Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dear Diary

Where are the wings you promised me Mr Bull? Will I die drinking 2 cans of red bull in the space of 10 mins?

I have a problem.

Big one.

I cant seem to wake up in the morning.


And whenever I tried to study and revise, I need to read at least all the news on BBC before proceed on to The Star online and then a few blogs.


Please lah ANG.

Nearing the finishing line.

WIth the right state mind.

Forgot what brand is that already.

Why I chose Medicine?

ps: Congrats Mr Cameron. 43 years old, the Prime Minister of Great Britain.

In our great nation of Malaysia, 43 years old should be around the level of Ketua PeMUDA.

Be PM when you are about to retire. What a great pension route planned.


Golden Man said...

Where else can you buy this trye of Red Bull in Penang? I been looking for it but still no avail.

ihsan_huhu said...

look out for the redbull chix car. get free one from them

angchoonseong said...

golden man: i dunno penang where got. check tesco la.

ihsan: ya i got one from them last time. on the field. after that i did a diving header. i think red bull got put some weed in.