Saturday, February 27, 2010


1. The other day I heard one of the most inspiring line in my life:

You never stop playing football because you got older.

You got older because you stop playing football.

How true. :P

2. Today I concluded that:

One of the highest stage of footballitis you can get;

is the stage of which you say, with full of emotion;

I;m gantunging my boots, but then you still go for every single football session that come to your knowledge.

That I termed as; Pan sclerosing footballitis.

Basically it means when you reach that level, you cant gantung boots anymore. Unless of course injury or marriage.

Both are high impact traumas.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ranjau Sepanjang Jalan

I think it must be a damn-long-four-years for him.

I refer to Ashley Cole.

It;s not easy to be him. Really.

Public joes might be thinking he has the admiration and jealousy of billions males

for having one of the prettiest female homosapiens on planet earth as his wife.

But, whats the point of that? Is that worth the sufferings he has to go through?

Behind all his smiles he put up everyday...

Lies a constantly mentally-tortured man.

Wtf? you might ask...

You see...

When you have Cheryl Tweedy as your wife,

3.5 million of females in this world has only one thing in mind about you:

That is;

If I am able to seduce and sleep with you, I am then, better or equal, that of Cheryl Tweedy.

So, I think the amount of seduction waves that he has to brave through each day is totally unimaginable.

He might be signing a parcel from royal mail, when the postwoman suddenly throw her underwear to him.

He might be peeing when suddenly a female janitor came out of no where and wink wink at him. How to pee...

That is why. Ranjau Sepanjang Jalan.

God usually make ugly guys to end up with chun chix.

As explained by Theory 13.

So that the other females go like: ewwwwwwwwwwwww.

If not, nature will take its course. and end their relationships.

Earlier this year, we saw Tiger Woods.

Then John Terry.

All these successful and symmetrically looking males with their hot wives...cant go against the god's will of 13 as the optimum relationshipmeter.

All of them has to bow to the greatness of Theory 13.

Let us hail the greatness of Theory 13.

Long live Theory 13!

Daulat 13!

(For further information of Theory 13, pls call the number below:


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Huge Boost!

Its getting nearer and easier now Ang.

In fulfilling your lifelong plan, to execute your short cut to be rich and successful.

Latest statistics show that there are now 22 billionaires in Malaysia, 8 more than last year.

More billionaires means more ppl are now eligible to help you get rich.

Find one of the 22,

rape his daughter,

become his son-in law,

report and hand in his corruption evidences to MACC if any, and if there is none, talk him into doing something which will legally jail him for a few years,

take over his company,

find 14 mistresses across the 14 states of our great Federation of Malaysia, to ensure greater national integration amongst member states of the federation;

redistribute the wealth to these poor young attractive mistresses so that the poor will become richer and directly contributes to the process of correcting the social imbalances across the dimensions of our divided community of various races, diversed culture backgrounds and different religious adherence.

to fulfill the aspiration of our founding fathers.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Very looking forward to see how many more PR MPs will follow the YB Bayan Baru to leave the party.

and, much more interestingly, both KSs - Kit Siang and Karpal S commented that PR in Penang is far too strong to be shakened by this resignation.

Although I am not a big fan of both the KSs - (as their names suggested, they are pro in kill steal - pun intended) I have to say I have to agree.

Penang will be under PR in the next election. well, because we have a Chinese majority there.

Maybe the majority would not be as strong a number as it is now, but simple majority is readily within reach. i think.

Everyone knows this. DAP knows this.

Race is the name of the game. Thats the mother of all Malaysia's politics.

DAP needs to show the voters of Penang (read Chinese) that DAP knows how to say NO to Malays-fighter ie PKR.

That they, DAP is different from Gerakan. Gerakan cant touch the kampung melayu in Tanjung Feringgi just because UMNO say No. And they have to just chill out.

Can we blame DAP then? hmmm...I am not too sure...

At the same time, almost universally, inevitably, and expectedly, the issue of Malays been bullied in Penang would be fully blown by UMNO.

If we cant blame DAP, can we blame UMNO for playing racial politics?

That is the whole modus operandi of UMNO, to fight for the Malays. And UMNO is proud of that.

The difference between DAP and UMNO, i think, is that DAP play the racial game along the lines of equal rights for all Malaysians. Of course, you can add the words like help according to need and not color - to make it even more noble. In essence, DAP is still playing racial game. Chinese.

UMNO on the other hand is playing this same game, along the lines of special Malays rights. And UMNO as I said, is proud of that modus operandi as their driving force of existence - of course especially when talking to the Malays. And 1Malaysia in all other times, as appropriate of course.

Edith Sitwell once said - I am patient with stupidity but not with those who are proud of it.

I am more pissed with UMNO of course. Sorry to say this. Bias. Because i want to be of equal, obviously.

The truth is, I felt we as a nation is accelerating full speed backwards, in turbo engine, whenever anyone is talking about this and that race is deprived, this and that race been bullied.

I grew up in jelutong market. Illegal hawkers, be it Chinese, Malays or Indians, they share two common things.

1. Poor

2. Illegal

If you dont act against, then you got to legalise them.

More often, legalise them = relocalization, and in Penang, we dont like to go to relocalized legal hawker site.

For some reasons, illegal hawker's hokkien mee taste much better.

You think those politicians give a shit about the hawkers?

The domestic trade enforcement agency has always been the modern day local gangsters since, as early as I can remember.

If you are an illegal hawker, in jelutong market specifically, when they come and bust, you either pay them 50 bux, or u pay the fine. and if u r selling underwear, u got to give a few free samples to them to take home as ufti.

Just that now taking your fifty bux and ur for sale underwears might be a bit, just a little bit risky thing to do.

So, if we dont put race into picture, the whole issue seemed to be a non-issue to me.

Why have to put race in everything?

Illegal ---> enforcement action.

and so anyways...

Gong xi fa cai.

Friday, February 12, 2010


I have enormous interest in researching how to improve the diagnostic accuracy in medicine from mere clinical examination of patients.

My team and I had recently discovered that the one thing you can assess and have a 90% level of confidence and confirmation of the nutritional level of the patient. In simple english, it is to ascertain whether the patient is malnutrition or obese.

The plus points are of course, as the test is purely based on careful observation, it is low cost, non-invasive and highly reproducible among normal guy-sight.

It is much better than BMI etc etc.

We came to this idea after watching the OH! MV for the 10000th time this week.

The one thing the 8 (not 9 as we do not include one ugly old girl which most of the girls said she's chun ( must be thinking what!! ....tell me about it)) members of SNSD share in common is that the minimal thickness of their subcutaneous layer covering their thighs.

This is helpful as we commonly encounter in the population of Western Europe, patients who have deceptively sharp face. Unlike in our Asian population, they are much more clear cut, fatties with fat faces, if they are fat.

So many times we walk along Princes St, and we thought, wah look at that chix! Manatau she turned out to be of those walking snowwoman - small face big fat torsabdomen.

So, in our assessment, if we could have a quick inspection on her thigh, a thin thigh will almost guarantee a non-obese anatomical structure.

I guess this is just one good news against the ever increasing availability of technologies like make-ups, hair-dos especially the long straightened hair and our deteriorating eyesight.

NB: Pls dun scold me. I am just too free.

Friday, February 05, 2010


My new time-wasting activity recently is...TV

My new (forth) housemate bought a tv for the hse last month (HUIYO!!!)

For all us to share some quality time. Ha ha ha.

So what is the best thing having this tv? well i can connect the laptop to the tv and youtube. I tell u, with youtube HD, youtubing is never the same again. GeeGeeGee sounds like GEE! GEE! GEE!.

Then if you open facebook, and wow, stalking in facebook has now reach a new dimension.

And why SKYSports when I can sopcast it? The quality is almost the same anyway!

Anyways, in an unrelated development, the magic number today is 114.

Guess what 114?

Yes! It would be 114 days to go to the day I sit for finals.


I think last month I was in panic state. Now I wonder what is after that state?

Panicker? Microsoft word is telling me that there is no such term.

Even there is, I think I am over that stage as well.

RIght now, I think i am...

at the state of...


Thanks for reading.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Can I?

Nothing emo guys, despite the title which seemed to be a bit emo rite.....

Sorry to disappoint.

I read with interest, the report on Sodomy II (The Return of the Sodoking?) in

Saiful testified that;

...he handed over some documents to the Opposition leader, who then said, “Can I f--- you?”


At least touch hand a bit, play some romantic brokeback mountain song, wear topi cowboy a bit, i would think. But then, we never know...ha ha ha.

Now to be fair, I dont know Anwar that well to 100% say that he is innocent.

I would like to believe that he is innocent. And so this trial would give him a chance to clear his name, however, if he ever been convicted, chances are the supporters will claim abuse of judiciary and what not.

But just a matter of curiosity, I was thinking, what if he is really a sodomiser? As in prosecution manage to produce concrete beyond doubt type...?

Say if they manage to have a video of anwar in action with mr saiful?

Like the Chua Soi Lek's one...

i would say.

I would definitely

Almost certainly...

Buy the original CD.