Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ranjau Sepanjang Jalan

I think it must be a damn-long-four-years for him.

I refer to Ashley Cole.

It;s not easy to be him. Really.

Public joes might be thinking he has the admiration and jealousy of billions males

for having one of the prettiest female homosapiens on planet earth as his wife.

But, whats the point of that? Is that worth the sufferings he has to go through?

Behind all his smiles he put up everyday...

Lies a constantly mentally-tortured man.

Wtf? you might ask...

You see...

When you have Cheryl Tweedy as your wife,

3.5 million of females in this world has only one thing in mind about you:

That is;

If I am able to seduce and sleep with you, I am then, better or equal, that of Cheryl Tweedy.

So, I think the amount of seduction waves that he has to brave through each day is totally unimaginable.

He might be signing a parcel from royal mail, when the postwoman suddenly throw her underwear to him.

He might be peeing when suddenly a female janitor came out of no where and wink wink at him. How to pee...

That is why. Ranjau Sepanjang Jalan.

God usually make ugly guys to end up with chun chix.

As explained by Theory 13.

So that the other females go like: ewwwwwwwwwwwww.

If not, nature will take its course. and end their relationships.

Earlier this year, we saw Tiger Woods.

Then John Terry.

All these successful and symmetrically looking males with their hot wives...cant go against the god's will of 13 as the optimum relationshipmeter.

All of them has to bow to the greatness of Theory 13.

Let us hail the greatness of Theory 13.

Long live Theory 13!

Daulat 13!

(For further information of Theory 13, pls call the number below:



Anonymous said...

There are only 3.5 million females in this world?

angchoonseong said...

ha ha ha. just a random number la. never did the statistics yet.