Friday, February 05, 2010


My new time-wasting activity recently is...TV

My new (forth) housemate bought a tv for the hse last month (HUIYO!!!)

For all us to share some quality time. Ha ha ha.

So what is the best thing having this tv? well i can connect the laptop to the tv and youtube. I tell u, with youtube HD, youtubing is never the same again. GeeGeeGee sounds like GEE! GEE! GEE!.

Then if you open facebook, and wow, stalking in facebook has now reach a new dimension.

And why SKYSports when I can sopcast it? The quality is almost the same anyway!

Anyways, in an unrelated development, the magic number today is 114.

Guess what 114?

Yes! It would be 114 days to go to the day I sit for finals.


I think last month I was in panic state. Now I wonder what is after that state?

Panicker? Microsoft word is telling me that there is no such term.

Even there is, I think I am over that stage as well.

RIght now, I think i am...

at the state of...


Thanks for reading.

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