Monday, May 24, 2010

7 Days

At times like this, I hope the exam comes sooner.

I am writing my elective report.

It was rather like a blog post. Really.

Ha ha ha.

Hopefully the viva ask me about my electives.

I can go for hours.

But if they ask me ethics, or nutritions...

I am so fcked.

Education tips:

The mnemonics for causes of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome:


It reminds me that carpal tunnel is a lesion of Median nerve. Sorry I am not so pro to remember so much stuff without these rubbish mnemonics.

T - Trauma
R - Rheumatoid Arthritis
A - Acromegaly
P - Pregnancy

M - Myxoedema
I - Idiopathic
D - Diabetes.

Good luck Ang.

I was told that if I want blessing from any God,

Due to my long list history of evil deeds,

I would need to castrate.

But, I never rape ppl la...why the hukuman so ganas one?


btw, i am a mild Buddhist. Just incase you dont know.

I believe in Buddhism because I think, thats the chillest religion.

I hate to think about these things.

But at times like this, perhaps thinking about these things, is much better than thinking the side effects of beta blockers.

I think i have got one of the side effects.

No, not erectile dysfunction. I know this is your first differential.

Not night mares.

Not hypotension.

Not bronchospasm.

Not heart block.

Not peripheral vascular disease.

Not fatigue, GI disturbances, rashes or headaches.

Pardon my french.

Reduced joie de vivre.

I hope you learnt something from this post.


h3l3n said...

i learn that beta blocker can cause erectile dysfunction, wic wont b a problem for u soon..

angchoonseong said...

study la read blog read blog

h3l3n said...

study la write blog write blog