Wednesday, July 07, 2010


She still thinks that this world is flat.

She does not have much geographical sense of earth. and that, penang itself is a country. across the bridge is seberang perai. and then ipoh is another place. and then kuala lumpur is another state. just around the corner is Hadyai, and then Bangkok. China, Japan, England, America, Africa is the rest of the world then.

She thinks human is a balloon of skin and flesh and filled with blood.

She believes that the roundness of her son's stomach is very normal and it is weird to for her son to even slightly think of flatten it. "Where do you think you can put your intestines then", she charged.

She saw a tourist bitten by a bear during phototaking on TV, and advises that all animal should be treated with extreme caution as you never know when they will go amok. That include the swans and ducks in arthur seat.

She thinks hospital is a place of germs and that if we step in we would be infected immediately. Therefore her son has never been to hospital since after birth 25 years ago, until very recently when her son was studying medicine. Her son was not allowed to visit people in hospital due to that belief.

She does not understand the difference between English, Malay and Hokkien. She uses them interchangebly. She spoke hokkien to ahmad wafi zuhdi knowing that he is a malay. She asked her son why the stewardess does not understand Gu Ling, and gives her tea.

She does not differentiate cars according to makers. She thinks all small cars are kancils, and all big cars are big cars. Just different colours. She cannot recognise car brands. But she knows there are Yamaha, Honda, and others; motorbikes.

She can fry egg and cook rice. And that is all. and she thinks Milo is sort of kacang dewa like in Dragonball comic, thanks to endless advertising in Malaysia television.

She can sit down and watch football as long as she knows which side her eldest son is betting on. She is then more anxious than the manager of the team. Ahmad wafi zuhdi and flatmates are enormously entertained by her reactions.

She thinks her youngest son is very super handsome. Just some pimples or else would be perfect.

She has limitless imaginations and beliefs that go beyond this short list. My personal favourite recently;

She thinks there is only one aeroplane in the airport, waiting for you, like bus stop.

and because of her, there's one jpa guy who was 100% certain of going home since day 1 of applying jpa.

Monday, July 05, 2010



Dr Ang Choon Seong!!!

MBChB (I dont know what it stands for seriously...)

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Mana Lagi Mau Pigi

Tomoro my mum is going to arrive at the Edin Airport.

I have got a car borrowed for the next few weeks. Thanks Eby.

But then, Where to go? What to do?

30th June - Lepak

1st July - Edinburgh

2nd July - Edinburgh

3rd July - Graduation

4th July - Edinburgh

5th July - 10 July : Maybe Newcastle + Manchester

10 July - Paris

14 July - London

17th July - Back Edin.

20th July - Mum flying back.

Hahahaha...I think I'll ask my mum to watch football with me.