Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Theory 1.5

Scenario 1:

I was eating my favourite IndoMee when I have got this, errm...enlightenment.

I had this dilemma since I first tasted IndoMee about 15ish years ago.

When you cook 1 packet...

It is always not enough.

Like not even feeling that I had eaten any thing. Feels like nothing but the smell of incredibly nice foodstuffs.

1 packet actually makes you more hungrier.

So, how about 2 packets?

I had also tried eating 2 packets.

But then, still, something is not right. Not Nice. Too much.

The best is always:

1.5 packet.

Yes. Definitely.

1.5 the magic number.


Scenario 2:

The other day, when was I playing football in heriot watt, we cant get the usual 2 hours.

So we played 1 hour anyway, but only asked 12 people to come, 6 a side.

And guess what! Not enough. Didnt even sweat.

Then we tried 2 hours with 12 people. End result, too long! Cant play that long!


The best:

1.5 hour. (We still book for 2 hours anyway, because 30 mins is allocated for all the usual Malaysian setbacks - come late, wear shoes slowly, adjust contact lenses, call gf for informed consent....and etc.)

And then one of my philosophical footie mate brilliantly pointed out that international football games are all played 90 mins.

OH YES! 60 mins is too short. 120 mins is too long.

90 mins, just nice.

This example just shown that Theory 1.5's greatness is so greatly and deeply embedded in human football culture even since the beginning of time.

1.5 is the magic number.


Scenario 3

As we all know, behind every able man, there's a woman.


Theory 1.5 postulates that behind every able man, there's 1.5 woman.

Theory 1.5 infers that 0.5 woman is a constant, an important unknown constant, to solve the very complexity of the man-1.0 woman cursed relationship equation.

Theory 1.5 suggests that the 0.5 can fit the emotional and spiritual as well as physical vacuum as needed.

As we all know, the advantage of having a gf/wife is that she is there. The disadvantage of having a gf/wife is that she is there.

The longer version would be (first sentence above), when we need her. (second sentence), when we dont need her.

1.5, is the magic number.



ihsan_huhu said...

yeah for those cases, 1.5 is the magic no

not so much for other things... like ur erection n stuffs hahaha

Anonymous said...

so do u try to get a 1.5 erection?

cos for u, 1 too lembik, 2 too ganas...

so 1.5 la rite? haha...