Friday, February 12, 2010


I have enormous interest in researching how to improve the diagnostic accuracy in medicine from mere clinical examination of patients.

My team and I had recently discovered that the one thing you can assess and have a 90% level of confidence and confirmation of the nutritional level of the patient. In simple english, it is to ascertain whether the patient is malnutrition or obese.

The plus points are of course, as the test is purely based on careful observation, it is low cost, non-invasive and highly reproducible among normal guy-sight.

It is much better than BMI etc etc.

We came to this idea after watching the OH! MV for the 10000th time this week.

The one thing the 8 (not 9 as we do not include one ugly old girl which most of the girls said she's chun ( must be thinking what!! ....tell me about it)) members of SNSD share in common is that the minimal thickness of their subcutaneous layer covering their thighs.

This is helpful as we commonly encounter in the population of Western Europe, patients who have deceptively sharp face. Unlike in our Asian population, they are much more clear cut, fatties with fat faces, if they are fat.

So many times we walk along Princes St, and we thought, wah look at that chix! Manatau she turned out to be of those walking snowwoman - small face big fat torsabdomen.

So, in our assessment, if we could have a quick inspection on her thigh, a thin thigh will almost guarantee a non-obese anatomical structure.

I guess this is just one good news against the ever increasing availability of technologies like make-ups, hair-dos especially the long straightened hair and our deteriorating eyesight.

NB: Pls dun scold me. I am just too free.

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Faezah H said...

i dont know who's more offended.
Fat people or women in general.