Friday, January 29, 2010


Pardon my bad math.

I am trying to compute in terms of duration percentage, of how much medicine I had done.

5 years = 100%

1 year = 20%

4 years done = 80% done.

Fifth year = 5 rotations.

so 4% for each rotation completed.

I had so far done 3 rotas. Now doing the 4th one.

So, should be 12%.

Total medicine completed thus far: 92%



Is like all blank blank blank pages in my head.

At 0%, I was so excited to go UK!

Now I cant wait to leave UK.

Why? Dunno.

What I have been doing since I got here?





From the first day I reach Edinburgh, till now, I am still so looking forward to football. So looking forward to weekends. Not because I am having tough weekdays, but because weekends = footie. (seldom had tough weekdays. They are minorities in my week, strictly speaking only Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are weekdays)


This post is to signify that I understand psychological aspects already. Just finished a 4.5 pages of totally cheezy things.

There's Sheffield Games coming up end of February. and Warwick Games mid March. Cant do warwick because am going home that time.

Argh, I hate myself to even think of going. Such a waste of money.

and i know some people out there will say: See, ang is always like dat one la..

It's OK to be inconsistent, fail, stop competing, be mad, be sad, or be glad, switch off, day dream, relax, cry, show my feelings, need people, please myself, do what I want, be me.

- Advice in new stress management manual for Treasury staf UK

PS: I was told that my evolution is to become a buaya.

Which doesnt make any biological sense, and totally doesnt respect the theory of evolution as proposed by Darwin.

Because Buaya survived together with bro dianosaurs.

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