Thursday, September 30, 2010


The only certainty in life is uncertainty.

Gomen oh gomen...

Monday, September 27, 2010

Penang Food 3

Roti Canai.

They say the best roti canai is the Transfer Road one.

I think ok ok lo. A bit different la.

But the best roti canai? To me the best roti canai is the one I make in Edinburgh (obviously not i canai one la....the frozen ones aka paratha bought from pakistani shop and curry d.i.y). Try having that after puasa roti canai for 1 year.

By the road side of Transfer Road.

The stall is simple, hot and school canteen style.

The menu actually I havent explore fully yet. Usually just eat the roti canai + roti telur + kari ayam with ayam

Penyamaran power. Cannot see this is roti canai right? Fully banjir style.

You must specify if you dont want it to mix together. Ahneh like to save water and soap. And i like it to be mixed so this kind of OneEarth thingy i like.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Joke of the Month

I went out for supper the other day.

And then my mouth felt itchy for some snacks, so I treated myself with a pack of mah chee.

Something like flour with peanuts, sugar etc.

And then one of my friends said:

This one, actually, looks like....

Dog shit covered with beach sand.

How true. Hahahahaha

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Mari, lets talk about football.

In slightly different angle. From the point of view of the WAGS (wives and girlfriends)

How to react to your boyfriends' football enthusiasm?

Most of the males like to watch or play that game.

This is the very game that unites man like no other. This is the kind of hobby that when you are part of it, you feel like you are part of a very manly brotherhood with extra manhood.

And that is why most men like to be associated with football.

Someone working as cashier in Tesco with same job and pay sounds so much less MAN than the very cashier that works for Lee Hoe (Komtar punya sports shop) or Al-Ikhsan Sports.

SO, when you have such a the privilege to be crossing path with such a manly man, what should be your way of reaction, or rather, your way of life?

You can be extensively supportive, like following him to watch the match in a stadium or mamak, or watch together with him at home at 2.48am (like now the author is watching Chelsea vs Newcastle), keeping the football facts within your manicure and fingertips, or even to be pathologically wasting your youth to follow him to watch him playing futsal with his 9 other sweaty, smelly and very-bad-hair-do-friends.

"I love him, and his life interest as well."

I dont support such notion. really.

Or you can be pretentiously supportive, trying to grasp a thing or two about football, ranging from the high end knowledge of offside rule, to the low end knowledge of the fact that the ball should be kick towards the opposite direction together as a team with similar color of the top, so that you can scream together with him and as if you have been watching football since the day both your grandpas are born..

"I love him therefore I'll pretend to like his life as well."

I hate you.

Or you can be parentally supportive, trying to play the role of the "matured" one in the relationship. Like his mum lo, as long as he attends tuition, and stays at home to study when exam is near, he is allow to play a day or two. But then he must finish his homework first, you know those type of thing. This puts you on a higher moral ground, with more sacrificial status in all arguments, at all times.

"I love him, and if he wants to play football, and it is not interfering with my life yet, he can do his omg,time and money wasting football."

I can take this one.

Or Or,

You can just anti football. that's actually a superior break up tactic.

- The above are entirely fictional, and not related to any living things, and completely spurred out due to long waiting list of health ministry's induction programme -

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Penang Food 2

As I was so free, and has nothing to do, I offered to drive my mum around penang to jalan jalan and makan makan lo.

I woke up around 1030am (that's my very best effort!!). We went to Air Itam Market, to try to Duck Koay Chiap (lebih kurang like mihunkuih with loh duck - if this doesnt makes any sense then just ignore it)

The thing looks something like this:

The Koay Chiap

To me it does look like the normal mi hun kuih that we the bosan people of edinburgh selalu masak and makan.

The best thing about the Koay Chiap is the duck meat la. I think quite nice la.

The stall is in one of the coffeeshop along the road of the market la. Opposite the famous squat-down-cooking-sister's Curry Mee

After that late breakfast, my mum said very long time didnt go Kwan Yin Temple Liau. So I sien sien mah drive her there lo.

But I didnt buy the colok to pray like the my semangated mum la.

Really very hot coz that time around noon, and there's not many trees around that area.

But this uncle still can half-asleep just under a small umbrella shed. He is selling birds for devotees to let them go free.

Although they say it is very good to contribute to free animals, the cruel thing is these vendors are going to do like the polis malaysia, tangkap-lepas-and tangkap semula.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


In life, most of the time, you have to just stop and let the jam settle. Or you take a huge turn to take on another route.

Hone hone no use one la.

Ngeh Ngeh Lai no bahagia one.

- Message to the people who always jam up the jalan in front of my house.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010



I forgot to mention the most important point abt the roti in the coffee place I blogged yesterday. The fella does not use the normal household technology to toast the bread but uses the old time charcoal type of stove.

Toast the bread have to squat down one.

Also, I just realised that I have been home for more than a month, meaning to say I have been a useless entity to this country's productivity for a month.


Please process my application faster.

I am dying to work. My klorofil running low. Kenot photosynthesis anymore.

Btw, for those who really participated in my "Spot the Difference" activity in previous entry, thank you for your support.


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Penang Food 1

It is extremely difficult for me to blog about food.

I tried before. I blogged about a food place in Edinburgh before. Here

But then as you can see, quite fail la.

When the food arrives, the first thing in my mind is:


Taking picture before eating is so disrespecting the famine africans.


Anyway, due to my severe lack of idea to blog, turning to food might be my next best bet.

And moreover, I am so damn f***ing bored.

Everyday doing nothing at home.

So, I brought my mum, who has been unemployed since 55 years ago, to go around Penang to jalan jalan cari makan.

This would be the first to feature in this blog.

Toh Soon Cafe

Maybe because today was still holiday for some, it was quite busy.

The menu is simple. Roti with butter or kaya or both, any kind of beverages a normal kopitiam offers, and half boiled egg.

Just a small alley between the totally-white-elephant-failure-overly-nicely-decorated-Lebuh Campbell and Jalan something, google-lah yourself.

Ohya, I was told that this place is famous for Kopi O. and also Chief Minister LGE's coffee place. So if got children who failed to get JPA, come here and wait for him la.

I didnt order the half boiled egg, because of my profound medical knowledge of salmonella. (it has high geliness anyway).

SPOT the difference(s) between the two pictures below.

Yes. They are completely similar. I copy and paste. Thanks for participating.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Selamat Hari Raya

After 5 Hari Rayas away from the country, this is the first raya in 6 years which is a publicly declared holiday!

In terms of atmosphere, probably not as Meriah! as I was expected tho.

Macam, just another weekend.

Probably with a few more bangs of fireworks.

Anyhow and way,




Mercun launched!

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Kebosanan Mendadak


Damn boring.

With severe lack of ideas to blog and also chronic nothing-to-do-ness, I dont think I can take this anymore.

I need a routine with income.

Trying to get a part time job, waitering seems so yesteryears, and sales job mostly wanted girls.

Well, but to honest if I am the boss I want to hire girls also la. Double happiness - working place become more happy for me, and customers tend to be happier usually, rather than a guy la.

Without realising, I have already been home for 3 weeks liau, and culturing and growing my stomach to the max. Gaining an inch liau in 3 weeks. OMG.

Argh, off to exercise.