Thursday, February 18, 2010

Huge Boost!

Its getting nearer and easier now Ang.

In fulfilling your lifelong plan, to execute your short cut to be rich and successful.

Latest statistics show that there are now 22 billionaires in Malaysia, 8 more than last year.

More billionaires means more ppl are now eligible to help you get rich.

Find one of the 22,

rape his daughter,

become his son-in law,

report and hand in his corruption evidences to MACC if any, and if there is none, talk him into doing something which will legally jail him for a few years,

take over his company,

find 14 mistresses across the 14 states of our great Federation of Malaysia, to ensure greater national integration amongst member states of the federation;

redistribute the wealth to these poor young attractive mistresses so that the poor will become richer and directly contributes to the process of correcting the social imbalances across the dimensions of our divided community of various races, diversed culture backgrounds and different religious adherence.

to fulfill the aspiration of our founding fathers.


ihsan_huhu said...

oi who is the founding father?

parameswara? he just wanna run away from dat majapahit guy

angchoonseong said...

ha ha ha. no. orang india di lembah bujang.

Anonymous said...

Ahahahahaha..! I like your post!! It made me laugh. Sounds like a strategic plan!!! LOL!