Markus. This secretary of the 13th Projek Kalsom is an exceptional team player. It was not just the sheer brilliance of his thoughts, but mostly the way he put it forward, so humbly and yet convincingly. In the end, you were not surrendering because of losing your points but surrendering to have faith in the rationale Markus tries to suggest. That is what I have not come across before and I doubt that I would see in anytime soon in the future.

The passion that Markus and the rest of us in Projek Kalsom share is that we believe that students who have benefited from the experience of studying abroad should share them with younger Malaysians in lesser developed areas. We want them to have a real sense of encouragement and inspiration to do better in life. We want everyone to stand with an equal chance to succeed in life, no matter the conditions vary. We note well that these children do not to have any real close-up exemplary figures to inspire them, looking at their surroundings and upbringing, but they all have potentials. As Markus puts it, “I have got parents, brothers even cousins who managed to reach tertiary education overseas. They don’t. We just have to play that role to be the exemplary figures. Show them that we are ordinary human just like them”. This is actually the main motivation and drive behind Markus’s burning passion for Kalsom, as good as I could remember. During the 5 days camp, I still remember how Markus refused to stay in the committee team and insisted in getting involved with the ‘adik-adik.’ He wants to be one of the group facilitators instead. Such was his will to stick his foot in and serve the Projek Kalsom’s cause.

Amongst us in Kalsom, Markus was known as a high spirited friend and will give the highest commitment to his word. When we were tired of working and preparing, he will sing us a song with his guitar, tells us stories and tried to help in the best way he could. When we were crackbrained and stuck, he offers his humble two-cents to be considered. When we were having fun playing games, he will join and makes it merrier. I can still remember very vividly the Mafia game we all had in the bus on the way home from Perlis. Everyone was totally carried away by his honest look, without realizing it was him who been the culprit in the game. Well, this can only indicate that Markus is always be trusted whatever he claims or confesses. He will just be there whenever we need him. But we can never be sure whether we were there whenever he needs us.

As for these known reasons, earlier on before Kalsom 15th last year sets its path, Kalsom’s Board of Trustee announced to have ‘Markus Award’, an esteemed recognition given to the best facilitator who touched the young hearts with aspiration and determination, in remembrance of someone, who has done so in his lifetime. Perhaps, none could ever replace Markus, or even being closer to him, but it is in our humble opinion, this could be one of the ways to let Markus stays forever in Kalsom and will never be forgotten. No matter how many years will pass, his teachings and legacy will stay, remained firmly, in Kalsom always and everlastingly.

Kalsom will be forever in great debt to you, Markus Ng Chung Yau.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Blog Closure Until Further Notice

Due to influx of things to read and do.

Friday, January 01, 2010


2009 has been an overall..good year.

Walking away from the year that we can always say, ahhh...there's always next year to read this read that.


Finals gonna be this year. 2010.

And if everything is ok, this year, I am gonna start earning money and pay income tax.

Come on Ang!

2010. Gear up. Buck up. Business as usually would not deliver.

Full speed ahead.

Business As Usual Would Not Deliver.