Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I just realised, actually, a lot of things in medicine are kungfus.

If you know the ancient china kungfu master, you know the crouching tiger hidden punggung etc etc...

they kan pass down their kungfu in hard copies, rare collections and high level kungfu usually got one copy only available.

And usually Blue in color.

with the title written on the right hand side only.

The rest of the book are all pictures of what posture they should adapt. and usually there are some captions written, usually in form of sajak.

If you flip faster then you can see the combo movements, the very basic idea where the science of animation came to this world.

Lebih kurang la...the things I am studying now.
Kungfu Genggaman Panda Merah

Kungfu jejari sakti maut

Kame-Hame Hahahhahahaa....

Study la...babi 20 hari lagi. SHITYE


Windchaser said...

nota daripada dr clark ke?

ihsan_huhu said...

hahaha.. how much u pay dat guy who sold u the book?

mcm dlm movie kungfu hussle

pp said...

hhaa.. kungfu sejari..

pemadampencil said...

OMG!..so funny