Friday, March 19, 2010


This modern city can be one of the modern wonders of Malaysia, or even South east asia.

Seriously. If Mahathir was Sultan Melaka, we now got 100times the number of tourist to Melaka. Wont be just the A-for-mosa(which is wrong as we know, A for Apple: lame i know. hehehe)

Also, Putrajaya can easily be one of the biggest contributers to green house effect and global warming.


1car concept. All public servant drives solo. Say ppl say ppl me also la. hehehe But I am there for 2 weeks only, cant find car pooling partner. I would love to folo someone else';s car. I hate driving here. And...public trans in putrajaya is as hopeless as Malaysia's 100m sprinter in olympics, which is yet to be fully zygoted.

The effect of 1car concept inevitably led to left only 1parking-space-only phenomena. Due to the 1car concept, and very poorly planned parking. You can see the world biggest second hand car showroom in Putrajaya. Come around 10.30am, when most of the civil servants are all in their respectives aircon offices. I'll take a picture on monday.

Also if we got Green party (if one day Malaysia has one) surely Putrajaya will be burnt down to ground to be baja. It has an amazing 1Celcius-temperature concept. Hyperbola obviously. You need jacket in gov office. It is almost 13-15C. Not very cold but still...ehem. Bill TNB come back to gov anyway. But environment pay the price la i guess (this author is not anti aircon. Just thought it might be a bit more environmental friendly if we can reduce the size of the offices and buildings, because the offices are really DAMN BIG)

On a brighter note, the people in my attachment are all extremely friendly and helpful.

Monday, March 15, 2010



Paeds Pasta!

Going to fly home in 3 hours time.


Shitman, just when the weather in Scotland changing for the better, I am going off.

Worry you shall not! Malaysia's sweats and midnight snacks awaiting you Ang!

For those who reside within the Klang Valley and surroundings, please get in touch. I'll be doing electives in Putrajaya for two weeks, starting 17 March to 31 March.

Football kakis alert pls.