Monday, May 10, 2010

Post 7: GCS

Really need to nail this!!! ARGH!


E - 4 Spontaneous, 3 To speech, 2 To pain, 1 NIL

M - 6 Obeys command , 5 localising pain, 4 withrawal to pain, 3 abnormal flex, 2 abnormal extension, 1 NIL

V - 5 Spontaneous, 4 Confused conver, 3 Words, 2 Sounds, 1 NIL

ARGH!! Always cannot get it out!


ihsan_huhu said...

Academik ACS is boring. why dont put news abt manU not winning the tittle? or rooney missed out on golden boobs, i mean boots.

oi u genius oredi y study lemma go play football la

pp said...

where is my charchot-marie-tooth disease??

quarez said...

ang, wat satu on cardio. aku dok pow mnemonic2 kau dow..

angchoonseong said...

orite! aku paling suka cardio. mudah mudah!