Sunday, January 24, 2010


Just to repost this facebook note which I thought might be funny.

Tmr is going to be LEGENDARY!

For the first time, edinburgh's weekly stupid lazy passionless kick about gonna undergo a facelift!

Change! Yes We Can!

So, tmr! We are going to play serious football!

3.45pm - Arrivals of players and supporters

3.50pm - Arrival of his royal tallness, powerness and handsomeness, YAB TYT Sir Datuk Seri Ang Choon Seong, Yang Dipermuda President EMFA - Edinburgh malaysian football association

3.51pm - Keynote address by the above awesome guy

3.51:03pm - of course, Tepukan Gemuruh Gila Babi

3.52pm - Pakai boots, shields, kevlars, helmet, condom, diaphragm, gloves

3.53pm : Warm up

3.55pm - Participants marching in to the middle of the field with prekidnaped children from Ethiopia and Lithuania

3.57pm - Photography Session and Exchange of memorabilia

3.58pm - One minute silent in memory of those that couldnt play today

4pm Kick Off!!

4pm - 420pm: Rumah Hijau Lawan Rumah Merah
420 - 440: Rumah Hijau Lawan Rumah Biru
420- Rumah Biru lawan Rumah Banglo (ok lawak saja)

440 - 500: Rumah Biru Lawan Rumah Merah
500 - 520: Rumah Hijau Lawan Rumah Merah
520 - 540: Rumah Hijau Lawan Rumah Pangsa (sorry lawak sekali lagi)
520 - 540: Rumah Hijau Lawan Rumah Biru
540 - 600: Rumah Biru Lawan Rumah Merah

(Each team play the other team twice, Home and Away. We will use the Away Goals rule which doesnt make any difference coz we playing league anyway, 3 pts if win, 1pts if draw, negative 10 if lose. Basically in this special league, you lose one game you wont win the league)

600 - Closing ceremony, prize giving, and closing speech by the guy from the counter, or the next group who booked the next hour, whichever comes first.

Team List (As registered with EMFA 2010)

Rumah Merah: Ang, Muja, Moon, Star, James, Radzi
Rumah Hijau: Faisal, Wafi, Awe, Francis, Tas, Mahat
Rumah Biru: Kenlee, Keat, Stephen, Ben, Cheeyang, Simon


1. Pls wear the correct colour.

If you in any event fail to do that, pls provide medical document to prove that you have Color Blindness, and our EMFA's opthalmologist will do a series of test to confirm that.

Failure to provide any medical excuse will result in playing semi naked.

2. Pls be on time.

If you are late, pls provide a legitimate written affidavit from the Police Chief of the region and also a letter of good conduct from relevant authorities.

Failure to do that will result in fine 1 pound. it will go to Save Ang's Fund.

3. Pls play seriously.

If you play like dont want to play, due to our recent happiness in playing 12 people, you might be dropped from the weekly kickabt.

I am dead serious.

This week supposed to be 12 ppl, but i given the recent weather, and the fact that most of us dying for some footie, I have got a lot of last mins text to ask whether can play or not. So i make it into 18 instead. I am really gonna make it 12 just to get better time keeping and better game.

For the good of the game.
Half time performers


ihsan_huhu said...

half time performance shud take over all the ucapan pendahuluan etc

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Stoichkov said...

You're about as funny as a burning orphanage, sunbeam.

Stoichkkov x
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