Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Electives (Part 2)

As promised, this is the second part of my electives story.

2. Lack of passion.

This is the second disease of our civil service I want to talk about.

As we know, the rate of civil servants been fired is exceedingly rare, seldom heard. Usually they are transferred to somewhere else if there's any problem.

So now, if you are a small fry in the office of a ministry and have no power to make decision in things you do, and yet has no danger of being fired for not doing things that you do to the best of your ability;

what would you do?

I think i'll just sit around la.

So thats the root of the problem. Too many people sitting around in the service.

There's no passion about their jobs at all.

And I have a problem with that when it comes to the health ministry, especially the public health department.

99% of the jobs are done by the lower levels, those who has no power of how and what they do. Not only no power, they have no much ideas as well of what they are doing. Because there is not much an interest, or passion to find out what they do.

Those who has the power and knowhow obviously are up there, and are not doing the important yet donkey jobs, but they are also not interested to come down and make sure these jobs are done correctly.

But they need those information the lower people to make decisions. So when the important and yet donkey jobs are not done properly down there, the decision made, would be donkey as well.

It is not hard to understand why no one is passionate about things they are doing.

1. Not much money or very limited chance to rise to a position to get much money.

2. As per above but put "power" instead of "money".

3. No pressure as job's career security is in placed.

4. No respect from anyone. Or lets put it that way, insufficient non-monetary non authority, respect.

Again, i reiterate "they" above are those I refer as those normal, low levels, being commanded, civil servants.

I followed my boss to travel up north, to my home state to "go down to the field" aka "turun padang" to have a better feel and understanding of what is happening at the district level. This boss of mine is a great guy, from Sabah and one of the few success stories who made it up.

I find, not surprisingly actually, that most of the workers we have down the levels of management from ministry right down to the districts, is a bit too chilled.

There is a severe lack of motivation, passion and interest in their jobs. Some of them, obviously i havent seen all of them.

Those who has the above mentioned: motivation, passion and interest, if they are good enough, they would have move on in the career, but then........

STUCK at certain level. THere is no upward movements until you nearly retire.

Maybe if you have political connections the story would be very much different.

And then their low level posts are not filled up by someone who share their passions.

The problem I have with that is that in public health, the work is, sometimes VERY Important.

I dont give a shit about the Work's Ministry workers who didnt refill the holes they dug along Jalan Perak.

I dont care if a clerk in Defence Ministry didnt send in correct figure about the number of helicopters we already had.

I dont really mind if the guy at Transport ministry who got the wrong info about the number of trains we had per population in Klang Valley.

But I give a pile of shit if someone in the health district office didnt check the dengue site properly.

I give another pile of blueshit if the district officer forgot to put the vaccines in the fridge.

I give another diarhoea of shit if the health officer didnt follow-up TB cases and let them spread in the community.

Simple Relax-lah Beb doesnt work that well in Health Ministry, pls.

I think civil service is such an under-utilized opportunity to get things straight in our country.

It is such an enormous organisation, like an elephant, with a lot of power, but is not moving as fast as we would want it to move, not using its power as much as we want it to use, for the good of the nation. very unfortunately.

To make it move, i think politicians has to stop interfering with civil service. Thats like undo the brake.

And then to make it move, i think we have to increase the pay for all civil servants. I dont care where you get the money. Maybe from that 77million you paying for one year APCO service.

And start firing those who cannot move in the service.

Come on policy makers. Civil service is not your playground. and definitely not a non buruh kasar dumping site. Repeat after me. twice.


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