Monday, April 19, 2010


Promise I will study 4 hours cont after this post.

I have been sitting here for 1hour and 30mins reading news and blogs from all over the world.



Will I be lucky again this finals?

Would there be another day when I walked in Popular bookstore and terspot a Kajian tempatan book in Standard 4, and then realised teachers all copy question from workboook for exam?

Would there be another fearless Ang who put a Pelangi geography book in the drawer of his desk and opened them during semester exam and get a prize for the subject?

Would there be an eureka idea again for me to spot the history questions in exam and wrote them before hand and then just hand them in exam and score 25/25 for 3 out of 4 questions, and get a prize for the subject?

Would there be another day of extreme adventure of slick one smooth movement of stapling together the 80odd nilai morals with the question papers and can refer as he wished in the semester exam?

Would there be a second anonymous who accidentally showed me answers for his Physics SPM essay question to spur my idea out?

Would there be a second OwNgau to remind me that I still have a SPM Business and Management paper and actually it had started 10 mins ago, when I had totally forgotten it and ready to go Penang Cafe for chicken rice.

Would there be a second voice from nowhere who told me that you only needing the last essay to be good to get 1119A1 and following that ur SPM English is definitely A1 as well? and therefore just memorize a few modifiable essays?

Would there be another joke for me to be given IB instead of Alevels by JPA because I would definitely fail to secure minimum requirement for english TOEFL for uk med sch?

Would there be another day when I just draw a circle for a first year medicine question asking me to draw the circle of Willis, and get a mark for that?

Would there be another gay consultant who decided to hold my hand, and put it on top of the pacemarker so that I can pass my OSCE 3rd Year?

Would there be another Mr Porter who made me examine hip again and again and then came out in Osce 4 weeks later?

Would there be a second Obs and Gynae consultant tutor of mine who funnily decided to pass me despite me never been to labour ward more than 30 mins? and half the supposing manned osce stations were unmanned because all cons are on holiday?

Would there be another day of me passing medicine because cons incharged are away for holiday and the reg decided to pass me?

Would there be another day of me passing GP just because I can name 3 front desk receptionist?

Would there be another Ang? who reach the last 40 days of medicine course, and over the five years, without properly clerking a single patient more than 15 mins, completed numerous portfolios without seeing the patient's batang hidung, passed all his exams without doing much work at all?

Or there would be another year of medicine for Ang?

I dont know la.

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