Thursday, June 24, 2010

Exam Reflections

If you have been following this blog for a few years, you would know that there is no particular theme subscribed by this author limpek.

This is because my English is so shit, so cant really write that well.

And I have nothing really brilliant to share, except my boredom.

These days, I am at the peak of my boringness. Seriously.

I would try to wake up before 10, to show my face in the office (ya currently doing some clerical work in the public health dept in med sch)

And I would chau before 12. To prepare myself for the afternoon games (my bosses are all cool with that due to my incredibly well look)

I just checked my actual result, of my finals.

Nearly failed in the mcq thingy...hahaha...

And Clinical didnt do very well also, but passed. I think the history taking part pulled me down.

But surprisingly, the viva portfolio bit was quite good. Got a B. (B is very rare in my entire life of med school)

Am I nothing but just having a piece of non-stop crapping mouth?

I am increasingly realising that, because I got a B as well for my viva pyschiatry.

My brain is not working as well as I used to.

I cant do Math anyway since primary school.

Talk talk talk.

I think my future would lie well in the speciality of counselling and those using just my mouth, rather than brain.

Any suggestions other than asking me go eat shit and die?

Give you this one and only twelve pounds note if you can give me a good idea.


ihsan_huhu said...

get a rich gf n then eat n die

Anonymous said...

monopoly money?