Wednesday, May 05, 2010

If Pass...

Hi Choon,

Can I just check whether you are taking up Foundation posts in the UK in Aug (if so, I will require a Transfer of Information form to be completed) or if, in fact, you are returning home.

Many thanks.


Carole Tomlinson
Examinations Secretary/
Administrator for F1 Doctors
College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine,
Academic Administration,
The University of Edinburgh,
Room SU204/205, The Chancellor's Building,
Little France, Edinburgh EH16 4SB
Tel: 0131 242 6377
Fax: 0131 242 6479


Dear Carole,

Thanks for the email, I am not doing the FY training in the UK. I have a bond to serve back home for the training post. Have a nice day!


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