Tuesday, June 08, 2010


Tmr would be the last written paper for finals, and then the next day, ie Wednesday, 1pm would be my last part of the Quartet of Finals!

Today just sat for 2 hours of Safety in Practice and Prescribing Exam. SIPP.

The thing I dont like about this SIPP exam is:

1. I never like any exams after SPM anyway.

2. I dont like the name.

3. I dont like the duration, 2 hours.

4. I dont like the time. 9am is too early.

hehee...joking joking..this is finishing soon!!! YES! End of suffering on Wednesday afternoon!

Anyway, on a serious note, I am not reading any medicine anymore...saturated and burnt out. So doing some viva reading. Very funny.

Just in case you didnt catch it, the error was at the first paragraph of the page, before the title pharmaco etc etc etc....

Potong dan lekat banyak sangat, dan kemalangan kemalangan seperti itu akan berlaku.

I was awarded 93 for this one day pf.

Reading for viva now.

Ask me about my electives or ssc4 pls.