Saturday, June 26, 2010

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Exam Reflections

If you have been following this blog for a few years, you would know that there is no particular theme subscribed by this author limpek.

This is because my English is so shit, so cant really write that well.

And I have nothing really brilliant to share, except my boredom.

These days, I am at the peak of my boringness. Seriously.

I would try to wake up before 10, to show my face in the office (ya currently doing some clerical work in the public health dept in med sch)

And I would chau before 12. To prepare myself for the afternoon games (my bosses are all cool with that due to my incredibly well look)

I just checked my actual result, of my finals.

Nearly failed in the mcq thingy...hahaha...

And Clinical didnt do very well also, but passed. I think the history taking part pulled me down.

But surprisingly, the viva portfolio bit was quite good. Got a B. (B is very rare in my entire life of med school)

Am I nothing but just having a piece of non-stop crapping mouth?

I am increasingly realising that, because I got a B as well for my viva pyschiatry.

My brain is not working as well as I used to.

I cant do Math anyway since primary school.

Talk talk talk.

I think my future would lie well in the speciality of counselling and those using just my mouth, rather than brain.

Any suggestions other than asking me go eat shit and die?

Give you this one and only twelve pounds note if you can give me a good idea.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

World Cup

Ooooooh Wooooooh

Give me freedom, give me fire, give me reason, take me higher
See the champions, take the field now, you define us, make us feel proud
In the streets are, exaliftin , as we lose our inhabition,
Celebration its around us, every nation, all around us

Singin forever young, singin songs underneath that sun
Lets rejoice in the beautiful game.
And together at the end of the day.


When I get older I will be stronger
They'll call me freedom Just like a wavin' flag
And then it goes back
And then it goes back
And then it goes back

When I get older I will be stronger
They'll call me freedom
Just like a wavin' flag
And then it goes back
And then it goes back
And then it goes

Oooooooooooooh woooooooooohh hohoho

Give you freedom, give you fire, give you reason, take you higher
See the champions, take the field now, you define us, make us feel proud
In the streets are, exaliftin, every loser in ambition,
Celebration, its around us, every nations, all around us

Singin forever young, singin songs underneath that sun
Lets rejoice in the beautiful game.
And together at the end of the day.


When I get older, I will be stronger
They'll call me freedom
Just like a wavin' flag
And then it goes back
And then it goes back
And then it goes back

When I get older I will be stronger
They'll call me freedom
Just like a wavin' flag
And then it goes back
And then it goes back
And then it goes


Two committed suicide recently in Penang because of world cup.

Dont bet thinking how much you want to win.

2010 is a year for bookie. Dont bet using your brain pls. Because when you are betting, you are already not using your brain.


Ang who used to lose all his very little bank savings to pay off bookies, during World Cup 2002, lost a lot of money again in World Cup 2006 and even more in Euro 2008. And never ever will bet on footie again.

Borneo or Peninsular!

as per title!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Doctors' Life In Malaysia

Docfiles (A Malaysian Tech-savvy Doctor who works in Penang and Blogs through his PDA Phone on the go) tells you what to expect as a Malaysian doctor might be like:

"1. No life outside medicine; this includes dating, sports, clubbing, chores for your parents and visiting the toilet.

"2. Not to live with your parents. Move out ASAP as they will never understand the ludicrous working hours that u go through. Furthermore, chores are not suitable for u as to rule No. 1.

"3. Not to be married until completion of all 4 years of Govt Compulsory service as u will be transferred left and right to some of the most remote Govt clinics in Malaysia. Having wife and kids to follow you to your new working area may increase high level of stress on all parties. Furthermore, if your spouse is a Govt Doctor, he/she will also be transferred away from u and no matter what appeal is made, KKM will put up a deaf ear (unless u have big cables or of a certain skin color).

"4. If married, no to have children until u finish all 4 years of Govt Compulsory service, as to which u and your spouse will not have much time for your child/children or they end up not recognizing u and refer the Indonesian maid as their mother (change in language patterns commonly follow).

"5. To obtain life insurance once your govt service begins as there is not many claims for accidents during work. Don't be fooled, Doctoring in Malaysia is hazardous.

"6. Able to withstand 36 hours of non stop work and stress without mistakenly labeling Left for Right or uvula for vulva (or Volvo S40).

"7. To buy a car with complete safety features (like I'm doing) which includes multiple airbags, ABS, EBD, side-front-rear-top-parallel and diagonal impact bars and seat belts to ensure survivability if u are involved in an accident because your driving resembled a drunkard maniac after working in the hospital for 40 hrs non stop.

"8. Constant supply of coffee.

"9. Nicotine Patch as u will have the urge to start smoking due to overwhelming stress.

"10. Interest in watching medical sitcoms such as House MD, Scrubs, ER, Grays Anatomy and Chicago Hope to inspire u to continue your life as a doctor as the exciting things u see on TV does not resemble the real life of a Malaysian govt doctor.

"11. Not to have any pets or plants (not even cactuses) as u will have no time to feed or care for them and eventually all will end up in your mortuary.

"12. Able to endure the stench of your own sweat as to when 36 hours "on call" does not permit u time to bathe or freshen up.

"13. Able to carry on working without food or water over 15 hours. ( I was in OT for 16 hrs without food, water or bathroom breaks). If during fasting month, able to break your fast with “water for injection” as u had no time to buy food.

"14. Able to come to work with fever/cough/illness or physical disability (sprained ankle etc) as to which doctors do not deserve MCs. (My MO was on crutches during rounds)

"15. Able to stand scolding, destructive criticism, kiss ass behaviors, racial bias, finger pointing, scape goating, and incompetency from your superiors.

"16. Able to withstand the jealousy when your friends call u up for some fun and ur stuck in the hospital during on call."

Unwanted Citizen, who labored in Sabah, wrote: "There are those who conquered medical school on a high note. They were all geared up to seize the hour and have even made up their minds to be a knowledgeable physician or a skilful surgeon or a non-bullshitting neurosurgeon. They hit ground zero after a few months upon realization that a doctor's job isn't as glamorous and as rewarding as they initially thought. Despite their vast knowledge or admirable surgical skills, many patients simply have conditions that will not respond to the most aggressive medical intervention. Disheartened and disillusioned over the apparent futility of their work, these well-meaning doctors end up with an empty fuel tank and bow out of clinical practice. They don't end up as bitter losers in life though. Most of them will eventually discover their true calling in life and find it more fulfilling than strutting around in a super hot lab coat and a stethoscope around their necks..."


This entry was found by my random googling.

I am actually looking forward...

Number 9 actually happened even before I started working.

Anyway, the only way one can comment on a particular system,

is to go through that particular system.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Life without exam

Nowadays, I wake up about 12pm, to eat cereal and then lying down comfortably on my couch in the living room watching the first match of the day.

About 2.30pm, I either make some food out of nothing or just get another bowl of cereal, for lunch, and the starts checking emails, reading news, and nth much really.

About 3pm, my golf sifu would come and fetch me to some random golf course, where we will sneak in through the backdoor to play for free.(it is rather expensive leh! i rather pay for powerleague)

About 5-6pm, I return home to get a football boots and a ball down to meadows to have a game of football with random ppl.

About 7pm I am home, take a shower and then sit down and watch the 3rd match of the day.

About 9.30pm, I will watch the highlights for 2nd match that I missed, usually unimportant match.

About 11.30pm, I will feel hungry and then I will make some food out of something.

About 1.30am, I will sit infront of computer and do some random thing...

About 3am, I felt sleepy and thats me done one day.

I must be honest.

I love this kind of life.


Friday, June 18, 2010

MBChB Final Result

MBChB Final Result

The Year 5 Board of Examiners has met to consider the results from the Finals Examinations (Clinical Practice Examinations, Safety in Practice & Prescribing and Portfolio).

The Board is pleased to advise you that you are now eligible to graduate with the degree of MBChB.


Thursday, June 17, 2010


If you know how to spell golf, you are probably better than me. So pls dont panic. I am shit in this game.

I am not interested to get better in this.

Find no interest at all.

Except you get to dress smartly for sports, for a change.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

UK TV Guide World Cup 2010

Friday 11.06.101500South Africa v MexicoITVJohannesburg Soccer City
1930Uruguay v FranceBBCCape Town
Saturday 12.06.101230South Korea v GreeceITVPort Elizabeth
1500Argentina v NigeriaBBCJohannesburg Ellis Park
1930England v USAITVRustenburg
Sunday 13.06.101230Algeria v SloveniaBBCPolokwane
1500Serbia v GhanaITVPretoria
1930Germany v AustraliaITVDurban
Monday 14.06.101230Netherlands v DenmarkITVJohannesburg Soccer City
1500Japan v CameroonBBCBloemfontein
1930Italy v ParaguayBBCCape Town
Tuesday 15.06.101230New Zealand v SlovakiaBBCRustenburg
1500Ivory Coast v PortugalITVPort Elizabeth
1930Brazil v North KoreaITVJohannesburg Ellis Park
Wednesday 16.06.101230Honduras v ChileITVNelspruit
1500Spain v SwitzerlandBBCDurban
1930South Africa v UruguayBBCPretoria
Thursday 17.06.101230Argentina v South KoreaITVJohannesburg Soccer City
1500Greece v NigeriaBBCBloemfontein
1930France v MexicoBBCPolkowane
Friday 18.06.101230Germany v SerbiaBBCPort Elizabeth
1500Slovenia v USABBCJohannesburg Ellis Park
1930England v AlgeriaITVCape Town
Saturday 19.06.101230Netherlands v JapanITVDurban
1500Ghana v AustraliaBBCRustenburg
1930Cameroon v DenmarkITVPretoria
Sunday 20.06.101230Slovakia v ParaguayBBCBloemfontein
1500Italy v New ZealandITVNelspruit
1930Brazil v Ivory CoastBBCJohannesburg Soccer City
Monday 21.06.101230Portugal v North KoreaBBCCape Town
1500Chile v SwitzerlandBBCPort Elizabeth
1930Spain v HondurasITVJohannesburg Ellis Park
Tuesday 22.06.101500Mexico v UruguayITVRustenburg
1500France v South AfricaITVBloemfontein
1930Nigeria v South KoreaBBCDurban
1930Greece v ArgentinaBBCPolkowane
Wednesday 23.06.101500Slovenia v EnglandBBCPort Elizabeth